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Chapter 2-45: Auction House Master’s Decision

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2850 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1912 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Hatred, terror, fury. These feelings continued to surge and ferment in my heart, before seemingly trying to rush out from my chest, causing me to unleash a ******* roar.

“Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! Damn that Eleanor Hamelin! Damn that group! AHHHHH!!!! My darlings!…”

Strength seemed to drain from my entire body, leaving me without the strength to even stand as I slumped weakly onto the ground.

My hands trembling, I started to pick up the shattered pieces of my darlings from the ground, one piece at a time. Nevertheless, I was unable to feel the same sense of beauty, as well as the heart-stirring feelings that they would provide me when I see them.

WHY…Why must the heavens do this to me! Just what have I, Kenlov Wilkis, ever done wrong to deserve such outrageous atrocities to happen to me!!
The only thing I’ve done was to sell a few slaves! However…however, isn’t the strong dominating the weak the natural order of the world?

“Go to hell! Go to hell! Go to hell!!” Salty liquid started to flow down my eyes, while my nose became blocked with a viscous fluid, causing me to suffocate as I roar out in anguish: “I don’t care whether you’re Eleanor Hemelin or that organization! All of you will die!!!”

“Calm down, master. The most important thing to consider now would be about how to deal with our enemies.”

That’s right. Venting my anger isn’t the most important thing right now. Instead, I should be thinking about how to react to this attack, as it wasn’t possible for any little rat to cause such an intrusion. These intruders are genuine hunters, a terrifying collaboration between wild wolves and poisonous snakes.

Even I would have no hope of turning the situation around if I made any small mistake!

“What’s the current situation?”

Continuous updates on the current situation were the most important thing to deal with enemies that hide in the shadows. Even a sliver of disparity in the speed or accuracy of the reports could cause the entire situation to turn disadvantageous for me.

“This subordinate is…” all of a sudden, the Spectrum Stone on [Number 2]’s waist rang out. The only person that would use the Spectrum Stone at this time would be [Number 1].

[Number 2] quickly activated his Spectrum Stone, instantly revealing [Number 1]’s eternally unchanging visage. However, the expression present on his face didn’t bode well for the current situation.

“This subordinate greets you, master.” Despite the dire situation, he still maintained absolute respect towards me.
“Spare the greetings. What’s the situation over at your side?”
“The situation’s extremely bad. All of our guards on the first level have already fallen.”

“What?” I couldn’t help but to suck in a mouthful of cold air. How long has it been since the explosion! Yet, those elite guards of my auction house have already been completely defeated?! Due to the auction house’s leadership structure, the lower levels were basically guarded entirely through the patrol teams and guards. Now, [Number 1]’s reporting that 1/6th of my auction house’s forces have been completely wiped out?!

This is too frightening! Too frightening! Did that organization manage to smuggle some hidden Saint rank expert in here without triggering the warning system?

“Exactly what is happening!”

“The explosion was caused by an Explosive Scroll that’s of 9th grade at minimum. The fire elements in the 1st level have gone completely berserk, causing all of the surrounding elements to grow chaotic. I’m currently at the connector between the 1st and 2nd levels. I’ve yet to go in to investigate, as the chaotic elements are uncontrollable. This subordinate is afraid of being ambushed, so I plan to wait for the element to stabilize before carrying on with the investigation.” [Number 1] replied with his head lowered, seemingly feeling embarrassed with his timidness.

“I’m guarding the passageway to make sure no one leaves from the 1st level.”

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“Raise your head.” I breathed a sigh of relief after hearing about an Explosive Scroll that was the culprit of the earlier explosion. The usage of 9th rank magic indicated that my enemies might be 9th rank magicians or possess 9th rank magic scrolls. Nevertheless, be it either reason, it was good news that everything wasn’t a result of the appearance of a Saint rank expert.

“You’ve done very well. Patience is a must-have attribute of an outstanding assassin.”
“Thank you for your praise, master!” [Number 1] lowered his head even more, seemingly feeling extremely grateful towards my praise.

Truly worthy of the great effort I’ve spent to educate them. Their loyalty was indeed invincible.

“Retreat for now.”

[Number 1] asked while raising his head, revealing his eyes that were brimming with doubt.

That’s right. He’s definitely having doubts about my order to give up guarding the walkway. However… since our enemies have used a 9th rank Explosion magic, that meant that…

“The enemies won’t loiter around on the 1st level. The power of a 9th rank Explosive Scroll will cause massive destruction even in an open space, what more in an enclosed space. There should be no one alive in the 1st level.”

“As…As expected of our master. You’re able to deduce the situation of the 1st level even though you’re far far away on the 12th floor.” [Number 1] replied in an extremely respectful tone.

