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Chapter 2-88: Callanster

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1948 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1272 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

For the Pureblood members of the Dragon Race, it was extremely easy for them to conceal their bloodlines. Just the mere transformation into a human form would basically make it undetectable. However, it was a different story for mixbloods. It is extremely difficult for human and dragon blood to merge together, just like oil and water. The purer the dragon blood, the harder it was to control the strength of one’s bloodline. If one was to get completely devoured by their dragon blood, one would become a wild and ******* subdragon.

Therefore, almost all mixbloods will suppress their own dragon blood below this threshold.

However, the sudden appearance of that middle-aged man, who did not suppress his own dragon blood, was the exact opposite of the norm. Not only that, but he was also continuously activating the strength of his bloodlines. The two bloodlines present within his body continued to collide against each other, which was equivalent to explosions going off every second within his body.

A man that has explosions going off within his body at every given moment. He truly was worthy of being Carol’s father, the existence known as the Dragonblood Madman, Emona Callanster!

Upon appearance, this explosive man had taken control of the entire area. Even Bishop Hadecaien, the strongest person within the Luminous Theocracy, did not dare to take action recklessly. Right as he appeared, the latter had instantly dispelled his domain. The pressure on my body was immediately released, causing me to feel as though I’ve come back from the dead.

It was at the time that I finally had the opportunity to see the real face of Emona Callanster.

He didn’t have an extraordinary appearance and was dressed in an ordinary long grey robe. The only thing that stood out was his hair that extended to his waist, an exceedingly rare sight in this world. The hair started out as a black shade, before turning into a blood-red shade as it went down.

However, the aura that radiated from him caused my scalp to crawl, as though mountains of corpse and seas of blood had appeared behind him. Nevertheless, the bloodthirsty aura of hatred that had pressed down on me did not dare to extend out anymore. At this moment, the only thing I could feel was a sharp and penetrative feeling that caused terror to surface within my heart.

What I can tell for now is that the impression her father gives off is on a completely different scale from Carol, who just stood beside him with a dumbfounded face.

“Emona Callanster, the number 1 duke of the Holy Dragon Empire, the famous Dragon Blood General. May I know what brings a big figure like you here, to a small place like our Luminous Theocracy?”

“Haha. I wouldn’t dare to call myself a big figure in front of you, Bishop Hadecaien. As for what I’m doing…” Emona Callanster’s voice instantly spiked with anger, “I’m naturally here to bring my only daughter back home.”

“Your daughter?” Hadecaien’s eyes instantly narrowed, before fixing his gaze onto me. “Her? If it’s her, I can let her go. After all, she didn’t do any serious harm and has already paid the price for her actions. We can leave things at that.”

“Ha. I really wish that I had another daughter. However…” a look of tenderness, something that was extremely unsuited for him, appeared on his face. Rubbing the blank looking Carol, he said, “I only have her.”

“This…” beads of cold sweat instantly appeared on Wilkis’ forehead. After all, he had just proclaimed out loud that he would chop his daughter into pieces.

“This…this is all a misunderstanding! Take a look! There’s nothing wrong with your daughter.” perhaps feeling that he wasn’t sufficiently sincere in his actions, Hadecaien clenched his teeth, before continuing to speak: “I’m willing to hand five Saint Realm Artifacts over to settle this matter peacefully.”

Five whole Saint Realm Artifacts! That’s a price that could rival cities. This compensation was like a knife stabbing right into Hadecaien’s heart. Hearing those words, Callanster seemed to be filled with emotions, as he lowered his head to ponder whether or not to accept this trade.

It was right at this moment when Carol finally reacted to the current predicament she was in. Grabbing a hold of her father’s leg, she started to bawl: “Wuaaah…if you had just come a second later, I would have already been dead, dad…”

She proceeded to point her fingers and moved them alternately between Hadecaien and Wilkis: “They also said that they want to chop me into pieces, draw and quarter me, before turning me into pulp to feed the fishes…”

Why don’t I remember Wilkis saying that…

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That wasn’t enough, as from the looks of things, Callanster was still far from exploding out in rage: “I don’t care! I don’t care! I don’t care! If you don’t deal with them, I’ll make sure to leave home! And I’ll never call you dad again!”

Upon hearing those words, Callanster raised his head with a snap. Within a second, he had decided to give in to his daughter’s threat instead of the five Saint Realm Artifacts.

The next instant, Callanster gave Wilkis, who had already been immobilized completely by his aura, a gentle pat on his shoulder. Wilkis, who had already been frightened to incontinence, exploded apart, his blood and flesh splattering out in all directions. However, all of them were compressed together into a spherical clump.

Just like that the face of the auction house, Kenlov Wilkis, had turned into a large bloody meatball.

Hadecaien’s face instantly changed, while uncontrollable tremors started to wrack his body. Having his subordinate killed right before his very eyes had incited unimaginable shame and embarrassment in him: “Emona Callanster! Don’t go too far! This isn’t the Holy Dragon Empire! You don’t have the right to boss me around!”

Callanster replied with a sneer: “I might be wary if you were the pope. However…”

Callanster’s domain expanded out, turning the night sky into a blood-red color, while a murderous aura akin to that of the grim reaper spread out across the entire place.

Hadecaien’s face lost all color as he replied in a trembling voice: “You… really dare to kill me? Aren’t you afraid of incurring the wrath of the Luminous Goddess?”

“Hahahaha.” Callanster spoke out in dissatisfaction: “You all surely remember that I am a madman don’t you? Have you seen a madman…that’s afraid of gods?”

A large wave of blood enveloped the skies as it swept towards Hadecaien. Every single drop contained sufficient power to destroy a human being. With so much blood present, it could easily engulf everything in its path.

“Madman! Madman! Madman!” Hadecaien cursed out loudly. Nevertheless, he had no choice but to take action to obstruct the advance of the blood wave. However, the defense he conjured was pitifully weak, only managing to stop the blood wave for an instant before being smashed apart.

“Dammit!” Hadecaien roared out as he was consumed by the blood wave. However, right at that instant, an exceedingly dim flash of brilliance shot by.

“Is… Is he dead?” Carol asked as she looked over to the empty location.

“No.” Callanster shook his head and reply with a regretful tone: “He managed to escape. Truly worthy of being one of the 5 great Cardinals. He has many life-saving methods.”

“However.” Callanster scratched his head as he looked over to the horizon, sensing quite a few auras flying over from there, before continuing to speak: “Trouble just keeps coming.”


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