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Chapter 2-46: Planting a Seed

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1835 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1314 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Phew~that was really dangerous.” Wiping the beads of cold sweat off my forehead, I turned my head around and surveyed my surroundings.

The dust and smoke in the surroundings gradually dispersed, revealing a wrecked walkway. The left side had basically turned into ruins, and I could even spot charred bodies from time to time as I scanned through the pieces of metal.

The entire space seemed to have been placed inside a steamer, with the surrounding temperatures being at least 40 degrees. In fact, there were even red-hot traces of molten liquid at the side of some metal fragments.

“Explosive Scrolls do live up to their reputation. What frightening destructive power.”

For the sake of defending against the Explosion Magic unleashed by the scroll, I have used a grand total of three 9th rank Luminous Protection spells. I really don’t understand why there’s such a big disparity between these two spells, despite their same ranking and common knowledge as being the strong magics in their ranks.

Nevertheless, despite the massively destructive Explosion Magic, the right side of the walkway had only turned black. Without speaking about any destruction, there wasn’t even a trace of any warping! In fact, those people in the auction grounds might not even have noticed the explosion at all.

What toughness! I really don’t know if a measly amount of seventeen 7th rank Explosive Scrolls would be able to blast this entire auction house apart.

“Okay. After this huge commotion, I’m afraid that our enemies will be arriving here very quickly. Let’s quickly paste the Explosive Scrolls needed for the 1st level.”

Standing up, I brushed away the dust on my body in preparation to move off. However, I quickly noticed that there was something amiss with Weir’s condition.

“What’s the matter, Weir? Are you alright?”

Clutching her knees, Weir crouched on the ground, her head buried in her chest as her entire petite figure trembled, not answering or replying any of my questions.

What…what’s the matter? She shouldn’t be that scared, right? Speaking of which, anyone would be scared witless if Explosion Magic goes off suddenly around them.

However— even in my past life, I’ve never ever consoled a girl before. How should I go about calming her down? Do I need some candy to entice her while consoling her? Or do I need to dance and sing a song, pull an ugly face and call her precious darling?”

“Don’t…don’t be afraid. The explosion’s over, and we’re completely unharmed, okay…” despite not knowing what to do, we are pressed for time as we don’t know when the guards would launch a counter-attack. Therefore, I’ve no choice but to grit my teeth and start consoling her this instant.


Huh? Ignoring me? Could it be that I’ve said something wrong? However, since she wasn’t frightened by the explosions, what else could scare her so much?

All of a sudden, a flash of realization hit me as my eyes focused on the charred bodies around me, as well as the smell of burnt flesh that continued to pierce my nose.

That…that’s right. She is definitely frightened by the huge number of dead people around her. For some reason, which might come from me no longer being a human, but I’m unable to feel any sadness from humans dying in front of me. Even the deaths I’ve caused by rushing through those frozen human statues had only caused feelings of “oh that’s disgusting” to surface in my heart.

However, this is different for Weir. She is a gentle and timid fairy elf, and definitely hasn’t seen any scenario with so many dead people. Therefore, it is reasonable that she will be extremely frightened right now.

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Furthermore, she is now even more afraid due to me, a vicious murderer.

What should I do? I’ve just met this girl 20 minutes ago and now I’ve become hated by her! If I’m a male, the worst I can become would be a pervert and a scumbag. However, being a girl, what would I become? Could it be ⓢⓛⓤⓣ…cough cough cough!!!

Nevertheless, all of these weren’t the most important thing I have to care about at this moment.

Just as I was being screwed around by my thoughts, Weir’s body began to tremble increasingly furiously. In fact, I could even hear her suppressed sobbing sounds ringing in my ears.

“Don’t…I don’t want to be sold off..I…don’t want…”

Huh? How did it end up with the topic of being sold? Has she become dumb from all of the fright? No, this cannot go on. I have to wake her up. If not, she would end up scaring herself to death.

“Raise your head!”

Hearing my loud shout, Weir’s body shook in response, while her sobbing grew even more intense.

Seeing the command having no effect, I’ve no other choice but to resort to a forceful method. Forcefully tilting Weir’s head up, I stared right into her eyes.

“Listen! Elle Weir! You’ve already escaped out from there! You’re no longer a slave, and you won’t be sold off!”
“I…won’t be sold off?”
“That’s right! You will no longer be sold off! Therefore, please get hold of yourself! We have to save your fellow compatriots right now.”
“Save my fellow compatriots…” grasping at the corner of my blouse, Weir aimed her wide open gemstone-like eyes that were filled with tears at me.
With a voice akin to a plea, she asked: “Am I really not going to be sold off?”

Disgusting. She’s really making my heart ache. Exactly what had the auction house done to make her so afraid of being sold off?

“That’s right. You will no longer be sold off.” I slowly stood up, before extending my hands out to the shivering Weir and speaking out with a faint smile: “ The most important thing right now is to save those compatriots of yours. Therefore… let’s work hard together.”

Looking at my hand, Weir hesitated for an instant, before finally making her decision as she grabbed my hand.


So soft…is this how a girl’s hand feels like? Due to the urgency of the earlier situation, I didn’t get to register this feeling. However, at this moment…hehehe, could you let me get drunk for a few minutes?

Huh? That doesn’t sound right! I’m no longer a 40-year-old virgin! I’m the great princess of the dragon race! How can I succumb to such enticement!

Regardless of everything… please let me enjoy this feeling for a moment…

“What’s the matter?” perhaps feeling something not quite right with my gaze, Weir tilted her head as she asked.

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So…so cute! This young lady heart of mine…has actually started to pound…

Speaking of which, Carol’s aesthetic appeal isn’t one bit inferior to Weir. However, even though I didn’t feel a single thing when I looked at her chest, this…indeed, there was too great of a disparity between a sentient and non-sentient living creature?

“No…it’s nothing. Let’s continue moving.” shaking my head, I got rid of those misleading thoughts. At this moment, the most important thing is to complete the mission. Furthermore, this isn’t the place to dilly dally around. After all, our enemies could rush over at any moment.

Holding onto Weir’s hand, I turned around and prepared to move off. However…right at the instant when I turned around, I seemed to see slivers of guilt and dread at the edges of her eyes.

All of a sudden, I felt some unease surfacing within my heart. According to the current situation, Weir should be hoping for the success of Eleanor’s plan in order to escape out from here…however, although I can understand the dread, those slivers of guilt…

I hope that it’s my misconception playing tricks on my thoughts…


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