“Of course. Being able to perceive the changes to one’s surroundings is a must-have ability for an expert.” I received [Number 1]’s praise in a lowkey manner before continuing to give my orders;

“Take the guards from the 1st to 9th levels and spread them out over the 10th, 11th and 12th levels. Let Kov command his division and form the 1st line defense between the 9th and 10th level.”

“What is that for?” both [Number 1] and [Number 2] opened their eyes wide in doubt.

“There’s nothing to say about the 1st level. The 2nd to 6th levels are important areas for the auction house’s defenses. The 7th to 9th levels are key holding sites for slaves. What will happen if they were to flee due to the lack of guards?”

“Can’t…you guys use your brains?” I could not help but feel incomparably disappointed for this intelligent me to have such stupid subordinates.
“This subordinate apologizes sincerely for our stupidity. Please guide us, master.”
“You two are trash! You don’t even have any rudimentary understanding and decision making!”

[Number 1] and [Number 2] lowered their heads in embarrassment so much that their heads almost made contact with the ground.

“After being freed, what do you think Hamelin would do first?”
“Won’t…won’t she go and rescue her fellow slave compatriots first?”
“Save my ⓐⓢⓢ! As if that cold-blooded person will care about the life or death of her compatriots! The first thing she will do after escaping will be to remove this head of mine!!”

Faced with such stupid subordinates, even I, who placed extreme emphasis on my image, could not help but to blast out a mouthful of curses.

“The auction ground is created from a combination of special metals. Even if the 1st level gets blown apart by explosion magic, it will have utterly no effect on the interior. Hamelin would definitely be unable to infiltrate here.
Therefore, she will definitely not be at the 1st to 6th levels. I’m afraid that she’s already on her way to the 12th level.”

‘How…but there’s not a single warning yet from any of the guards from the 1st to 9th levels…”

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Idiots! A bunch of idiots that can only see the surface of the situation.

“Idiots! Why would I be so alarmed if it’s only Hamelin by herself!? The most important thing now is the organization that stands behind her.”

After hearing the mention of the “organization”, a look of dread flashed across the “shadows” faces. Looks like they still had a deep impression towards those invisible enemies.

“That organization has ways to obscure my eyes and ears. Therefore, it’s uncertain if they have already sent Hamelin up here.”
“So…that’s the case…”

It truly is a mystery how that organization is always able to play me around like a fiddle. However, there shouldn’t be many items that can allow a person to appear and disappear at will. Of those items, the most commonly seen is…Transfer Scrolls!!

That’s right! Transfer Scrolls! If that organization uses Transfer Scrolls, everything would click into place.

That’s because Saint ranked fluctuations would always be made if Sacred Artifacts are used for transmission. However, it is a different case for Transfer Scrolls. As long as they have directional coordinates within the auction house, they will be able to transfer over here at will!

That’s right! That’s how they did it! However, within the entire Luminous Theocracy, the people that are able to pull out Transfer Scrolls other than that great sir…should not exceed…the number I can count in one hand…

“Hurry…hurry up and contact that great sir. Just tell him that our auction house is facing a great enemy that we cannot deal with, and we need his speedy reinforcement.”

“Is…is there the need to move that great sir?”
“Stop with your nonsense! Hurry up!”
“Yes yes yes!!” [Number 1] quickly replied before terminating the transmission.

“Huff huff huff.” The series of sudden happenings had caused my breathing to skyrocket, while my brain started to think rapidly about the possible candidate that would want to go against auction house, as they would even resort to using the incomparably expensive Transfer Scrolls.

Could it be…the Pope?

Nononono, that’s impossible! Why would the Pope place his sight on small bugs on the roadside!? It absolutely won’t be him! Furthermore, the Pope wouldn’t resort to something that troublesome. If he really wanted to deal with us, he would just need to send a few of those Luminous Adjudicators, as we are absolutely helpless against them.

The greatest possibility would be that great sir’s enemies. Due to them being unable to take action against that great sir, they had extended their attacks towards us weaklings.

Dammit! Why are the weaklings always receiving the short end of the stick!!

Nevertheless, this wasn’t the time for me to sigh and curse. You will naturally need an expert to deal with experts. While I was wasting my time, that poisonous snake might have already hidden in the darkness not far from me.

Furthermore, with that organization as her supporters, she would not be using a quasi-Artifact, but a true and genuine Artifact!!!

The most frightening thing is that Eleanor Hamelin is a person that’s on the verge of death. Being an albino Fairy Elf, she basically wouldn’t live past 25 years old. However, those people that are on the verge of death would always stake everything they have in their assault. That means that this attack will definitely be hundreds and thousands of times more terrifying than 4 years ago.

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“Yes!” the three shadows present immediately half-knelt respectfully before me.
“When [Number 1] returns, you all will guard this room with him to ensure my safety!!”

Come, Eleanor Hamelin! Let’s see which is harder, the final bite before your death, or the impenetrable defense I’ve created!!
4 years ago, you could not kill me. 4 years later, it will still be the same!!


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