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Chapter 3-49: Good And Evil

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2640 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1557 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Well, that’s it. The exam is over,” Professor Marlin announced.

Upon hearing this, Lilith curled her lips in dissatisfaction. This level of exercise could barely even qualify as a warm-up.

Although Gulliver’s bones weren’t hard enough, Lilith thought that her healing scroll would be able to turn his brittle bones into renewable brittle bones that could last long enough for her to have her fun.

But now that both of them had given up on their pride and Gulliver even abandoned his dignity, Lilith couldn’t bring herself to strike at them.

However, she still had to express her dissatisfaction verbally.

“Weak chicken.”

Gulliver: “………”

“Crispy chicken.”

Gulliver: “………”

“Beggar’s chicken.”

“…That’s too much, little… Miss Lilith.” Gulliver stuck his chest out in dissatisfaction. “For someone my size, I’m at least a bear no matter how you look at it.”

Lilith sneered at his statement.

She rolled her eyes at him and threw him a snide remark, “A c̲o̲c̲k̲ is still a chicken.”

Gulliver clenched his fists tightly in silence. He had never endured such humiliation in his entire life. However…

Watching Lilith kneading his prized broadsword that weighed a hundred and twenty kilograms like a dough suddenly reminded Gulliver that he had never met a peer who could render him powerless to fight back either.

He guessed he could overlook this.

“Now that the winners have been decided, the rest may leave.”

Professor Marlin waved his sleeve, a spatial force instantly spread out like water ripples and engulfed those who had been eliminated.

As the candidates left, the space grew more and more spacious.

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There was frustration, sadness, regrets, anger and helplessness on the young faces of those who left.

An exam where ninety-nine percent of the candidates were eliminated was indeed extremely cruel.

Yet it also proved that those who made up the less than one percent were the best of the best, in terms of strength or mentality.

“Huh, hold on! What about both of us?”

Gulliver couldn’t help but ask in surprise when he realized that Xina and him were still here, even after all the other losers were tossed out of this space.

Professor Marlin threw a glance at him. “You two will stay.”

“Why? Didn’t you say that there were only two quotas in each arena? Me, the ice queen and the little… Miss Lilith, makes up to three people.”

“I said you’re staying so you’ll be staying.”

“But didn’t you just say that the rules of the academy are inviolable?”

Xina shot Gulliver a fierce look, warning him to speak less.

Professor Marlin stared at Gulliver for a very long time before saying, “Indeed, the rules of the academy are not to be violated. But as the professor of this academy, I have the right to directly enroll an extra student without them sitting for the exam, understand?”

“That means professor, you…” Gulliver’s eyes widened like saucers, as if he couldn’t believe that he had just struck a pot of gold.

“Now that you know, get out of here.” Professor Marlin grabbed Gulliver like a baby chick and tossed him out. The boy disappeared after coming into contact with the space barrier behind the professor.

The others were both envious and jealous.

Gulliver actually got something good out of his hurdles. He could directly be enrolled in the academy. For the other remaining candidates, it was still uncertain if they’d have the opportunity to join the academy.

There were more than two hundred candidates here, but only around one hundred slots remained.

That meant around one hundred candidates would be eliminated along with the previous fifty thousand candidates.

“The written exam results will be announced next. The top 146 candidates will be recruited by the academy.”

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Professor Marlin accepted a stack of exam papers from the female teacher beside him, and started reading the scores from the top.

“First place, Thea. One hundred points.”

“Wow, Lilith! Lilith! I succeeded! Not only that, I got first place!” Unbeknownst to Lilith, Thea had appeared next to her. She grabbed Lilith’s shoulders and was shaking her violently.

“Okay, okay, I got it! You can let go of me now! You’re a former saintess, isn’t it normal for you to get admitted to the academy?” Lilith broke free of Thea’s demonic claws and then shielded her eyes. “And can you turn off your automatic light-emitting function? It’s blinding me.”

