Chapter 2-72: Despair

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2399 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1731 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

As our enemies closed in, my heart was gripped by a throbbing pain. Over a thousand scrolls! Argh! It has only been 2 days, yet all of them are gone! I’m afraid there’s no one in the whole world that’s as wasteful as me!

At the same time, fragmented images of my memory started to gradually appear in my mind. Thinking back, I was just like a little girl harvesting mushrooms, humming along as I buried the scrolls all about the auction house. Looking back at the dozens of scrolls Wilkis had dumped on the ground…

Uwaaa… seriously, how is that fellow able to find only a few dozen out of the tons of scrolls that I’ve buried in this auction house?! One should be able to find more than this amount just by feeling around blindly!

Looking at my distraught appearance and assuming that I’d been forced to my wits ends, the crowd of young girls started to shift in unease.

“Hurry up and teach them a lesson, Lilith!!!” Carol was the only person within the group that did not feel afraid by this development. In fact, her eyes seemed to glow in fervor as she looked at me, with her hands rubbing against each other, as though she was itching to take action. That would be good if she wasn’t hiding at the centremost position of the group.

Seeing that I’ve yet to take any action after so long, Wilkis’ subordinates exchanged glances with each other before doing an all-out rush towards me.

“Go to hell!” Appearing to have tossed Wilkis’ order to capture me alive utterly out of the window, the lead fellow raised his spear and thrust it right towards me. As this happened, quite a few of the people around him sent their various weapons towards me.


Although I don’t have any scroll at hand, my physical strength is more than what these low-rank martial artists can handle. With a few casual kicks, I sent those few fellows flying back to where they came from, while conveniently using them to sweep away the people coming from behind them, instantly creating a large patch of empty space before me.

“You have some skill.” Seeing this, Wilkis narrowed his eyes, before clicking his finger in an exceedingly pretentious manner.

In the next instant, a few dozen young people dressed in black outfits walked out from behind those guards, rapidly forming a seemingly disordered, yet mysterious array. As this happened, a feeling of danger started to wash over me.

They’re the black shirt people I’ve bumped into previously? Although they didn’t show their faces, I was more than capable of making out their immature looking faces, which show that they weren’t above 20 years old in age. However, being sacrificial warriors purposefully nurtured by the auction house, what’s frightening wasn’t their power level, but the combination array that allowed them to superimpose their power at will!

“Even I can tell that you’re slightly stronger than the others within your group. As long as I kill you, the rest won’t be able to put up any resistance!” Wilkis laughed malevolently: “Kill her!”

Hey hey! Didn’t you just order your subordinates to capture me alive? How did you change your mind so quickly!!

Nevertheless, those black outfitted people did not care what kind of contradictory order they were given. As long as it was an order, they would follow it to the tee. All of them proceeded in sync, as though they were one as they took a step forwards, all of them appeared to be connected together as one, with even their breathing completely in tune with each other.

A single black outfitted person came rushing towards me, while the battle qi from the rest of their group instantly compounded onto his body. Following the rise of his aura, the blood vessels throughout his entire body expanded so much, that it seemed as though explosions were happening within them. His eyes turned bloodshot, while spiderwebs of blood started to spurt out from beneath his skin.

Regardless of how heavenly defying the capabilities of an array were, being able to promote a low-rank martial artist to a high-rank martial artist would definitely come with exceedingly frightening negative side effects.

Nevertheless, being sacrificial warriors, they regard those negative side effects with utter disregard. With a plan to trade their lives for mine, the black outfitted person rushed towards me before sending a simple chop down with the large blade in his hand.

It was simple, yet effective.

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Nevertheless, even I dare not meet this chop head-on. Relying on my natural reflexes, I evaded the attack, though the resulting winds from the chop still caused my skin to throb in pain.


I roared as I unleashed my backhanded counter. Moving sideways, the black outfitted person blocked my attack. Nevertheless, the feedback I got felt as though I had struck the air. Although he had blocked my attack, the black outfitted person deflated just like a balloon. Scarlet red blood blasted out from his vessels, instantly drenching him in blood, before he collapsed weakly on the ground, devoid of breath.

