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Chapter 2-69: Eleanor’s Goal

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1891 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1319 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Darkness, dampness, cobwebs and dust were present everywhere, as though this room had not been touched for quite a few years. No, it should be described as a cage, a cage used to lock up slaves. At this moment, Eleanor stood right before this cage, her face suffused with recollection and sadness.

For the sake of ease in the management of slaves, the auction house would place slaves of different ranks in different kinds of cages. The higher the rank of the slave, the lesser number of them would be placed in a single cage. This was especially so for slaves who the auction house had spent large sums of money for, which would then be locked up in solitary cells. As for those deemed worthless or captured in order to make up the numbers, a dozen of them would be placed in a single cell.

This was the same cage that Eleanor had been imprisoned in for ten odd years ever since being captured at the age of seven. Due to the rarity of Fairy Elves as well as their exceedingly cuteness and exquisite beauty, she was raised by the auction house as an exceedingly high ranked good. This level of treatment persisted all the way until the appearance of her albinism. Nevertheless, she was still locked up in solitary confinement, not because of value, but because she was Eleanor Hamelin, the person known as “big sis” to all of the slaves within the auction house.

“No other slaves have been locked up in here?” Looking at the familiar cage that had been “abandoned”, Eleanor muttered: “Nonetheless, that’s a good thing.”

Eleanor pulled out a key from somewhere on her body. With a “click”, the rusted door was unlocked, followed by an ear-piercing metallic screech as the door swung open.

Raising her feet, Eleanor walked in, completely ignoring how obvious the ear-piercing metallic screech of the door opening was in this silent place.

After rescuing the slaves, Eleanor had already done a complete search of the 7th to 9th level. Other than Yakov, who had run to god knows where, there were no other guards present on these levels. Although she didn’t know what that retarded Wilkis was up to, to actually leave such an important place unguarded, it had undoubtedly aided her in her movement through the levels. Truthfully speaking, Eleanor didn’t expect to rescue all of the young slave girls out from their cells with such ease. In her original plan, she had estimated that there would be a one out of three fatality rate for the rescued slaves which would be dying in the confusion of battle. However, other than the immense loss of magic power she had used a long time to accumulate, she did not suffer any other losses. Furthermore, she had managed to rescue all of the young slave girls she was familiar with.

Although she didn’t know whether this was a trap by itself, she knew that it was utterly impossible for Wilkis and that retarded brain of his to come up with a trap that she was incapable of detecting.

“The auction grounds…is below here.”

Walking into the cage, Eleanor did not spend any time reminiscing about the familiar items present within. On the contrary, she immediately started to crawl on the ground in an exceedingly graceless manner, as though she was able to hear the incessant din coming from the auction grounds beneath.

Unlike the upper six levels, the 7th to 9th level was a network of cages that extended into the interior of the auction house, with cages either being interconnected or linking up to patrolling walkways. Eleanor’s cage was situated at the innermost position within this massive spider web arrangement of cells, with no other cage connected to it. It was precisely this arrangement that situated her cage right above the auction grounds used to auction slaves off.

Placing her ear on the ground, she started to move her body towards various locations. All of a sudden, a burst of light erupted from her eyes as what seemed like a sliver of noises made by humans rang into her ear.

The auction grounds was the most impenetrable location within the entire auction house, constructed with half meter thick walls made from a special metal alloy. In theory, it was impossible to hear any noise coming from within. However, what if a hole was dug out from one of its walls?

Standing back up, Eleanor quickly swept away the grass and dirt on the ground, as wells as the various kinds of disgusting little bugs that would scare the living hell out of young girls without a trace of concern. At this moment, there was only excitement, as well as a tinge of nervousness, present on her face.

After clearing the weeds and dirt, the metal surface appeared in her sight. If one was to take a closer look, one would be able to see an exceedingly inconspicuous square crackline present on the surface of the metal.

Shoving her long and ungroomed fingernails into the crack, Eleanor completely disregarded the intense pain as her fingernails were almost pulled from their roots, slowly digging the square metal piece out from the ground.

Only after seeing the scroll present in the square hole in the ground did Eleanor breathe a sigh of relief.

Luckily it hadn’t been discovered.

Taking the scroll out, Eleanor looked through it. After discovering that nothing was amiss, she placed it back, before taking out the black stone rod in her sleeve. With a light snap, she broke off a piece of the rod. No, that can’t be called a piece, but two pieces of rock that had just been glued tightly to each other.

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Twin Stones. They were brittle, and did not have any physical usage. However, once one of its pieces gets destroyed, the other piece would follow suit and explode. Although the explosions weren’t very powerful, they were sufficiently strong to trigger the scrolls.

Placing the slightly larger piece together with a scroll, Eleanor proceeded to place the square metal piece back to its original location.

From the start, Eleanor had never placed any hopes on Lilith’s success. She knew how tight the patrol on the first six levels of the auction house during these times was. It was simply a pipe dream to deploy all the explosion scrolls under this kind of condition. Eleanor had already ascertained that Lilith had failed after hearing that explosion from earlier.

Therefore, she could only rely on herself.

Furthermore… as Eleanor closed her eyes, images of familiar, pained, sorrowful and blood-drenched faces started to continuously surface before her eyes, causing her endless pain that could only be washed away through death. These images appeared in a way as if to remind herself why she shouldn’t stop at just rescuing those people, but…


Towards the auction hall, and those aristocratic families!

Therefore, she did not place just any ordinary 9th rank Explosion Scroll here to shake the circular metal dome of the auction grounds to attract attention while they were fleeing, but a [Collapse] Saint Realm scroll, infused with a Saint Realm magic that would cause the entire ceiling to shatter and cause massive casualties!

Around a quarter of the aristocratic families within the Luminous Theocracy were here. In fact, there even were some big aristocratic families from other countries that have made the long journey here. If half, or more than half of those aristocrats were to die in the auction house…

Just the thought of it made her feel happy!

As for now…Eleanor opened her eyes, took a look at her completely white hair, before turning her gaze towards the ceiling, her eyes appearing as though she could see right through everything, all the way to the highest floor:

“I should retrieve that thing first.”


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