Chapter 3-47: Are Your Bones Hard Enough?

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2653 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1621 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“W-Well then… according to the rules, Lilith here is the winner of Arena 108.”

The exam invigilator was stunned for a moment as he also nearly forgot about Lilith’s existence.

After making the announcement, his gaze darted between Gulliver and Xina since the other winner was to be selected by the invigilator.


It was really a tough decision to make!

Had it not been for Lilith’s sudden appearance, both of them would have qualified as the winners despite the outcome of their battle.

It was obvious that their performances were outstanding, even among all the candidates.

The academy naturally wanted to recruit more outstanding talents like them.

However, rules were still rules. Since both of them didn’t win, only one of them would be chosen.

And the little girl named Lilith was really adorable. Even if she was only a useless but good-looking vase, she was good for being the academy’s mascot.

Lilith naturally didn’t know what was going through the invigilator’s mind. If she knew that she was regarded as a mascot, she would probably rush up to the invigilator and punch him right in the face.

“Well then, the second outstanding candidate is…”
“Hold it right there! I have an objection!”

Gulliver struggled to get up after recovering a bit of strength. He pointed to Lilith and said, “She didn’t do anything at all! How can she be considered a winner?”

“If she could be considered a winner, then what of the other students who had made an effort but didn’t succeed?”

“They’d be disappointed!” Gulliver patted his chest, “They’d be so heartbroken!”

Gulliver’s righteous speech led everyone to completely forget about the main culprit of this situation.

“That’s right! How can she be considered a winner when she didn’t even fight?”
“I have an objection too! I’ve been trained in martial arts since I was three and I didn’t win. What makes her a winner?”
“I object too!!”
“We’re not convinced!!”

The candidates who should have been done with the exam by now booed in unison and the crowd grew rowdy. It seemed that they were all extremely upset about the fact that Lilith had won without doing anything.

The invigilator nodded. “You all have a point, but…”

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“Rules are still rules, and violations of the academy’s rules will not be tolerated!”

The invigilator scanned the crowd with his gaze that burned like a torch, and no one dared to meet his gaze.

“According to the rules, Lilith is the winner. There is no room for further discussion on this matter regardless of the reason for her victory, unless she herself has an objection to it.”

The lights in Gulliver’s eyes dimmed as he plopped himself down on the ground in disappointment.

Xina, who couldn’t move at all, also silently closed her eyes.

It was over. It was all over.

They were the hopes of their clans, yet they could only accept their fate of being chosen like a cow and sheep in an ordinary pen.

Since the two had accepted their fate, the invigilator proceeded to make an announcement. “Well then the second outstanding candidate is…”

“Hold it right there! I have an objection too!”
“I believe I’ve made it clear that it is futile for you to object unless…”

The invigilator who was about to get mad was stunned instead, because he discovered that the person who interrupted him turned out to be…

The only person in the audience who had the right to question the situation — Lilith, herself!

“I think the others made a very valid point. I didn’t do anything, so how can I be considered a winner?! An effortless victory is a false victory that is meaningless. Even if the others can accept such a meaningless victory, I, Lilith, can never accept it!!”

Lilith stood at the heart of the arena. She was glowing brilliantly, like a courageous fighter who criticized all the injustices in the world.

Gulliver, Xina, the invigilator and the audience were silent.

“Then what would you like to propose, Lilith?” The invigilator’s cheeks twitched as he asked.

“A rematch.”

“…You do know that won’t be possible.” The invigilator looked at Lilith with a trace of sympathy in his eyes.

Lilith was such a good-looking child, it was too bad that she seemed to have a problem with her brain.

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Lilith’s eyes rolled with excitement as she came up with an idea. “Let me fight both of them again. Whoever wins will get the qualifying spots.”

Gulliver shot up straight, and Xina snapped open her eyes.

This little girl’s suggestion instantly turned the future that was already looking bleak to them into a bright village filled with flowers.


The invigilator who had never experienced such a strange incident could only turn to the chief examiner, Professor Marlin, for help.

Although Professor Marlin wasn’t directly involved, he definitely knew about the situation from the sidelines since it stirred up such a huge commotion.

