Chapter 2-73: Loyal Subordinates

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2608 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1851 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Stop struggling. If you guys listen to me obediently, I might spare your lives. If not…” Wilkis’s evil laughter rang out: “I can’t guarantee what will happen to you all.”

“Go and die,” anyone who was at least able to use their head to think would know that their lives after surrendering would be worse than before.

“Tsk tsk. Truly an unintelligent choice.”

Just as Wilkis’ voice rang out, the black outfitted people’s assault grew even more ferocious than before. In fact, all of them started to show utter disregard towards themselves, unleashing attacks filled with their all-out strength with every single strike. As they continued to deal damage to me, more and more black clothed people collapsed onto the ground. Of those that collapsed, the large majority was not due to my attacks, but their bodies exploding due to being unable to endure the explosive increase in battle qi granted to them.

Although this loss was exceedingly great, it was no match for the numerical advantage they held. Furthermore, each and every one of them wasn’t afraid of dying, while my strength had already started to dwindle.

“Dammit!” Kicking one of them away, who had stabbed my arm, I could not help but curse out loudly. Although I’ve got an extremely strong recovery rate, it is very draining on my physical strength. Furthermore, I’m currently in a weakened state after the previous fight against the Saint Realm expert.

“Yoyoyo. What’s the matter? You look like you’ve run out of strength! Where did your earlier arrogance go?” Wilkis made an extremely exaggerated expression as he started to sneer and ridicule me. Argh! I’m so furious and angry! I really want to stab him to shut him up!

“Iyah! Your expression’s so fierce! I’m so scared! Did you just want to chop me up?” Wilkis flaunted about as he shook his hips: “Come! I’ll let you stab me.”

How did this fellow live up to this age? Could it be that the heavens never take the lives of 𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐞𝐬?”


Dammit! Just as my mind was slightly distracted, a black outfitted person sent his large blade stabbing straight towards me. Despite managing to dodge it in the nick of time, the rapid withdrawal of his blade left a wound on my abdomen.

These black clothed people basically weren’t using any martial techniques at all. Yet, all of their attacks were very treacherous!

“Haha…” seeing this, Wilkis became even more delighted as he chuckled loudly: “Now you’ve been stabbed.”

As he finished his sentence, he shook his hips with even more vigor than before: “Aren’t you very angry, aren’t you very frustrated?”

Why do I feel that this fellow has a very deep grudge against being stabbed?

“AHAHAHAHA! Aren’t you very infuriated!?!?!?”

With a soft “Pfff”, Wilkis’ laughter came to a halt. His eyes instantly turned so wide that it appeared as though his eyeballs were about to pop out. Slowly lowering his head, he looked at his abdomen in disbelief.

At this moment, the shirt covering Wilkis’ abdomen appeared to be scrunched up by something. A network of creases was present, and at the centremost position was a red spot that was gradually growing larger by the second.

“Urgh…” a large amount of blood spurted out from Wilkis’ mouth, while his eyes were filled with disbelief. Nevertheless, the intense pain coming from his abdomen told him that he had been stabbed. However, there’s clearly nothing in front of him!

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All of a sudden, as though something had flashed through his mind, a voice filled with extreme hatred gurgled out from his throat: “Eleanor Hamelin…”

The space before Wilkis started to warp and distort before the petite figure of Eleanor gradually surfaced from within. However, unlike before, the color of her hair wasn’t white, but a mix between white and black, giving her an unexpected mature look.

Squelch pulling her white dagger out, Eleanor gave a faint smile as she replied: “You’re still as careless as before, oh great auction house master.”

“You! Impossible!” In an instant, Wilkis’ expression became exceedingly malevolent, as the embarrassment he had endured 4 years ago surfaced within his mind. Nevertheless, his reaction to Eleanor’s appearance wasn’t slow by any means. Pressing one hand on his wound, he waved the other, causing intense purplish flames to appear within his palm, which he then proceeded to send towards Eleanor.

However, Eleanor had already disappeared from her original location.

A gloomy expression hung on Wilkis’ face as he looked towards the place Eleanor had disappeared from, then he slowly retreated backwards while quietly shattering a Transmission Stone in his hand.

Although concealment Magic Spells weren’t rare, those that were able to mask their presence were exceedingly frightening to deal with!

In the next instant, Eleanor appeared by my side. Looking at the injuries that covered my body, a frown appeared on her face as she asked: “Are you alright?”

“I’m alright.”
“That’s good to hear.” nodding her head, Eleanor turned around and disappeared once again.

However, right at the instant when Eleanor had appeared, I seemed to feel an exceedingly familiar aura, one that was completely identical to the feeling I had gotten before.