“Oh.” Thea pouted glumly. The light elements that gathered around her due to her excitement gradually dispersed.

Lilith breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Thea could turn off that function. She wouldn’t want to bring a huge light bulb everywhere with her.

But hmm… It could be pretty cool to carry a personal luminous body around with her all the time…

Joke aside, Lilith’s heart was clouded.

Among the twenty questions in the exam, Lilith chose all the same type of answers — basically all the different ways to kill the granny.

At the time, she thought that they were the correct answers. But now that she thought about it…

Would such inhumane answers be the correct answers?

Only two outcomes awaited people who chose the same type of answers in the exam paper.

They’d either get full marks or zero marks.


“Xina, ninety-four points.”

Lilith’s pupils shrank. It seemed that only Thea had the perfect score.

It seemed like she was doomed.

“Loki, sixty points.”

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And finally, the 146th name was announced…

Sure enough, it wasn’t Lilith’s name.

In other words, Lilith was eliminated.

However, Professor Marlin didn’t stop reporting the grades just because all the available spots had been filled. He continued until he announced the last person on the list.

“Lilith, zero points.”

He even emphasized the word ‘zero’.

After reporting all the grades, Professor Marlin stared at Lilith deeply and said, “The scores of candidates who have been disqualified were also announced, not because we were targeting anyone. We only wanted to make everyone recognize themselves more clearly.”

“Magic has been imbued to the exam paper. When candidates are attempting the questions, they are only allowed to fill in the answers they genuinely think are correct. This exam paper wasn’t designed to assess your educational level, but to assess if you possess morals and conscience.”

“The higher the score, the purer and kinder you are. On the contrary, the lower the score…”

“The more evil that person is?” Lilith suddenly interjected.

The atmosphere suddenly turned weird.

Professor Marlin looked at Lilith in dissatisfaction.

How dare that little girl interrupted him. Was she acting so brazenly just because she was a little better than everyone?

“That’s right. The lower the score, the eviler they are.”

It was at that moment, the others started looking at Lilith differently. Earlier on, they were intimidated by her strength. Now, there was a trace of fear and disdain in their eyes.

For fear that she would be a future criminal.

And the disdain of associating with her.


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Thea wanted to comfort Lilith, but found that she had nothing to say.
From her point of view, Lilith had indeed done a lot of horrible things.
However, she also knew that Lilith was definitely a good person.
That was her instinct, the very same one that she used to find Lilith before.
And her instinct had never been wrong.

“So you said that the exam paper had been imbued with magic and we could only choose the answers that we genuinely think were correct in our heart, right?”
“Then what if I chose the answers that I think were correct but not what I think were right?”
“Is there any difference?”

“Of course.” Lilith paused, then continued with a serious tone, “The correct answers and the right things are two different things. For example, some people may choose the answers that they think are correct, but do things that are perceived to be wrong by other people. There are also people who may choose the answers that they think are wrong, but do things that are perceived to be right by other people. The answers in your heart and the things that are perceived to be right or wrong have always been two different things. The correct answer and the right thing to do are also two different things. This is a truth that I have confirmed just now.”

“How can you as a teacher, determine if someone is good or evil by just peering into one corner of their heart?”

“Preposterous!” Professor Marlin roared angrily. “What does someone your age know?!”

“You are the preposterous one for doing such a sloppy job! Good and evil aren’t things that can be delineated!”

“Nonsense! Good and evil have long been delineated very clearly in this world. But no matter, I don’t have time to argue with you.” Professor Marlin sneered coldly, “You’re eliminated. You’re not qualified to stay here.”

The space around Lilith suddenly contorted and forcefully sucked her in.

Lilith fished out an envelope while resisting the force.

“Sorry, you might not be able to drive me away.”

She flashed the coat of arms on the letter in Professor Marlin’s pale face and smiled.

“According to the academy’s inviolable rules, I can enroll without the exam. So even if you’re a teacher, I don’t think you can make me leave.”


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