Chapter 4-129: The Fate of a Thigh Licker

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3131 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1863 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Boom! Boom!

What sounded like two thunderclaps was heard. Thick smoke billowed into the sky, and the shockwave of the explosion shook all the trees within a radius of several kilometers, like they were being blown over by a gust of wind. The forest was full of various insects and beasts scurrying away.

Lesiah’s cheek twitched and immediately hastened her speed.

Don’t die yet, everyone… Otherwise… this’d be a huge mistake.


“Ahhh… Somebody… pull me up…”

A hand as black as charcoal broke through a pile of rubbles. His weak but wretched voice broke the brief silence in the terrifying forest after the explosion. A powerful hand grasped his hand, then pulled out a bald man in tattered clothes. Despite everything that happened, the top of his head was still as shiny as ever.

“Thank you…” Lucas started coughing violently as soon as he was pulled out of the rubbles. Putting aside the injury he got from the explosion itself, the thick smoke and dust he accidentally inhaled was killing his lungs.

“No worries, it’s something I should do.”

Wiping his hand with a handkerchief, Durance scanned the area and finally saw another human hand that was almost completely buried under a pile of rubble which was more than ten meters away.

He walked over and nudged it with his foot. After making sure there was no movement, only then he pulled it out.

He shook the person whom he uncovered from the rubble, smashed him on the ground a few times and also not forgetting to slap him twice. Seeing that the latter showed no signs of moving, Durance nodded in satisfaction before tossing him aside.

“He’s dead. Find a place and bury him.”
“Don’t give up on resuscitating him! He’s our valuable teammate!”

Diana managed to catch Rosdell in time and put a finger under his nose to see if he was still breathing. As soon as she did it, a breath of relief escaped from her lips. He was still breathing… fortunately. This meant her precious fifty-percent…was still in her hands.


Rossdell stirred awake with a groan. Just when he was wondering why his cheek was stinging more than the pain on his body, an extremely delighted voice traveled into his ears.

“He’s awake, he’s awake!”

He cracked open his eyes with difficulty, only to be greeted by Diana’s excited face .

“You’re awake! You nearly scared me to death!”

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She laid Rosdell’s head on her lap. When she saw Rosdell waking up, she couldn’t even express how happy she was. It felt almost like she struck a pot of gold.

A surge of warmth overwhelmed Rosdell and he nearly shed a manly tear.

After experiencing so many things, he had long gotten used to the harsh world. Little did he expect that sincerity still existed. His teammates might look like the type to take advantage of others, but they actually had a warm heart.

“I…” Rosdell even felt compelled to apologize for his attitude before, only to be stopped by Diana who pressed a finger on his lips.

“Don’t speak… You’re seriously injured…”

Diana said gently, with a motherly smile that was as warm as the spring sun on her face.

“Uh…” It turned out that these guys from St.Caroline Academy weren’t as bad as he thought… He just had a prejudice against them…

While he was thinking of that, he saw Diana suddenly taking out a spectrum stone… Just when he was wondering why she’d done that, the motherly smile on her face suddenly turned into an extremely sinister one.


Diana gave the spectrum stone a light tap, and a video was projected. It was…

Playing “[Limited Edition] Rosdell Wetting His Pants.avi” and “[Limited Edition] Rosdell Trembling In Fear.avi”.

To make it worse, Diana used her superb editing skills to trim the videos right to the highlight of the moments…

And it became “[Limited Edition] Rosdell Wetting His Pants While Trembling In Fear.avi”.


Rosdell eyes widened as he was about to say something, but Diana slapped her hand over his mouth tightly.

“Haha. I sympathize with you, senior Rosdell, I really do. Since allies are supposed to help each other and I’m not a monster either, I’ll give you a 10.5% discount! Haha…”


“What? You don’t want to? Haha, we’re in this wilderness, I guess no no one would notice if we’re missing a few people, right, senior Durance…?”

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“What? Who are you calling despicable? Alright, I’m a magnanimous person. I’m not angry at all. I’m even happy to offer you a 12% discount. Although we’re not from the same academy, aren’t you happy to meet such a kind junior like me?”



“A thousand and two… A thousand and three… A thousand…”

While happily counting her black mon… ahem, her hard-earned money, Diana’s face suddenly became serious.

Durance, who was leaning against a tree, resting, suddenly snapped open his eyes too and looked in a certain direction. His eyes instantly lit up as he smoothly moved his hand to the hilt of his sword.


Rosdell clutched his stomach and leaned against a tree, begrudgingly waiting for the approaching presence to reveal itself.

As an elite of the Macedonian Empire Military Academy who aimed to be the personal knight of Her Royal Highness, it was simply humiliating that he couldn’t do anything to save the princess in such a critical moment!

Not only that, he even had to step back a little to let the others fight.

