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Chapter 2-57: The start of the out-of-control spiral (Part 2)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2772 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1880 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Intense pain started to rack Anthony’s mind. However, compared to the pain coming from his body, Lilith’s words had sent tremors through his heart.

“You…you are saying that you’re the princess of the Dragon Race?” Enduring the intense pain that racked him, Anthony blurted out a question.

“Uh huh~” For the sake of letting Anthony take a clearer look, Lilith spun around. Not caring one bit, she revealed her beautiful, yet stark naked body to him, before asking in an exceedingly delightful tone: “Don’t I look like a princess?”


Anthony was unable to respond to her. Deep within his heart, he was praying his hardest for Lilith’s words to be a lie. However, if she was truly the legendary princess of the Dragon Race, it would easily explain the regenerative capabilities that she had just displayed.

After all, it was not one bit strange for dragons to possess such abilities.

It was extremely rare for the Dragon Race to appear before the humans. After all, other than the Holy Dragon Empire, where dragons are protected like gods, the other countries did not have much of an understanding regarding the dragons. In fact, it could be said they knew extremely little. However, be it the stories or songs sung by travelers and adventurers, or the legends that have spread in other areas, dragons were known to be extremely powerful existences in this world.

Legends say they possessed steel-like bodies that were impenetrable to blades and spears, possessed the strength to lift mountains, have the intelligence akin to ancient sages, and were even able to use the most powerful magic in this world! They were neither good or evil, with stories showing traits from the extreme of both spectrums. Furthermore, they were capable of physical transformation, turning into loyal compatriots and leading wayward heroes to their destined paths.

Dragons have always been the targets of worship from the weak. They will enshrine the dragons and pray to them for favorable weather.

To those people who thirst for power, dragon blood has always been the greatest shortcut to reach their dream. Not only can it strengthen one’s fleshly bodies, it can also increase one’s affinity to the natural elements. Be it Martial Artists or Magicians, dragon blood has always been a treasure that was hard to buy with money.

Within the black market and the five countries, subdragon blood is sold at earth shattering prices!

Not only can the dragon blood, dragon scales, and dragon bones be used to make Sacred Artifacts, the dragon meat can also increase one’s lifespan, while dragon eyes are perfect catalysts for spells. It can be said that the entirety of a dragon are valuables.

However, despite being exceedingly enticing, people in this world were extremely clear that these things were ridiculously rare to chance upon, to the point that they could be considered as near-extinct.

That’s because no one out there dares to kill dragons.

Due to their extremely small numbers, the dragon race is extremely protective of its kind. If someone dares to kill a dragon, they will wipe out your entire clan. Furthermore, the clan doesn’t stand for family, but the entire race! They have exactly the capability to do so!

And now, I’ve actually offended their princess? And I’ve even threatened to sell their princess’ blood in the black market?

The more Anthony thought about it, the more afraid he became. In fact, thoughts about committing suicide started to surface in his mind. However, it was a pity that he wasn’t able to move at all; he was utterly incapable of moving a finger. Despite being able to squeeze words out from his mouth, he didn’t even have the strength to bite off his tongue.

All of a sudden, an extremely frightening thought appeared in his mind. Why…did the legendary princess of the dragon race appear in this place, in a human country?

Could it be…

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“Is your dragon race sticking your hands into the conflicts in this continent?”

“Huh?” an expression tinged with confusion appeared on Lilith’s face as she looked back at Anthony. Blinking her eyes, she appeared to be unsure of what he was saying: “What conflicts? That seems quite interesting. Tell me about it. Hehe…”

She’s faking it! Anthony could determine that within a split second. That’s because the conflicts between the Human and Demon Race on this continent have been going on for more than a thousand years. Even the most reclusive of hermits were extremely aware of this. Being the princess of the Dragon Race, it was impossible for her to not know about this!

“Exactly are you dragons scheming?”

Anthony used the last of his strength to roar out in anger. At this moment, he suddenly felt that everything, be it himself or this country, had become the butt of all jokes. Clearly, frightening enemies have already invaded this country, and yet, everyone was still worrying and scheming against each other for the position of Pope.

“Scheming?” the cruel tinged smile continued to hang on Lilith’s mouth as she replied: “This princess had come here for studies.”

What a liar! You’re the almighty princess of the Dragon Race! Why the hell do you need to come to a human country for studies! Lies! Lies! She’s definitely lying to deceive me!

However, why does she need to lie to a person who’s so near his deathbed!

Anthony was very clear that Lilith will definitely not let him go. However, since death is certain for him, why does she still have to lie to him?

Furthermore, there doesn’t seem to be any traces of lying present in her gaze.

Anthony focused his gaze once again onto Lilith’s face, trying to find any minute traces of other emotion present on her face.