The sudden and peculiar death of the black outfitted male caused me to gawk in response. Nevertheless, I immediately knew that his body was unable to endure the enormous extra burden placed on it by the boost, resulting in his body rupturing apart.

Despite this, the other black outfitted people apparently completely ignored their compatriots death, as three more rushed up with total disregard for their lives. Like before, their auras started to surge ferociously. Although it didn’t reach as high as the previous person, all of their auras had intruded into the high-rank realm. Paired up with their tacit understanding and teamwork, they now posed a much greater threat than before.

After a few exchanges, small and large wounds appeared across my body. Unlike before, these three black outfitted people did not explode and die.

“This is troublesome.” The current situation was extremely bad for us. Without any scrolls, I’m utterly incapable of defeating an enemy that holds the numerical advantage over us.

“Hey, you guys, can’t you offer any help at all?” I roared towards the group watching at the sidelines.

Although I don’t know if those young slave girls could fight or not, I was at least able to sense the faint presence of magic power from their bodies, something that could only exist through one’s cultivation of magic techniques.

At this moment, I was only trying my best to find any solution to turn the situation around. I didn’t care what realm they were. As long as they could use magic, they should just toss all of their spells towards our enemies, right?

Only after my roar did those guys finally start to react, they began condensing their magic power and shouting loudly towards those black outfitted people:

“Flowers and Birds who roam the water and moon,come out and dance!!”
“Mass clones!!”
“Flowers, fill the heavens and bloom!!”

In the next moment, a large pile of whatever flowers, birds, water and dummies shot towards the black outfitted people, just like the celebratory scenes during a wedding.

Black outfitted people: “…”
Me: “…”

Ba-…banquet Magic?

That was Banquet Magic! Other than hyping up the atmosphere in a banquet, those were utterly useless in every other aspect!

Dammit! I knew there’s no way the auction house would teach them any offensive magic!

“Are you guys trying to make preparations for your funeral?” Wilkis gave an odd laugh while saying: “Since that’s the case, I’ll grant your wish.”

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Wilkis waved his hand. In response, the guards started to laugh malevolently as they slowly walked towards the young slave girls, instantly frightening them and herding them into a single lump.

“Lightning: Three Flashes!”

Right at this moment, Durango stood up, transforming into a golden bolt of lightning as he hurtled towards our enemies. In a few breaths, he had managed to mow down a dozen people.

That suave figure, and that confident posture. Although his pig-sized head had affected the quality of the scene, it still was capable of causing the eyes of a few young girls to twinkle with infatuation.

Could…could it be that…there’s hope?
“Dammit! Capture him!”

At this moment, the people that had been mowed down swayed about as they stood up, rubbing the areas where they had received the unexpected punches, In the next instant, as angry and fury filled their faces, they let out a loud roar, tossing the weapons in their hands away before rapidly rushing towards Durango.

Finally, someone managed to grab ahold of Durango. As his speed rapidly came to a stop, the rest of the black outfitted people launched themselves onto him like a loose ball on a rugby field.

In this predicament, no matter how fast he was, Durango was unable to move an inch.

“Release Durango!” Unable to bear seeing this scene before her, Carol waved her dragon claw about as she rushed towards the pile of people. Despite having no training, her awakened Dragon Race Bloodline gave her a strength that far surpassed normal people. Although it was still impossible for us to defeat every enemy present, if we manage to at least rescue Durango and work together, there’s still a…

“Oof! Who’s so inconsiderate and threw all these things on the ground!!”

What the hell? She tripped over the weapons lying on the ground! At the very least, you should give them a punch before falling, you dumbass!

Naturally, not wanting to give Carol the chance to stand up again, our enemies immediately placed their blades against Carol’s neck.

The black outfitted people’s attacks grew increasingly ferocious, with them opting to trade injury for injury with me, not giving me even a sliver of time to catch my breath. Before this fight, I’d yet to fully recover from the previous big fight. Now, this kind of harassment and piled-up injuries started to sap at my strength. As the number of wounds on my body continued to increase, my recovery speed started to grow slower and slower.

If this continues, even I will be squeezed to death.

I gulped my saliva down, with thick feelings of unease surging through my body. If this situation continues, we might…be in for some deep trouble.


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