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Chapter 4-119: Assistance From The Academy

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2204 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1333 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Back in St. Caroline Academy, the site where Dragon God Lake sat previously…

Professor Marlin stood on the makeshift platform, directing the teachers from the academy and formation experts from various nations to create the Great Formation of Heaven and Earth to kill the Golden Demon Htilil at the best timing.

“Mr. Miguel, please do not slack off at a time like this. Constructing the Great Formation of Heaven and Earth is very important. We don’t know when Golden Demon Htilil would break out from the ancient ruins. Our chance of success decreases with every minute wasted.”

“Haha, sorry. I’ll get back to work after I’m done with this.”

Mr. Miguel, nicknamed the Iron Wall, could only scratch his head and smile wryly at Professor Marlin’s strict management. With a single inhalation, he sucked the cigarette that he just lit to its butt then exhaled. There was a momentary bliss on his face when a huge ring of smoke came out of his mouth. He rubbed his hands then picked up a cornerstone that was gathering spirit power and moved it to the heart of the formation as instructed by Professor Marlin.

The professor scanned the former site of Dragon God Lake and let out a sigh of relief. After working through several nights, their project was finally coming to an end. At least he had performed his duty to the best of his ability.

“Considering Professor Marlin’s communication and profound insights shared during the square table conference, all nations decided to leave the arrangement of the formation to him.”

Recalling the moment when the vice dean handed over the letter of appointment bearing the seals of various nations to him, Professor Marlin couldn’t help but feel a surge of emotions.

Power, status, wealth or possessions never mattered to him. He only wanted to research on formations in peace. But then again, there was no man in this world who didn’t want to do something great in life.

As long as his grand formation was completed, Golden Demon Htilil would surely die here, even if she managed to successfully escape from the pursuit of those elites from foreign nations in the ruins.

By then, his name would surely be known on the entire continent and be engraved in the history of mankind!

Professor Marlin calmed himself down, then looked at the alluring and busty female teacher who was temporarily serving as his personal assistant. “When will reinforcement from foreign nations arrive?”

The female teacher, Angelica, was widely recognized as the most beautiful teacher in the academy… well one of them.

She was staring at Professor Marlin with her alluring eyes and slightly red face. In fact, she looked rather smitten by him. It was obvious that the relationship between them had long surpassed that of colleagues.

Angelica twirled a lock of her hair between her fingers and answered Professor Marlin’s question charmingly, “They’re already on their way. The long-distance teleportation array took up too much resources to operate. After sending over the first batch of VIPs here, the other nations are unwilling to spend more resources so they opt to have the remaining people travel here directly instead.”

“Ridiculous. Dealing with Golden Demon Htilil is a very important mission. Time is of essence and they actually delay the schedule over a little resources? Who will take up the responsibility if something goes wrong?”

“Those fools only care about their own interests. Unlike our academy’s best strategist Professor Marlin, they are incapable of such foresight,” Angelica smiled.

“I deserve no such title. I only strive to do my best. It’s nothing that amazing.”

“You’re too humble, Professor Marlin. No one on the entire continent hasn’t heard of how you carried yourself during the square table conference. You easily exposed Golden Demon Htilil’s evil schemes and quickly devised amazing plans to foil her plans. There are people who consider you as the fifth hidden dragon, on the same level as those amazing strategists in history.”

“Hmph, opinions from those busybodies don’t matter.”

“Really? I do think Professor Marlin is a… very impressive man…”

Angelica commented seductively and seized the moment to latch herself onto the professor’s arm.

“When I first heard that Golden Demon Htilil appeared in the academy, I was terrified.”

“It’ll be fine, I’ll protect you.”

Professor Marlin put his hand on Angelica’s smooth shoulder and pulled the blushing female teacher into his arms.

“Professor Marlin… Who do you think is more beautiful? Me or that annoying vixen, Cecily?”
“Of course it is you. You are the most beautiful teacher in St. Caroline Academy, Miss Angelica…”

Professor Marlin gazed into Angelica’s eyes tenderly.

“Oh my, you’re truly the best, Professor…”
“Well, it is the truth, Miss Angelica…”
“Professor Marlin…”
“Miss Angelica…”
“Professor Marlin…”
“Miss Angel-…”

The sound of someone clearing his throat interrupted the increasingly inappropriate interactions between the two. The vice dean shot Miss Angelica a meaningful glance, then reprimanded the professor.

“Professor Marlin. Although the academy has nothing against romance, I still need to remind you to be mindful of your actions. Many people are watching.”
“My apologies.”
Professor Marlin stood in front of Angelica, “This isn’t Angelica’s fault.”

Staring at Professor Marlin’s manly back, Angelica was instantly moved beyond words. She was too blinded by love at the moment to realize that his action was nothing amazing.

She looked even more smitten now than before.

Angelica stayed behind Professor Marlin for a while, then tactfully excused herself with a bow after coming to the conclusion that the vice dean must have come to discuss something important with the professor.

“Well, I have some matters to attend to. Please carry on,” she said before leaving.

The vice dean shook his head disapprovingly. Women really had lower IQs when they were in love. Why would he find Professor Marlin in such a place if he really had something important to discuss with him?

“Do you really want to do it this way, Professor?” The vice dean went straight to the point.

Professor Marlin raised an eyebrow at him. “What are you talking about?”

“About temporarily sealing off the entrance to the ruins.”

“Ah, that.” Professor Marlin nodded. “Are you doubting my plan?”

“No. I just feel that sealing off the entrance to the ruins… is a little too risky. Once the entrance is sealed off, we will completely lose contact with the inside and that means not being able to obtain updates in a timely manner. This is extremely dangerous.”

“I understand your concerns, vice dean. But… we have no choice.”

Professor Marlin stretched his hand out and clenched his fist, like he desired to have the entire Dragon God Lake in his grasp.

“In order to operate the Great Formation of Heaven and Earth, we must gather a lot of magic power. The entrance to the ruins is no different than a hole in a balloon. The magic power we gathered will continuously escape into it. If we allow this to go on, no one knows how long it will take to gather enough magic power to fight Golden Demon Htilil. Besides, we have no idea what are the effects of channeling a huge amount of magic power into that unknown space. Sometimes, the unknown is the biggest danger.”

The vice dean let out a sigh. “If that’s the case, we’ll proceed according to what you think is best. This old geezer is no longer of any use. I can only pray that the children come back safely.”

“Rest assured. Those who entered the ruins are the elites of the elites from all over the world. They surely have the Golden Demon cornered in there. We might even be doing them a favor by sealing off the entrance.”

“Haha… I hope so.”

The vice dean stroked his beard, and gazed at the golden gate in the distance.

“This old geezer wants to be a pillar of support to those children too.”


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