The strength of the magic spell that got triggered just now seemed to vary according to the amount of spell aiming powder on the target’s body. Lucas only got a little on his toes and got blown up. He actually had those powder all over his back.

It was already a blessing that he managed to survive, he couldn’t possibly lament about his capacity to fight.

Although Diana had urgently treated him with healing magic, some of the injuries on his vitals weren’t that easy to recover. A serious injury like that would require at least a hundred days to heal. He was no exception to this as long as he was a mortal.

This being the first time Choobchoob faced such a powerful enemy, she stood behind Durance, holding her weapon in hand and looking slightly nervous.

“Is it the Golden Demon?”
“I’ve no idea.”

Durance shook his head, even though he had the most keen senses among the rest. The target seemed to have a skill that could hide his presence and aura. Even for Durance, he could only sense that it was a person who was approaching them at an extremely fast speed.

But at a time like this, it shouldn’t be anyone else other than Golden Demon Htilil.

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Everyone’s face grew serious. After all, their enemy was the Golden Demon. They had already lost an important ally before the battle started. This was indeed a bad start.

“Haha, you can only rely on me at a time like this!”

Lucas suddenly straightened up and placed his hands on hips proudly.

“You? What are you planning to do?”
“Watch how a professional works!”

Ignoring everyone’s skeptical gazes, Lucas stuck his chest out and waited for the arrival of the Golden Demon while holding his head up high.

Rustle, rustle.

The rustling sound of clothes brushing against the branches grew louder and louder, and almost everyone was holding their breaths.

Only Lucas had his eyes closed and no one knew what he was thinking.

Hmm… even for someone like me, it takes some balls to do something like this in broad daylight.

Finally, a figure appeared before everyone.

After getting a clear view of the person’s face, everyone was stunned. Only Lucas rushed over with his eyes closed. Like a tiger pouncing on his prey, he latched onto that person’s thigh under everyone’s shocked gazes.

The person seemed to be stunned too and couldn’t respond in time.

Hehe, His Holiness is right. All it takes to handle Golden Demon Htilil is to lick her thigh.

Lucas thought smugly and proceeded to lick the thigh that he was hugging like crazy, not caring if the person was in black or white stockings.

He went from top to bottom, then bottom to top.

Lapping, sucking and licking repeatedly.

Even through a layer of stocking, Lucas could feel Golden Demon’s body temperature slowly rising.

Hehe, my licking skill isn’t just for show. I may even defeat the Husky that the white-robed high priest keeps upstairs!

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As he licked and licked, Lucas started feeling that something was wrong. According to the intel they had, Golden Demon Htilil was a petite loli who was only 1.3 meters tall. Why did this leg that he was licking felt like a meter long?

Could it be that the Golden Demon was all legs below her neck?

Lucas cracked open an eye and took a peek. Instead of a blonde loli wearing a demon mask like he’d expected, it turned out to be a silver-haired princess from foreign country who was giving him a death stare.

Hmm… She seems to be wearing a pair of pink teddy panties…

“What…are you doing?”

Feeling the atmosphere turning a little awkward, Lucas laughed dryly. “I seem to have accidentally grabbed the wrong thigh.”

“Then whose thigh were you going to grab?” Lesiah asked murderously.

“Golden Demon’s, but I didn’t expect it to turn out to be yours, Your Royal Highness…”

Lucas wanted to cry so badly. He was really unlucky to be licking the wrong thigh!

“Hugging the Golden Demon Htilil’s thigh?!”

With a jolt, Lucas quickly distanced himself from the silver-haired princess, who was suddenly smiling. He wasn’t sure if he got the wrong idea, but the princess of the Macedonian Empire seemed like she got even angrier?

“You’re too dangerous. It seems like I’ll have to confiscate your tool…”
“Confiscate…? How?”
“Like this, of course…”

The princess took out a pair of scissors out of nowhere, opening and closing them. The scissor blades screeched, and she started at Lucas’s mouth sinisterly… No, not his mouth, but his quivering tongue that was hanging out from it.

When Lucas got Lesiah’s intention, his face immediately paled…

“No, please. That was only a joke! Please don’t take it seriously! Besides, I shouldn’t be treated this way over such a trivial matter.”
Lesiah nodded. “Shouldn’t be treated like this.”
“You think so too?!”

Thinking that the princess was going to let him go, Lucas was overjoyed and quickly thanked her. “Thank you, Your Royal Highness! Thank you for your great kindness and benevolence today, I will definitely…”

“She shouldn’t be treated this way by you. So in order to prevent that from happening, I should end you here.”


Lucas couldn’t process that in time, but he could clearly see the look in Princess Lesiah’s eyes and the sharp scissors in her hand.

Her eyes traveled all the way down…

Until it stopped on a spot that could be soft or hard like his tongue.


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