In the midst of using her perception warping magic to conceal herself, Eleanor suddenly turned to look towards Lilith’s direction in shock and doubt. Right as she had appeared by the latter’s side, she had suddenly felt a burst of delight surging through her heart. What kind of feeling is this…

Eleanor racked her brains to find the apt words in order to describe this feeling: she felt just like a pet that had strayed away for 3 months, only to suddenly bump into its owner!

How was this possible! Eleanor really wished to give herself a slap. How could she come up with such a description! Could it be that she had been influenced by Sae? However, why would Sae affect her in such a way? Could it be that the latter’s peerless expert attitude had just been a fake appearance?

Forget about it. I should not think about it… Eleanor shook her head, getting those useless thoughts out of her head. After all, at this moment, the enemies before her were the most important matter that she had to handle right now.


Seeing Eleanor’s suddenly disappear without any hint of hesitation, my heart almost jumped out of my chest. Although I’m alright, shouldn’t you help me a little?

However, at the next instant, a wound suddenly appeared at the neck of the black clothed person before me. As blood gushed out like a fountain, the person immediately collapsed onto the ground.

As if it had been a signal, the collapse of the first person was then followed by the collapse of the remaining black outfitted people, one after another. Just like an invisible god of death, Eleanor had rapidly reaped the lives of our enemies with extreme indifference.

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To those 3 and 4th rank sacrificial warriors, a concealed Eleanor was definitely the most frightening nightmare they had ever encountered in their life.

Within a mere dozen breaths, the place before me had turned empty, as all of the black clothed people had already collapsed onto the ground. Dispelling her concealment magic, she reappeared, standing quietly at the heap of dead bodies, with a white dagger held in her hand, just like a white and black lily swaying in the wind. Despite killing so many, Eleanor’s somewhat tattered clothes were completely untouched, with not even a single drop of blood present. Even the most outstanding assassin in the world wouldn’t have been able to do a better job than her.

Now, a question arose in my head. Exactly what was Eleanor Hamelin’s occupation, a magician, or an assassin?

Regardless of whether Eleanor was a magician or an assassin, she was the most disgusting opponent for Wilkis. Seeing his dead subordinates, he resisted the urge to order his mage subordinates to treat the intense pain radiating from his abdomen. Clenching his teeth, he growled out: “How did you enter here? My subordinates should be guarding the entrance tightly?”

Wilkis did not believe that Eleanor could conceal herself for a long period of time. If not, she would have already sent multiple invisible stabs at him, directly reaping his life without any need to appear at all. Furthermore, he had ordered his most loyal subordinates to guard the entrance to this place. Even if they weren’t able to defeat her, they definitely were more than capable to send the message of her arrival to him, right? However, up till now, he had not received even a single warning transmission from his subordinates!

Could it be…that they’ve been dealt with by Eleanor before they could even react???

“Subordinates?” Eleanor tilted her head towards him in doubt: “What subordinates?”

I seem to have bumped into quite a few dead people…

At this moment, at the stairwell that connects to this level.

All of a sudden, breathing sounds rang out within this dark and quiet environment. One of the figures suddenly seated up. Looking stealthily towards his left and right, he then proceeded to whisper: “She’s gone. You guys can stop pretending to be dead.”

Right as his voice rang out, two more breathing sounds rang out before they got up vigilantly at the side of the seated figure.

“Is she really gone?” one of the trios asked out in slight disbelief.

“She’s really gone.” the third person reaffirmed him: “I am completely unable to sense her aura anymore.”

Only after hearing those words did the other two breathe a sigh of relief.

These three were precisely the most “loyal” of Wilkis’ personal guards, [Number 1], [Number 2], and [Number 3] of his “shadows”.

“Do you guys think that Wilkis will kill us all if he comes to know that we’ve let Eleanor go like that?”

“Yes. However, that’s on the premise that he knew we were the ones who let her enter just like that.”

“That, too, is true. We did not let her in just like that. It’s just that she’s too strong, so strong that she had insta-killed us just like that.”

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“That’s right, that’s right. We’ve been insta-killed. Speaking of which, Eleanor seems to be much stronger than 4 years ago. I could tell that she’s around the realm of a 9th rank Great Magician.”

“9th rank! That’s really frightening. However, it is great that you are able to see through people’s strength and talent, 2nd brother. If not, we would have really just delivered our lives on a silver platter to her.”

“You’re right, 3rd brother. We really have to thank 2nd brother. If not, we would have really given up our lives for that ******* Wilkis.”

“Okay okay. There’s no need to praise me. Just hurry up and use the Tortoise breathing technique to feint our deaths. There seem to be people heading our way.”


As they replied to him, the three laid down once again, before the stairwell regained its previous silence.


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