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Chapter 2-79: Rational Thoughts

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1818 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1311 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The purple crystal structure array appeared exceedingly weak, yet those massive black tentacles weren’t able to destroy one single bit of it. Not only that, as the brilliance radiating from the array continued to sparkle, the magic power surrounding the clown also proceeded to plummet crazily fast. Within a matter of a few breaths, the aura radiating from the clown had dropped to less than half of its original strength.

“Dammit dammit dammit!!” the clown’s eyes turned bloodshot, and a malevolent expression contorted his face as he attempted to use his black tentacles to attack the array. Nevertheless, all of his efforts were utterly useless. This caused him to grow increasingly crazy, to the point of him using even his hands and feet to unleash attacks. Yet, being a magician, a one-handed magician, the clown’s physical strength was extremely low, resulting in him becoming injured by the magical power fluctuations that came bouncing back to him.

“Thou art indeed a dirty maggot. Even the way thee struggleth maketh people feel disgusted.”

Extending her hand out with her palm faced down, Sae made a grabbing action.


The clear sound akin to glass shattering rang out from the purple crystal structure array, as countless large and small cracks appeared on its surface. From its appearance, it looked just like a shattered piece of artwork that had been glued together. Furthermore, this didn’t only happen to the array, as the same phenomena had also occurred to the space within it.

The clown’s frenzied action came to an abrupt halt, while the malevolent expression on his face instantly froze up.

“You…” the clown tried to say something, though he was only able to mouth out a single word before collapsing into a pile of mud, and by mud, I mean he turned into a blood-red slushy.

The distorted surrounding space had kneaded everything within it into a clump. All of his bones, blood and muscles were squashed together, with no way to separate them. At this moment, the clown had basically turned into mush.


The entire array shattered apart completely. A large amount of blood mixed with white matter from unknown sources flowed out from the mosaic-picture pile of mush, staining a 1-meter area from its source.


It was unknown who was the first one who opened their mouth, but it only took a moment for the entire area to turn into something akin to a vomiting contest. The crowd of young girls standing behind me proceeded to lean against the wall and vomit in succession. As this happened, the smell of vomit gradually started to overwhelm the nose-piercing smell of blood.

So frightening! Who would have guessed that the Artifact Spirit that had taken over Eleanor’s body would turn someone into a human slushy without even an ounce of mercy shown! Even my hairs were standing on their ends in shock, what more those young girls who had never experienced the viciousness of the world!

Hiss– all of a sudden, Sae appeared right before us, scaring the breath out of me.

“What’s the matter, master?” Sae asked as she tilted her head cutely to one side, just like a young little girl brimming with curiosity, without any trace of the cold and emotionless person that had just turned someone into a pile of paste.

‘No…nothing…” I waved my hands hastily in response, afraid that she would continue her earlier actions towards me.

Sensing alienation on my part, Sae pursed her lips in dissatisfaction. Out of nowhere, two little items appeared in her hands, before she proceeded to present them to me.

The twin stone and my Storage Ring.

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“These are master’s things, right? I discovered them on that bug’s body. I sensed master’s aura from the Storage Ring, so I brought it over to you.” Sae’s eyes sparkled with light, while an expression that seemed to be longing for my praise appeared on her face.

Dammit! The crazy, vicious and cruel existence that was brimming with a queen-like aura, and would destroy one right to the bones, was utterly unlike the person standing right before me. There wouldn’t even be such a clear distinction between the personalities like with a schizophrenic person.

Despite having such thoughts floating in my head, I still breathed a sigh of relief. Not only did Sae settle the life-threatening danger, she had also returned my Storage Ring, which was filled with powerful Scrolls of Saint Realm and above, to me. If those scrolls were circulated out, god knows what kinds of great disasters they would cause. More importantly, after using all of the thousand over scrolls I was carrying in my other Storage Ring, only the items in this Storage Ring are able to give some sense of security to me.

Indeed, the outside world was frightening. It has only been a few days since I’ve left, and I’ve already used the majority of the life-saving items I’ve brought along. If this continues, I’m afraid that I’ll be living my life with hotbloodedness like those main characters in those hotblooded light novels, and going about betting my life on those miserably low odds of survival.

That’s despite the odds being a 100% from certain perspectives.

“Thank you.” seeing her purposefully extend her head over, I subconsciously extended my hand to rub her head. Sae immediately narrowed her eyes, while a look of enjoyment akin to a cute kitten appeared on her face.

It had to be said that with Eleanor’s petite, loveable body and face, coupled with that expression, she was truly, truly cute. It would be so much better if there wasn’t a pile of human playdough present behind her back.

“You’re the master I need~”

“Can you not call me master?” I immediately felt my skin crawl right as she said those words. I’m afraid that even full-body electrotherapy would feel more comfortable than this.

“Huh…what should I call master?”
“Just call me Lilith.”
“Oh great Lilith?”
“Don’t add an oh great, okay.”
“Oh great Lilith?”
“Lady Lilith?”
“….alright. As long as you’re happy.”

“Lady Lilith!” Sae tilted her hand and cupped her hands against her face, appearing as happy as a little child that had just gotten her hands on candy.

Speaking of… is she really a person that had lived for a million years? Why does her cutesy look really appear just like what a child would do?!

There was really no trace of this feeling when she was cursing that human bug with disgust. On the contrary, I could sense an extreme feeling of tyranny from the expression present on her face.

The feeling I got from her expression was that what she had done was something that reflected the depths of her heart, and not something that she was consciously trying to show. This was completely and utterly different from the fake currying acts she had done towards me.

Sae was precisely a tyrannical racist that only recognizes her creator. Anyone other than her creator were to be treated as dirty bugs in her eyes, and would even bring about satisfaction when squished under her feet, just like a chuckling brat would feel after squashing ants crawling on the ground with his feet. However, Sae had been drifting around the so-called bug heap for over the past 900 thousand years. God knows how many of the so-called bugs she had made contact with. In fact, at this moment, she had no choice but to take over the body of Eleanor. Even if she doesn’t go crazy with this development, I should be burning incense to thank my ancestors that she didn’t immediately unleash rampant attacks against everyone around her.

Therefore, I don’t want to pursue the issue of whether she’s faking her act right now any deeper.


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