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Chapter 3-36: Body And Soul

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2027 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1281 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

A huge magic circle covered the sky above Aeria. Like a setting sun, it dyed the city crimson.

Several figures exuding powerful aura flit across the sky above the city, seemingly searching for something.

The church’s most elite Judgement Army gathered in the most prosperous area of Aeria. Commoners stood outside the cordon, pointing and whispering at the street that was once a representation of prosperity. Fear started spreading among the crowd.

Not only the commoners, even the silver-armored knights of the Judgement Army had never felt such chill before. The scenery in front of them chilled everyone to their core, like the cold wind of the tundra.

The liveliest and busiest street in Aeria had disappeared.

It all happened so abruptly and mysteriously. It vanished under the gaze of millions of people in the city, tens of thousands of guards, thousands of Templars, hundreds of magic priests, dozens of saint-level experts and the Pope.

Anyone looking at the huge sinkhole in the center of the city would feel chills all over their body.

The most terrifying part was no one noticed how the street had vanished and been replaced by the huge sinkhole. It was as though the Goddess had quietly erased everything here with a wave of her hand.

This was also the reason why nearly all the vital forces in Aeria were mobilized. The church was already alarmed by the desecration of the goddess, and now someone had wiped out a lively street right under their noses. This was no different than slapping the Luminous Theocracy across the face!

Whether it was caused by the same person or not, the criminal must pay the price!

And the culprit behind all this was now sitting in a restaurant on a street that wasn’t far from there, wolfing down the store’s signature beef noodles.

The empty bowls were already piled up as tall as a person.

Lilith then finally patted on her belly and sighed in satisfaction, “I guess it’s a must to fill your tummy right after a strenuous exercise.”

Sae waved and a waiter came over to clear the table. His movements were rather stiff, like a puppet being controlled by strings.

In fact, not only the waiter, but everyone in this small restaurant was controlled by Sae’s spiritual magic. Only God knew how much of a commotion would be stirred up if someone found their saintess enjoying a peaceful meal with the person who just attacked the priest to intervene in an execution earlier.

“So what’s the matter with you, Sae?”

Lilith asked while picking her teeth with a toothpick.

Sae looked exhausted. Placed in front of her was an untouched cup of tea that was prepared with the best tea leaves from the Dragon Island.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to drink it, but she couldn’t.

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Even if she could move things with her spiritual power, where could the tea possibly flow to in a spirit?

Sae shrugged and said, “As you can see, Lady Lilith, in order to satisfy your childish rebellious streak, I ended up using the body that I hadn’t even fully gotten used to like a disposable item and now I’m back to being a spirit.”
“I wasn’t asking about that.” Lilith stared at Sae’s slightly illusory purple eyes. “I’m asking why you look like that.”
“Why do I look like this? What do you mean?” Sae was puzzled by her question.
“Are you acting stupid? I’m asking why your spirit’s appearance changed.”

The spirit sitting in front of Lilith was undoubtedly Sae, but her appearance was completely different from the Sae that Lilith knew.

Purple eyes and purple hair, an alluring face and a sexy body. No matter how she looked at it, it was the appearance of the body that Sae used like a disposable and not the appearance after she merged with Eleanor.

Sae gave her a weird look. “What changed? Am I not supposed to change?”

A moment later, Sae figured out what was going through Lilith’s head and exclaimed, “Lady Lilith, don’t tell me you think that the appearance of a spirit will never change.”

“Isn’t that how it is?”

“Nope. And not only that, it’s very easy to change.”

Sae tried to pick up the cup of tea on the table, but her translucent hand directly passed through the cup. “After all, a spirit can be considered an energy without a form. With no external intervention, it can’t even touch a real object.”

Sae then pointed to Lilith’s half-empty teacup. “A physical body has a form, so it is very difficult to change. Even if it changes, it still needs a long-term and subtle influence from external forces. Otherwise, the physical body will be harmed.”

“So whether it is reincarnation, transmigration or reborn into another body, it is always the body that affects the soul and not the other way round. As long as the essence of the soul doesn’t change, you are still you no matter how the soul looks.”

“Besides, if the gods that are in charge of reincarnation have to shape the soul according to the body’s appearance or shape the body according to the soul’s appearance every time someone reincarnates, then they’d be dead exhausted. Since they don’t have time to deal with that, they usually just stuff a soul into an unborn baby and it will automatically adapt to the body.”

“So… if you don’t like my current appearance, then you should hurry up and find me a new host, Lady Lilith. It feels really uncomfortable to float around.”

“Hm? Lady Lilith? Are you listening?”

“The body affects the soul… and not the other way round…” Lilith lowered her head and mumbled to herself, as if thinking about some matter that had shaken her to her core. She didn’t even respond to Sae who kept waving her hands in front of her.

“Lady Lilith, if you keep spacing out like that, the saintess is going to run away.”

It was only then that Lilith suddenly snapped back to her senses and grabbed Thea who kept suppressing her presence to look for an opportunity to escape.

“My dear friend, where are you planning to run off to…?”

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“I… I’m not running anywhere.” Thea waved her hands, at the same time glaring at Sae who told on her. “I was just thinking of going out to get some fresh air.”

Naturally, Sae wouldn’t be intimidated by a little girl like her. “I thought you would kill her, Lady Lilith. In the end, you’re still too soft.”

“Do you have any problem with that?”

Lilith also shot a glare at her, but the effect wasn’t of the same level as Thea’s. Sae quickly admitted defeat.

“I don’t have any problem with that, but I just kind of feel like I have sacrificed the body that I finally got for nothing.”
“If you don’t have any problem then just shut up and rest up. We still have another tough battle to fight next.”

Sae jolted. “A tough battle…?”

Lilith drained all the tea in her cup in one go, then shook her little head. “It’s nothing big, I just want to reason with that old Pope. If the old man is reasonable, we might be treated to some good food and tea.”

“What if the old man is unreasonable?”

“…” The air was strangely quiet for a moment.

Lilith then took out an item and said, “No worries, it’s all in my calculation. If he’s unreasonable, then I’ll have to talk some sense into him.”

The sight of that item shook Sae’s soul to her very core.


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