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Chapter 3-13: Restore It To Its Original Grandeur

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1695 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1116 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

The statue of the Radiant Goddess had one of her hands placed on her chest, and the other arm outstretched to show the goddess’ compassion and sympathy for the suffering world. It was a realistic-looking statue that looked like it was truly alive and was the manifestation of the Goddess’ power. However, the Goddess’ face was blurred out, so no one could tell her true face.

No matter how blurry her face was, Lilith would never fail to recognize that face. Even if it burned into flying ashes, she could still tell who this goddess was among the pile of ashes.

She was no doubt, one of the two mentally-retarded goddesses who brought Lilith to this world.

For three whole years, Lilith’s desire for revenge never waned. Since she was also well aware of the gap between herself and the gods, she started training diligently three years ago. She only had twenty hours of rest every day.1 Only gods knew how Lilith survived the ordeal during that period of time!

She nearly died from exhaustion!

Therefore, the deep hatred and the score could only be settled with blood!

While Lilith still couldn’t fight her main body, she would just have to vent her anger through her statue for now!

Lilith involuntarily trembled in excitement at the thought of that.

Sae noticed her abnormality and got worried. “Lady Lilith, what’s wrong with you?”

Instead of answering her question, Lilith grabbed Sae’s hand. “Sae, follow me to the front.”

While saying that, she pulled Sae and they squeezed their way through the pilgrims. Sae followed Lilith through the crowd with a dazed look on her face, thinking to herself that she shouldn’t have any interest in this kind of thing, so why was she being this eager?

At that time, the naive Sae didn’t know that Lilith was going to use her, or specifically her body, to accomplish an unprecedented feat in this world!

Saintess Thea happily watched Lilith as she disappeared into the crowd. She was initially worried that her savior wouldn’t like the Goddess, but it turned out that she had been thinking too much. With this, she could report back without a worry.

“Alright, let us return too. We must properly inform Uncle Kahn of this incident.”

However at this time, Saintess Thea didn’t know what she would miss as soon as she left this place.


As a tool that the Radiant Goddess herself had left in this world to collect faith, the Goddess’ statue naturally imbued a law in it. Those who had not reached the stage to freely manipulate laws wouldn’t be able to damage the statue.

There were only three existences that could manipulate laws in this world. Putting aside the one from the Sea of Origin and the Queen of Dragons, the only one that could pose a threat to the statue was the Demon King. However, the Demon King wasn’t stupid enough to destroy a statue that was useless to him and risk making an enemy with a Goddess.

Therefore, the people who could harm the Goddess statue were pretty much non-existent, well at least… up until now.

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Perhaps even the Radiant Goddess herself didn’t expect that after her statue stood here for several thousand years, there would be someone glaring vengefully at it.

Not only that, this person also possessed a broken artifact that didn’t belong to this world which could easily break through all defenses.

How ominous!

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Lilith didn’t take her revenge all this time because it wasn’t the time yet.

Thinking about the refreshing burst of energy that she would feel after taking her revenge, Lilith no longer cared about the massive entity like the Luminous Theocracy who was behind this Goddess statue.

In order to show respect to the Goddess, three minutes of daily prayers were carried out in the Whispering Square twice a day. Morning prayer at sunrise to symbolize the gratitude toward the Goddess for bringing light to the world, and evening prayer at sunset to symbolize the prayer for the light of tomorrow.

During these two prayers, all the believers of the Radiant Goddess would bow their heads and kneel in silence as a sign of respect.

Even the pope was no exception.

Naturally, Lilith already knew of this rule from Thea before. So this was the chance that she had been waiting for.

Lilith gripped Sae’s original body which was an ancient broken sword, as she stared at the Goddess statue intently, waiting for that moment to arrive.

“L-Lady Lilith, what art thou doing?” Sae’s voice couldn’t help becoming weak. Although she was an ancient artifact spirit who had met just a few less than a hundred gods, she was still a frail girl who was merged with a weak fairy elf, despite looking stronger than human beings. Hence, she couldn’t help feeling diffident2 watching her master blatantly provoking a state apparatus with the intention of slapping a goddess across her face in the public.

Lilith didn’t even turn her head at Sae’s question. “Of course, I plan to reveal the hidden truth to the world.”

“W-What kind of t-truth…?”

Lilith stuck her chest out proudly as her eyes gleamed. “That the Radiant Goddess is actually flat-chested!”

She then pointed to the Goddess statue’s ample breasts and said angrily, “That f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g Goddess is collecting faith with this kind of despicable method. As long as I expose her ugly face to her believers, then she would have no faith to collect! Those breast lovers among her believers would definitely leave her after finding out that their Goddess is flat-chested! By the time she loses the power of faith, then I… shall be able to quickly surpass her and crush her at the bottom of my feet!”

Sae was stunned after listening and tried her best to recall the Radiant Goddess’ appearance in her memory… There was nothing wrong with it, the statue looked exactly like her.

Lilith seemed to know what Sae was thinking, so she smirked. “Don’t doubt my words! This was what the ancestor personally told me!”

Since it was the words of her previous master, then it must be true! But…

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“So Lady Lilith, just how do you plan on… exposing her true face?”

“Huhuhu…” Lilith held up the broken sword up proudly in the air and said, “Of course… by restoring it to its original grandeur~”


  1. TN Note: I’m not sure if this is the author’s mistake or there are more than 24 hours a day in this world.
  2. Means shy.

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