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Chapter 3-35: Meeting The Parent?

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2159 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1319 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“The… descendant of the Dragon God?” Thea’s eyes glazed over as Lilith’s words echoed in her little head.

The descendant of the Dragon God…
The legendary dragon…
So Lilith’s true form was the legendary dragon?

There were many other races on the continent apart from humans, demons and elves who made up the majority. These rare monsters or demon beasts possessed innate advantages and longevity that weren’t present in humans. Although they grew slowly, they had the ability to transform when they reached a certain level.

Their ability to transform wasn’t limited to becoming a human being, but also a demon or an elf because there wasn’t much difference in the outer appearance as they were all based on ‘human forms’.

Thea originally thought that Lilith’s true form was some monster or beast. After all, it wasn’t that rare for monsters to transform themselves and live in the territories of the human race in their disguise. Little did she know Lilith turned out to actually be…

A dragon?

And not only that, she was the descendant of the Dragon God.

That meant…

Thea looked at Lilith who was towering over her and mischievously exuding her dragon aura. No matter how dense she was, it was time for her to realize the truth.

“Lilith, you…” Tears welled up in Thea’s eyes and her voice trembled slightly.

Lilith was very satisfied with the reaction Thea was giving her. Ever since she came to the human kingdom, she had been hiding her identity to avoid stirring up a commotion. The feeling of being forced to pretend was driving her nuts.

At least now she could finally release her pent up frustration. The sight of Thea being frightened into tears left her feeling somewhat satisfied.

It was so much more satisfying than eating tons of delicacies.

While Lilith was basking in her satisfaction, Thea suddenly struggled to get up. She grabbed Lilith’s hands and stared at her intently with her teary eyes.

“What are you… doing?” Lilith was a little shocked by Thea’s sudden action and couldn’t help taking two steps back. Despite being in her vulnerable state, Thea clung to Lilith’s hand so tightly that her entire body was dragged two steps forward by Lilith too.

“So Lilith, you are one of the legendary dragons?”
“Yeah, I just told you. Are you doubting me?”

Thea shook her head and burst into tears.

“If you are a dragon… then that means you are very old?”

‘Huh? What is she trying to say? Is this all she wanted to say after acting like she was about to die?’ Lilith mumbled to herself, completely clueless about what Thea was trying to express.

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“I once read in books that the lifespan of a dragon is very long. It’s very normal for them to live for more than ten thousand years. This is also the reason why dragons grow very slowly. Lilith, you may look like only thirteen or fourteen years old but you are actually several hundred years old right?”

“Then doesn’t that mean… doesn’t that mean…” Thea tightened her grip on Lilith’s hand as tears streamed down her face.
“Doesn’t that mean that there’s an age gap between you and me?”

“We’re talking about the age gap of hundreds of years! His Holiness once mentioned that twenty years in humans made up a generation. There will be differences in values, worldviews and outlooks on life between generations. This is often referred to as a generation gap which can affect communication between people!!”
“And there are a few dozens of generation gaps between Lilith and I! Does that mean… we can’t understand what we’re trying to say to each other? No wonder why I just can’t understand what you were talking about earlier! It turned out that it was because of this!”
“If that’s the case… then does that mean that we can’t even be friends?”

Tears cascaded down Thea’s delicate cheeks, as though this was a very serious situation.

Yet, Lilith felt calm in her heart. She even wanted to laugh.

“Did you interrupt me because of something stupid like that?!” Lilith asked blankly.

“It’s not stupid, it’s… Ouchhhh!!”

Lilith broke free of Thea’s grasp and chopped her on her head with lightning speed. “Are you really stupid or just acting stupid?!” she roared at her.

Thea crouched down, holding her head with a confused look on her face. She didn’t even know why Lilith was angry.

Looking at Thea acting that way, Lilith could feel all her pent up anger bubbling to the surface.

This girl and Carol were polar opposites — one was so stupid that she was naturally foolish, while the other was so foolish that she was naturally stupid. Both were equally irritating to look at.

Lilith continued chopping on Thea’s head while emphasizing every word she said, “I’ve known you for several days now, did you not understand what I said up until now?”

Thea continued hugging her head to defend herself from Lilith’s assault. “I think it’s only the words earlier that I couldn’t understand.”

“There you go. Since we can communicate with each other, that means this so-called generation gap never existed. Although I’m a dragon, I’m a special case. For various reasons, I’m only in my early twenties.”
“For real?”
“Have I ever lied to you?”

Thea’s tears turned into laughter, “Nope.”

“Good.” Lilith breathed a sigh of relief again as she secretly lamented about the IQs of the girls she encountered thus far.

All of a sudden, Lilith recalled something, “So you were saying that you didn’t understand all the things I said just now?!”

She gripped Thea’s shoulders with a grim look on her face.

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“I… I got it…” Thea shortened her neck, looking like a mouse that was caught stealing candy.
“Really?” Lilith asked skeptically.
“Yes, really!”
“Then can you summarize what I just told you?”

“Erm…” Thea gripped the hem of her dress and thought for a long time before grasping at the straws. “Lilith is saying that the Radiant Goddess doesn’t like fighting?”

“WHEN DID I EVER SAY THAT?!” Lilith looked like she wanted to skin the dumb girl who was acting stupid in front of her very badly.

Thea wasn’t Carol. Her brain had no problems. There was no way she wouldn’t get what Lilith had been trying to tell her. She just wanted to gloss over things.

Perhaps Thea, who had long believed in the Radiant Goddess for so long, just subconsciously didn’t want to admit the facts that Lilith brought up.

In the depths of her heart, the Radiant Goddess still held a higher position than Lilith, a close friend whom she had just met.

Although Thea had no friends before Lilith and she still cherished this friend very much, it was not easy to change her belief that had formed over the past ten years.

But Lilith had to break Thea’s unwavering loyalty and belief in the Radiant Goddess.

Otherwise, she would never be able to resolve the contradiction between herself and Thea.

Even if she could temporarily overlook the entire thing and became friends with Thea, she was still planning to stir up trouble with the Radiant Goddess. As long as Thea was still the saintess, she would have to take off her mask and face her one day.

By then, probably only one of them would be allowed to live.


“Take me to the Pope.”

“Huh?” Thea was a little flustered by the sudden request. After all, Lilith was undoubtedly ranked first in the list of people that the Pope wanted to tear into pieces.

But Lilith didn’t seem to be joking at all. She stared straight into Thea’s eyes and spoke seriously, “Take me to the Pope.”


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