Perhaps noticing Anthony’s gaze, Lilith gave a sinister smile, before extending her tongue out to lick her slightly parched lips.

However, her actions appeared exceedingly frightening in Anthonys eyes, as though he was looking right at an evil demon that was thirsting for fresh blood. All of a sudden, a thought flashed through his mind. Immediately, his heart turned incomparably cold as he asked in a trembling voice: “Could it be…that those kids are your targets?”

“Huh?” Lilith tilted her head as she replied in a cutesy and doubtful tone.

How…how frightening! She clearly is very powerful, yet she chose to use such a despicable method of taking action against those children that have yet to grow up! They are planning to shatter the relationships between our human experts, before wiping us out!

What’s most frightening is the cautiousness they maintain even when facing people at their deathbed! What kind of mentality they have! She clearly looks just like a child!

No…that isn’t right. According to their lifespan, it’s extremely possible for her to be over a thousand years old! Therefore, it is not a bit strange for her to have such thoughts.

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No! This cannot happen! I cannot die here! I must get this shocking news out! If not…mankind will be exterminated!

This is the greatest danger mankind has faced since establishing our footing in this continent tens of thousands of years ago!

Anthony started to struggle in an attempt to fight off the paralysis of his body.

I don’t need to recover much! I just need to be able to move. There’s still a short distance Transmission Scroll in my Storage Ring. It’ll be alright as long as I’m able to use it to escape from here! As long as I’m able to escape from here, I can warn the others and help mankind avoid an extinction-level calamity!

However, everything he did was useless, as the struggling immediately worsened his already serious injuries.



Lilith stamp and shattered Anthony’s other hand, before pulling his head close to her, all while unleashing her killing intent without any restraint

“It’s impossible to escape, alright?”

This…this freak…

All of a sudden, Lilith grabbed ahold of Anthony’s shirt, lifting his upper body up, while a vicious glint flashed across her scorching golden eyes. Nevertheless, she continued to maintain a self-assumed gentle smile while saying:

“Since this princess is bored, let’s play a game together.”
“What…what game?”
“REARRANG~ING~ GA~ME~” Lilith pinched Anthony’s nose while saying: “Look at you. You’re so ugly! And your nose isn’t even straight at all! Allow this princess to show you her magnanimity and help you rearrange it, okay?”

“No…I don’t want…I really don’t want…” anyone with a brain can tell that letting a freak rearrange one’s face can never be a good thing at all.

WIthout differing from his expectations, Lilith immediately lifted her fist up and aimed it right at Anthony’s nose: “Hehe. You don’t have any room to resist.”

“Bang!” the sound of bones shattering rang out as Anthony immediately felt his nose flattening and breaking from the punch.

NO…I don’t want to die…

“Bang!” another punch was launched, causing a large amount of blood to spurt out.

I have to spread the news about this freak and the schemes of the dragon race!

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“Bang!” the fist shot out like some kind of spherical crystal object.

As long as I can get the news out…I’ll become the saviour of mankind…I’ll be the subject of worship and adoration from countless people…no one will dare to look down on me anymore…

“Bang!” yet another bone-cracking sound rang out.

When that happens…I will be able to…marry…Ramiele…Xoe…

“Squish.” instead of the hard impact when smashing into bone, this punch appeared to have ploughed straight into tofu.

A slight frown appeared on Lilith’s face as she pulled her fist out from the liquid-like mosaic which was Anthony’s face. Flinging off the red and white mixture of liquids, she pouted her mouth in unhappiness while saying, “Why does it have to end so quickly…this isn’t fun at all…” before proceeding to fling Anthony’s still trembling body away like a piece of trash.

“So boring! So boring! So boring! I’ve wasted my clothes just for a little bit of playtime…this is so not fun…”

Lilith took out a black gothic dress embroidered with red flowers while complaining in discontentment.

After dressing herself up, Lilith swiped her hand at her floor length hair, cutting it back to the earlier waist height length.

“Okay…what fun should I have now?”

Lilith swept her gaze towards her surroundings. All of a sudden, she thought of something, causing her eyes to rest at the entrance of the 2nd level.

“That’s right. This princess should play with explosives.” Lilith seemed to be filled with the same excitement one would feel when one discovers a new continent.

“Hehe…Lilith raises her pickaxe!” Lilith raised her right hand, which was now wielding a Divine Shortsword.

“Student Lilith raises her explosive satchel!” Lilith raised her left hand, the hand where she wore her Storage Ring.

Now…” Lilith spun around quickly on the spot, her shirt lifting up to make her appear just like a black rose.

“Question! Exactly how many explosives can student Lilith bury in here? I really look forward to it~”


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