He immediately frowned, not knowing what to do.

After all, St. Caroline Academy had always been a place that people yearned to join ever since its establishment. Hence, an incident whereby the winner proposed for a rematch was unprecedented.

“Why not?” Elder White was stroking his beard from the sidelines and smiled, “Let the youngsters settle their affairs however they want.”

“Good point. Well, it’s decided then.” Professor Marlin nodded then announced, “Let’s proceed according to…”


“Right, let’s proceed according to Lilith’s suggestion. She will battle with these two candidates first, then we’ll determine who the spots shall be awarded to.”

With a wave of his hand, the floating lights in the air that looked like fireflies slowly entered the candidates’ bodies and their injuries began to recover at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Gulliver moved his body. Upon realizing that his injuries had fully recovered, he flashed his signature smile.

“I’m glad you’re sensible, little girl. Well now, lady, who’s going first?”
“You first,” Xina replied coldly.
“Haha, much obliged. Little girl, since you’re so sensible, big brother will pull some punches.”
“Wait a minute.”
“Oh, what’s wrong? I hope you’re not changing your mind.”
Lilith curled her lips. “Didn’t you hear what I just said? I’m taking on both of you, together.”
“Hey, little girl. Although big brother is very grateful to you for this opportunity, I’ll still get mad if you look down on people like that.”
Lilith rolled her eyes in response. “Weak chicken.”

Gulliver instantly fell silent.

“Seems like I’ll have to teach you your place.”

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Gulliver brandished his broadsword and rushed straight to Lilith.

As a response, Lilith only silently raised one of her hands at the guy who was charging toward her like a rhinoceros.

There was neither Battle-Qi nor magical spell. She only lifted her arm like she was going to swat at a fly.

Her response led the audience, including the teachers and professors on the stage, to come to a conclusion that…

This little girl really had a screw loose.

Did she think that she was a dragon that could kill a human with just a slap?

She must have read too many fantasy novels.

Elder White was the only one who squinted as though he noticed something.

Gulliver charged toward her. The gleam of his broadsword was even brighter than the time when he was battling Xina.

Naturally, he wasn’t going to pull any punches after being insulted as a weak chicken by Lilith. Since there were so many teachers in the audience, no one was going to get killed.

Lilith ended up bringing her hand down to greet the sharp blade that was coming at her, like she was really just swatting a fly.

The moment before her hand touched the blade, almost everyone believed that the sword would cut through everything that stood in its way. If Lilith wasn’t getting hacked to death, she would at least lose that arm. The teachers in the surrounding were getting ready to rescue Lilith out of that situation in one piece.

However, when Lilith’s hand touched the broadsword, only a muffled sound was heard. There was no flying blood like everyone had expected.

The expression on Gulliver’s face suddenly contorted. Every vein on his body bulged.

Yet his sword was stopped completely. Not only that, there was a terrifying strange power forcing him to yield.

The broadsword that Gulliver had, lost its glint. All battle Qi that was imbued on the sword was instantly dispersed with just a light slap from Lilith’s hand.


The arena ground underneath Gulliver’s feet began to crack, despite being in nearly perfect condition even after experiencing a battle that had hundreds of people participating.

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Gulliver could no longer withstand the force and was finally brought to his knees.

The atmosphere suddenly turned extremely quiet. No one seemed to be able to comprehend the situation.

Not even Gulliver himself, who was forced to kneel on the ground.

Wasn’t his opponent that harmless blonde loli? This wasn’t how it was supposed to go!

Lilith leaned her small head closer to Gulliver. With her height, she still had to lift her head to look at Gulliver at eye level even when the latter was kneeling. In her dissatisfaction, she immediately increased her force.

“Lower your head.”

Gulliver didn’t respond.

He couldn’t lower his head. His back was aching…

Lilith was rather excited. So much that she was nearly shaking with excitement.

Releasing pent up feelings was always an orgasmic experience.

However, not releasing enough of it would leave her still feeling uncomfortable.

So she leaned closer to Gulliver and asked, “Big brother, are your bones hard enough?”


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