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Chapter 3-14: The Consequences Of Trembling Hands

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1983 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1299 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

The gorgeous sunset glow covered the entire Whispering Square like the radiance of the Goddess, as countless devout believers started softly chanting the ‘prayer’ of the Radiant Goddess. This was the moment Lilith was waiting for.

She and Sae finally managed to squeeze their way through to the front. One was a cute and petite girl, while the other was an enchanting and sexy lady. The duo would usually attract attention no matter where they went, but that wasn’t the case here. They were ignored because the believers only had their eyes on the Goddess statue and nothing else.

“Tch, they brainwashed so many people. As expected, goddesses are all evil.” Lilith spat her words viciously while making some gestures with the broken sword in her hand.

Sae winced and glanced around out of the corner of her eye. She only heaved a sigh of relief when she found out that no one had taken notice of Lilith’s blasphemous remarks. “Lady Lilith, the most loyal believers of the Goddess may be protected by the weak divine consciousness of the Goddess. Although it is not of practical use, it allows the Goddess to hear what the believers hear. So Lady Lilith, it’s best for thou to keep a lower profile here and refrain from making disrespectful remarks in front of these believers. It is very terrifying to be targeted by a god.”

Having seen the might of the gods, Sae knew better than anyone that she was currently less than an ant in front of them.

“What’s the matter with you, Sae?” Not only did Lilith refuse to listen to her advice, she even looked at Sae in disdain. “In any case, you are the artifact spirit that once battled alongside the ancestor. Why are you being afraid of these evil religions that trick people? Could it be that you’ve thrown away your courage along with your own morals after merging yourself with Eleanor? I guess the short ones are useless after all. How dare you try to teach your great master, Lady Lilith! This is outrageous!”

For a baby dragon like you who wasn’t even of the Saint realm to speak about the almighty Goddess that way, you were the truly outrageous one here!

Just when Sae was about to educate her ignorant master on just how terrifying a god that could easily destroy the world was, she realized that darkness had suddenly loomed over the surrounding area.

The sun had set!

As the last ray of light disappeared into the horizon, tens of thousands of believers knelt down in an orderly fashion with their hands clasped together.

Lilith’s and Sae’s petite figure stuck out like sore thumbs.

Sae returned her gaze to Lilith, only to find that her expression was gradually turning deviant.

“I heard that even the pope would kneel down at this time.”

“S-seems… like it.”

“I heard that although the entirety of Aeria is indestructible, the Whispering Square is completely defenseless.”

“S-Seems… about right.”

“I heard that the reason why the Radiant Goddess has so many believers is because the people in the Luminous Theocracy are all breast lovers.”

“S-Seems… wait what?!” Where exactly did Lady Lilith hear about that last point?!

Sae couldn’t say the second half of that sentence because Lilith had silenced her by pressing her finger against Sae’s lips. A smile appeared on her delicate doll-like face, but her eyes had turned into a dangerous molten gold.

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“Don’t make any noise. We won’t be able to escape if we’re caught.”

As an Artifact Spirit of a former Divine Artifact, Sae felt shocked. At this very moment, she felt no different than an ordinary person being watched by a bloodthirsty beast. Her hair stood on its end and she nearly used a magic spell.

What a terrifyingly oppressive aura. Was it normal for an underaged dragon? Sae couldn’t help but remember the countless majestic creatures she’d met in her long life. Many among them were far superior dragons. Yet, she had never seen any young one that could intimidate her.

Should she say that it was as expected of the descendant of an ancient dragon?

Noticing Sae’s sudden silence, Lilith assured her. “Don’t worry, the surgery can be performed very quickly. It just takes less than three minutes and no one will ever find out.”

No, this wasn’t the problem at all. Lady Lilith, thou had yet to discover the root of the problem.

Before Sae could say anything else, Lilith had brandished the broken sword in her hand. She jumped onto the Radiant Goddess statue and sat straddling the statue’s slender swan-like neck.

Regardless of the outcome of the surgery, the Radiant Goddess would definitely chase Lady Lilith to the end of the world if she saw her actions.

In this situation, Sae had nothing to lose. She started releasing purple mist around her. It was a simple magic that could calm one down with a slight illusion effect. This would allow the believers to concentrate more in their prayer, in case any insincere fellow would suddenly raise his head when he heard something. If that were to happen, both of them would definitely be drowned in the spit of these believers before the Goddess even needed to do anything to them.

Lilith aimed her broken sword at a certain part of the goddess statue in excitement as she wondered where she should start.

Should she make it an A cup… or leave it as a B cup?

The ancestor never mentioned how big they were.

But since she was a b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, then A cup would do.

With that decision in mind, Lilith no longer hesitated as she lifted her sword and prepared to give it a clean cut.


Just when Lilith was about to start, the melodious sound of a ringing bell suddenly rang out and startled her.

What was going on? Was the time up?

Although she was known for being fearless, Lilith wasn’t ready to die yet. She immediately raised her head and looked around. To her relief, all the believers were still kneeling on the ground.

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But… Why was Sae’s face so pale? Not only that she kept blindly gesturing to her about something. How would Lilith know what she was trying to say?

Hm? Was she mouthing a ‘no’ at her and making a ‘no’ gesture with her hands? That was pretty easy to guess.


That was probably what she meant.

What was she trying to tell her about the head?


“Eeeeh?! What’s going on?!”

With a crisp sound, Lilith suddenly felt the support in front of her body disappeared. She instantly lost her balance and was about to fall forward.

Fortunately, she had good reflexes and managed to quickly regain her balance. It was then Lilith figured out what the problem was and finally knew what Sae was trying to tell her about the head.

She had accidentally cut off the head of the Goddess statue!!

Was this broken sword that sharp?

However, the disaster was far from over. Sae had forgotten about keeping up with her magic spell from the shock, so when the goddess’ head fell to the ground, one of the obviously insincere believers secretly lifted his head at the noise.

He first saw the fallen goddess’ head on the ground.

Then a blonde loli straddling the goddess’ neck.

He rubbed his eyes, thinking that his eyes were playing tricks on him. However, even when his eyes hurt from all the rubbing, he still saw the same scene.

Lilith smiled at him awkwardly. “Would you believe me if I told you that you are dreaming?”


…He finally let out a scream that pierced the sky like a dragon’s roar.

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