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Chapter 3-48: The Strong Desire To Survive

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2213 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1357 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Big brother, are your bones hard enough?”

Great terror suddenly crept over Gulliver’s heart.

Not because of the huge gap between his own strength and his opponent’s, but because the words of the lovely and petite blonde loli in front of him didn’t sound like a joke.

Are your bones hard enough?

If they’re not, then they’ll break.

Lilith flicked the broadsword with her other hand and Gulliver was ejected more than ten meters away by this unstoppable force, accompanied by a loud metal clang.

Gulliver struggled to steady his feet. Although he didn’t sustain any injury from this, his hands had begun to tremble and he could barely keep his grip on the hilt of his sword.

Lilith didn’t take advantage of the situation to follow up with another attack. It was as though she was deliberately giving Gulliver the time to recover.

“Are you ready, big brother?”

Lilith’s tone was gentle like an adorable little sister who was asking her big brother if he was ready for school in the morning. However, in Gulliver’s ears, it sounded no different than a mockery.

He was definitely no match for her, even an idiot could see the obvious gap between their strengths.

However, retreating was never Gulliver’s style!

He gripped the hilt of his sword tightly with both hands.

“COME!” He squeezed the word through his gritted teeth.

As soon as his voice fell, Lilith vanished.

Traveling a distance of ten meters was nothing for Lilith. She was so fast that even Gulliver’s powerful eyesight couldn’t catch her figure.

She reappeared in front of Gulliver and her fist landed squarely on his sword.


Gulliver’s face turned pale, as though the punch had landed on his chest instead of his sword.

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The strange impact made him stagger a few steps back, each leaving a footprint of a few inches deep under his feet.


Before he could even steady himself, Lilith landed another punch on his sword.

Gulliver was forced back again, while swallowing the metallic tasting substance that was coming up his throat.




Lilith continued landing punch after punch on Gulliver’s sword, as though she had locked onto the target.

Every time Gulliver managed to catch his breath, Lilith would knock it out of him.

For martial practitioners, the breath held in the chest was often extremely important. Many martial moves were all about being efficiently performed in a breath.

Yet the breath in Gulliver’s chest was knocked out of him before he could even gather it. He could hardly protect his internal organs from the shock with his Battle Qi, let alone using any martial moves.


Lilith landed another punch.

And this time, Gulliver couldn’t withstand it.

Blood seeped out from the corners of his mouth and he lost his grip on his sword.

The impact sent him crashing to the ground and his arms were twisted unnaturally, probably broken.

“Seems like they’re not hard enough.”

Lilith sighed in pity, looking as though she hadn’t had enough fun yet.

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She picked up the broadsword on the ground. It was all bent up by the impact of her punches and was as distorted as Gulliver’s arms.

Bit by bit, Lilith slowly straightened out the blade under everyone’s horrified gazes while making some indifferent remarks.

“The most important thing for an assassin is their ability to conceal their presence. Only by being able to fully control their presence, can one sneak up on their enemy and end their lives with one fatal blow.”

“You have done a very good job in this area. Even someone with my standards can’t pick any flaws in that. However…”

Lilith tilted her head slightly. A dagger sliced through the air and grazed her blonde hair.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Xina had silently snuck up behind Lilith like a grim reaper.

However, there was fear in her eyes.

How did she detect my attack? Didn’t she say that I have perfectly concealed my presence?

It was too late to retreat now. Xina was only capable of hiding, but she was far inferior to Lilith in terms of speed.

Lilith casually swept the straightened sword backward, and that sent Xina flying like a fallen leaf in the violent wind.

She wasn’t chunky like Gulliver, so that alone was enough to render her incapable of fighting.

At the same time, Lilith continued her unfinished sentence.

“However, don’t use any perfume next time before you fight. It’s so strong that I can smell you from miles away.”

Xina was speechless.

Lilith’s gaze fell on Xina, who was curled up into a ball while clutching her abdomen. She shook her head and lost her interest in the assassin.

She then turned her gaze to Gulliver, who was enduring the pain of his broken arms in silence.

She raised her eyebrows, then gave him a kind and lovely smile.

“Big brother, do you feel frustrated?”

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Gulliver didn’t know what Lilith was talking about so he could only give her a dumbfounded look.

Lilith took two steps and leaned closer to him. She blinked her huge sparkly eyes and asked, “Do you feel frustrated from being defeated by a weak-looking, adorable and harmless little loli?”

Although his instincts told him that something was off, Gulliver still answered the question truthfully.

“Of course I feel frustrated from being defeated, no matter who the opponent is.”

Gulliver regretted saying that as soon as he was done.

Lilith’s sparkly eyes were shining even brighter now. Those sparkles terrified Gulliver.

Lilith clapped excitedly and spoke admiringly, “I knew you have a backbone, big brother!”

She then fished out a healing scroll and pasted it on Gulliver’s face.

Gulliver couldn’t react to it.

The powerful healing scroll made by the Queen of Dragons began to take effect, and Gulliver’s arms were perfectly healed in just a flash.

Lilith returned the broadsword to him again and spoke solemnly to him, “Do your best, big brother. You still have a slight chance of defeating me.”

She then quickly took a few steps back, like a child who had just made someone an ‘it’ in a game of tag and told him that it was his turn to catch her. She clapped her hands excitedly and said, “Come on, big brother! It’s your turn to attack me! I won’t hide! I can take whatever you serve.”

Gulliver looked at the broadsword in his hand that was still slightly crooked even though the blade had been straightened, then at Lilith who was still in perfect condition. He gritted his teeth and got up.

“CHARGE!” With a yell, he rushed in the opposite direction instead…

Then tripped on an abandoned weapon on the ground and crashed noisily into the ground.

He clutched his arm that wasn’t even injured and started wailing, “My arm! My arm! It’s broken!!!”

He rolled all over the ground while wailing, completely forgetting that it was common sense to not make big movements after a fracture.

Lilith was speechless.

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I’d be damned if I believe that.
Where the hell is your backbone?

Gulliver instantly shot up straight upon sensing Lilith’s hostility.

Lilith’s eyes lit up, thinking that he had finally changed his mind to have a heart-rending rematch with herself.

However, Gulliver didn’t look back. He grabbed his other arm with one hand instead, and then swung it backward forcefully.

A crack was heard, then Gulliver’s face went pale.

He clutched his shoulder and wailed, “Oh no! My old injury is acting up! My shoulder has dislocated!”

Lilith and everyone in the audience went silent.

One of the invigilators finally couldn’t stand watching anymore and gave him a reminder. “Actually, you can just surrender if you don’t wish to fight. There’s no need to harm yourself like that.”

Why didn’t you say so earlier?!’ Gulliver thought to himself.


Lilith curled her lips boredly, then turned her gaze to Xina.

Xina, who had always been as cold as an iceberg, shivered when she sensed Lilith’s burning gaze. She quickly sat up while enduring severe pain and raised her hands. “I surrender.”


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