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Chapter 2-87: After beating the disciple, out jumps the master

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2052 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1390 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus


Ear-piercing bone-cracking sounds rang out in my ears, while the intense pain coming from my muscles and tendons left me gasping for air. However, I still felt my body being filled with power. In fact, I could even take out something from my Storage Ring despite continuously trembling under the powerful pressure from the old man’s domain.

“What are you planning on doing?” as expected of a crafty old fox seated with high status, remaining vigilant despite facing a little girl who was far, far weaker than him. Even a slight movement from me had greatly increased his vigilance. If he felt that I could pull out something that could pose a threat to him, he would kill me without an ounce of hesitation.

“Nothing. I’m just…thinking of pulling out a pair of spectacles…”

“That’s right…the fireworks that are about to happen might be quite dazzling, therefore…it’s best to wear sunglasses…” struggling about, I took out the pair of sunglasses that I’ve crafted from obsidian during my spare time from my storage ring. Placing them over my eyes, my view of my surroundings instantly turned dark. Despite the surrounding candle lights, it was extremely hard to make out one’s surroundings. Nevertheless, the surroundings are about to change, as brilliant fireworks amply capable of blinding people’s eyes would appear any moment right now.

“Ah…that’s right. Sae…do you want a pair?”
“No…I don’t need it…” Sae vomited another pile of liquid and organ parts out, before struggling to reply, “This body…is already blind…”
“Then you…really are unlucky…”
“Hehe…I’m really quite unlucky…”

“What the hell are you talking about!?” Not understanding what we were talking about seemed to have made the old man extremely frustrated, causing him to knock his staff fiercely on the ground, increasing the pressure bearing down on us.
“Stop…stop being impatient, okay…” with much difficulty, I propped up the sunglasses on my face, “You…will know…soon enough…”

It’s here!

Just as my words rang out, a soft, yet sharp whoosh rang out from the direction of the auction house, followed by intense quaking. Seemingly sensing that something was amiss, a frown appeared on the old man’s face as he turned around… what he saw…

Was an incomparably brilliant radiance that turned the night sky into day. An earth-shattering mushroom cloud rose into the sky, while the terrifying shockwave, intense quaking, and deafening noise swept over us.

“Really…what a beautiful scene.”
“Ah…you’re right…” despite clearly being blind, she still raised her head 45 degrees up to look at the sky while saying, “It really looks quite good…”
“That…what’s the matter?”

Regardless of the shockwaves or the other stuff swept up by the explosions, everything automatically parted in the face of the old man. Standing behind him, we benefited from his presence, which left us not needing to face any of the terrifying shockwaves head-ons.

Yet, as the hidden controller of the auction house, the old man, had already started to question his life, as…his auction house…had been blown into the heavens…

Through the dazzling rays of light and smoke that covered the sky, he could see a semi-spherical metallic object floating in the air. However, at this point, holes had already been blown in it by the powerful explosions, leaving only a somewhat vague shape.

This showed the amount of importance the old man had placed in this underground auction house of his. Despite over a thousand Explosion Scrolls exploding simultaneously within it, they were only capable of sending the auction house dome flying into the sky instead of completely vaporizing it. God knows how much precious metal alloy was required to achieve such a result.

“It’s gone…it’s gone…it’s gone…it’s all gone…” the old man continued to mutter in like a mad demon. The impact of seeing the auction house being blown to the sky was clear for all to see. However, at this moment, he wasn’t the one that had gone crazy. Instead, it was Wilkis that had done so.


A heart-wrenching shriek rang out from behind me. Nevertheless, being unable to move, I was unable to appreciate the look of despair that would be present on Wilkis’ face.

Ah. What a pity…

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“What the hell is going on!!! My auction house…how did this happen?!?!”

“Ah…I tossed the wrong thing…” just when the old man was doubting his life and Wilkis was going batshit crazy, Carol’s slightly peeved voice that sounded just like someone who had split water suddenly rang out, “I wasn’t careful and tossed the Twin Stones that was the trigger for the scrolls at him~”

“AHH!!! Hurry up and release me, Bishop Hadecaien!! I want to chop her into pieces!” Indeed, Carol’s words had added fuel to the already intense inferno and rubbed salt on the wounds of Bishop Hadecaien and Wilkis. Immediately after hearing those words, Wilkis’ mind collapsed.

Hadecaien slowly turned around, revealing his eyes that oozed with incomparable hatred: “Approved!”

“Thank you, Bishop!”

Soon after, the area was laden with Wilkis’ tyranny-filled chuckle as well as Carol’s despair-filled cries, there was no way left to rescue her out of this situation.

“Do you have any last words, little miss?”
“Wuhuhu!! Don’t come over! I have to tell you, that my father’s very powerful! If you dare to touch a single hair on my body, no one would be able to save you!”
“Haha! Then you should call him over! Since you dare to destroy my auction house, no one will be able to save you! Die!”
“Wait a second!”
“Hey! What’s the matter with you, little brat?”

After my sudden loud shout, Wilkis and Hadecaien turned their gaze towards me, “Don’t be impatient. Your time will come. In any case, the auction house is already destroyed, so there’s nothing stopping me from killing you all.”

“I was hoping you’d allow me to say something.”
“Huh? What were you going to say? Could it be that you’re going to beg us to let her go? I can tell you, that even if you kneel down on the spot, I will absolutely not let her go.”

“That’s not what I want to say.” calming my mind, I took a deep breath, before voicing one word at a time: “What I wish to say is, go ahead and do it. As long as you two touch a single hair on her body, I’ll destroy your entire clan and 18 generations!”

“That the style of our family that had been passed down by our ancestors, we always keep our promises.” For some unknown reason, I was all too clear about how little hope I had left. Nevertheless, I could not help but say those words. Perhaps it’s just that they sounded so graceful…

“…Hahahaha!!” Hadecaien burst out with rampant laughter: “I really want to see how you go about wiping out my entire family. Wilkis, do it!”


A sharp sound of a weapon slicing through air rang out from my back, with Carol fated to end up dead. At this moment, the only thing this helpless me could do was to apologize to Carol, and make a pledge to take revenge for her.

However, right at this moment, a deep voice of an unknown man suddenly rang out: “I wonder… what has your humble servant’s daughter done to deserve paying the price with her head?”

As that voice was picked up, a smell of Dragon Blood so thick it pierced my nose appeared. However, this Dragon Blood smell was different from those that radiated from the Purebloods that I was familiar with. On the contrary, it was just like the feeling one would get when one dropped a little bit of clear water into a pot of boiling oil, motley yet explosive, and suffocating. Furthermore, this powerful aura was something that was released subconsciously, something that I’ve only felt from those Dragons that have reached the peak of their maturity.

This person is a mixed-blood…whose ability to use dragon blood is in no wayabsolutely not inferior to that of genuine Dragons. Furthermore, the realm of his strength is absolutely at…

Peak Saint Realm!

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