Chapter 2-68: Every item has a weakness

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1994 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1337 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“What the hell’s a zombie?”

“Zombie…” Carol instantly perked up upon hearing my question: “It’s an extremely, extremely frightening monster that’s impervious to blades and spears! Even I needed to spend lots of effort to deal with it!”

Carol had dealt with one? Don’t lie to me just because I’m less studious. What’s more, how the hell does a zombie appear in this Western Fictional World? That doesn’t even fit this world’s concept!

“That’s enough, miss.” True to the story, Durango’s resent-filled voice suddenly rang out from behind the crowd, immediately dismissing Carol’s words. “There’s absolutely no such thing as zombies! Furthermore, you’re not the one who dealt with the issue, okay.”

“You and your big mouth!” Despite having her words being debunked, Carol did not feel a shred of embarrassment at all: “It’s true that I wasn’t the one who dealt the final hit, but…”

Raising her right hand, Carol replied with a radiant tone: “My dragon claw has made significant contributions, okay.”

Hahahaha… she really did say those words out loud…

Carol proceeded to extend her right hand right before my face, as though she was trying to show me a treasure: “Come and see, come and see, Lilith! Ain’t I awesome? Ain’t I awesome!”

“You really are awesome~”

Under Carol’s expectant eyes, I placed my hand on her dragon claw, rubbing my fingers on the cold and hard scales, the malevolent looking spikes, as well as the familiar bloodline pulse coming from my hand. Without a doubt, this claw contains the bloodline of the Dragon Race. Despite not being of pureblood, it still was a variant with an extremely rich Dragon bloodline.

In the past, I’ve heard from Durango that the Emona Family was a Dragon Blood Aristocratic Family. From the looks of it, that appeared to be the truth.

Dammit. How is she able to dragonify despite possessing only a smidgen of the Dragon Race’s bloodline? Although she’s only able to achieve it on one of her hands, that’s already an incredible feat. Compared to her, I, the one and only true princess of the Dragon Race, can’t even display a single scale on my body.

In fact, I’ve long spotted the transformation of Carol’s right hand, though I chose to purposefully ignore it. However, why does she need to tell me in such a direct fashion?

I’m so jealous, I’m so jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous, envious…

“Huh?” Are you alright, Lilith?” Carol asked in concern after sensing my unnatural expression.

“Nothing,” I replied with a faint smile.

“That’s good.” Carol breathed a sigh of relief, before pretending to be frustrated while waving her dragonified right hand about. “Although this dragon claw’s very awesome, I really don’t know how to transform it back. Don’t tell me that I have to live like that for the rest of my life?”

Upon completing her statement, she proceeded to shake her head while wearing a look of frustration on her face.

Why the hell is she not satisfied with being able to dragonify? What else does she want? Are you doing this on purpose, Carol…

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You’re doing this on purpose, you’re doing this on purpose, you’re doing this on purpose…

“You’re doing this on purpose…”

Damn. I let it slip out of my mouth.

“Ah? What did you say, Lilith?”

“Nothing?” I gave a smile towards Carol while replying in a gentle voice: “Let me help you.”

“Are you…really going to help me?” Carol’s eyes grew wide open. After discovering not a single ounce of malice in my tone, she burst out in excitement while saying: “Then I’ll have to trouble you for this.”

“It’s not troublesome. In fact, it’s very simple.” I replied while taking out the knife set I used for meals while on Dragon Island.

Hmm…this small knife should do the trick. Although it isn’t big, it will be exceptionally effective in this situation. See? Carol is so moved by my devotion to helping her that she started to weep. Although I have no idea why those slaves started to scatter like frightened birds, they must have done so out of concern for Carol~

“Waaaa! What are you taking out such a big knife for, Lilith?”

“Big?” I shook my head in confusion: “This is just a piece of cutlery I use to slice my meat up.”

“Which family uses cutlery that spans over 2 meters long!!!”

“Don’t mind such minute details, okay? Everything else doesn’t matter so long as your hand can be chopped off, right?” I moved towards Carol while speaking in an exceedingly gentle tone.

“Ch-ch…ch-ch-chop?” Carol’s face instantly turned deathly pale, while her jaw started to tremble: “I…I just want to transform it back… There’s no need to chop it off…”

“Of course we need to. We just need to chop it off. Won’t it be back to normal after it regrows?”
“It won’t regrow!!”
“Relax. I’ve tried it before. It’ll definitely regrow! Don’t run away!!”
“As if I’ll not run away! I really don’t want to be handicapped at such a young age!!”

The crowd of slave girls stared dumbfoundedly at the two idiots running into the distance, unable to formulate any words to say in response to such a scene.

At this moment, Durango, whose expression had grown even uglier and solemn than before, emerged from the crowd, muttering: “You two really are kids. Can’t you two learn to be more composed, like me?” He shook his head while showing a look of helplessness an adult would show when looking at naughty kids.

Emerging from the crowd, a young non-human girl with a pair of short horns on her head frowned towards Durango while speaking out in an unfriendly tone: “Did you… take advantage of the situation just now to grope us up?”

“Huh?” Instantly choking on his breath, Durango gave a dry laugh before replying: “How’s that possible. Am I that sort of person?”

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“What’s not possible?” a girl with cute animal ears said: “Didn’t you just do it a moment ago?”

As those words rang out, everyone proceeded to rub their fists unkindly towards Durango.

“Wait a minute! I was just concerned for my compatriots…”

“You can just tell us if you want to enter, and we’ll give way to you. Why do you need to purposely squeeze yourself in?”


“Just say it that you’re dying to feel us up.”

“No…that’s not what I…” Durango tried to refute their statements, though he clearly was lacking in confidence.

The earlier animal eared girl gave a shrill shout: “You still aren’t admitting it! Let’s beat him up, sisters!”

“Ah! No! I’m the one who saved you all…:”

Before Durango could finish speaking, he was submerged under the sea of fists coming from the crowd of young girls.

Nevertheless, the eyes of the young girls all gleamed with excitement, as though they had utterly disregarded the issue of Durango’s attempt to take advantage of them. After being locked up for so long, they needed to vent their frustration and anger in one way or another. Therefore, beating Durango up had naturally become their target to vent all of their pent up feelings.

Naturally, Eleanor’s extremely high status within the slave community was certainly a huge help. If not, it was impossible for these young girls, who were truthfully in extreme distress, to take action against a person they had just met.

As for the target of all of these pent up feelings, Durango…the only thing he could do was to curse silently as he endured the beatings. Who asked him to be the lowest person in the food chain, leaving him with utterly no rights at all.

Nevertheless, it was true that he had tried to take advantage of this situation, so the only thing that could be said was that he deserved such treatment.


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