Chapter 2-23: Unexpected Surprises

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1622 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 972 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Oh? It’s raining?”

Because I was startled by the sudden whistle just now, I accidentally threw out the Water Condensation scroll, but the Ignition scroll was still in my hands.

Because of that, the surrounding area had been covered by pouring rain. Although the rain could obscure vision to a certain extent, it is obviously impossible for me to rescue uncle and Carol silently. 1

Damn it, why is there always someone interrupting the gorgeous appearance of this princess? Is it so difficult to give me a little spotlight?

Fortunately, Scarface didn’t care too much and didn’t probe the magic elements remaining in the air. He just looked up curiously before turning his attention back to the whistle.

“I didn’t expect the law enforcement team to come so fast.”
Scarface picked up his sword from the ground and returned it back into its scabbard. He said to the uncle, “Although we’ve bribed the heads of the law enforcement team, in the end, they are still our adversaries as they work on the bright side. If we kill people in front of them, I’m afraid that people on both sides of the coin will be upset. So congratulations, your life has been spared.”
“Okay team, let’s go.” Scarface waved his hand at the men in black around him. “Tonight’s quota…”

Then he shot a glance at Carol.
His eyes were as bright as someone seeing the New World for the first time, and he looked Carol up and down.

“You … what do you want from me?” Carol shuddered at Scarface’s aggressive gaze, shrinking back from him.

“I was almost cheated.”
“Wh- What?”
“I can’t believe that after the countless number of women that I’ve seen grow, I almost let you slip from my hands.”
“You… what are you talking about?” 2

“It’s good camouflage, I didn’t see through it at all.” Scarface suddenly walked over and pinched Carol’s face, kneading it back and forth a few times like he was working the dough, and then carefully looked at the reddish stains on his hands, “Poor quality make-up? Interesting, I was fooled by poor make-up. Your skill with makeup is not bad.”
“Ouch… that hurts. What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand, you just need to look beautiful.” Scarface took two steps back and ordered, “Tie up this young lady for me.”

The men in black moved in response. Two of them stepped forward and quickly tied Carol up.

The rain has stopped, and everyone is soaked from head to toe. Carol squirms like a caterpillar on the ground, trying to break free of the rope on her body, but she’s unable to do anything except yell.

“You… what the hell are you doing, let go of this lady, it hurts… it’s too tight around my breasts.”
“What?” Scarface sneered. “Can’t you tell what we are doing after seeing this?”

“Uuu… how would I know what you are doing, you didn’t say anything.”
“Didn’t say anything? I remember saying it clearly a few times… you know what~ forget it. Since you asked so nicely, I will mercifully tell you, young lady…”
“Young lady, run away. These bad people are slavers!” The uncle who had been beaten before was struggling to get up as he said this sentence.

“Ⓕⓤⓒⓚ, did I ask you to say that?” Scarface kicked the uncle in the abdomen, causing him to spit out blood. “That’s right… we are the rumored slave merchants, you will be coming with us, little girl. Hehe… I promise I will find you a good buyer.”

“You said you capture slaves?” Carol widened her eyes.
“That’s right.”
“You work for the biggest underground auction?”
“Yes, I didn’t expect you to know so much …”
“You’re going to take me in as a slave?”
“Of course, are you afraid, well even if you are afraid …”

“Wao… I’ve finally found the right person.” Carol crawled up to Scarface’s feet, arching with excitement: “I thought you weren’t coming anymore. Whew, you scared me. Earlier, I thought the uncle was a slaver, but in the end he was a good guy…”

“Hey… why do you have such a disgusted look when saying that I’m a good person, for some reason, it hurts…” the uncle said with lack of energy.
“Don’t worry about the details, what’s important now… is that this lady can finally be caught… haha.” Carol twisted her body around Scarface’s legs shamelessly.

“Hurry… take me away, I can’t wait.”
“You…” Scarface asked with a twitching face, “You’re not actually an idiot, right?”

“You’re the idiot! Your whole family are idiots… How could a gifted and intelligent woman like this lady be an idiot, but for the sake of you taking me in, this lady will forgive you today.”
Scarface facepalmed, “you’re really an idiot.”

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“Well, forget it, as long as she looks good, someone will buy her. Take her away.”
A man in black rested Carol on his shoulders and quickly disappeared into the darkness.

“Alright, the law enforcement team is should be here soon, I will withdraw first.” Scarface also walked towards the dark and waved at the uncle before his figure disappeared, “Let’s play again sometime, if I’m in a good mood, you might find out where your sister was sold … haha … ”
That was a down to earth teasing tone.

“Damn!” The uncle was struggling to stand up, but after a few attempts, he helplessly fell to the ground, worsening his injury.
Just then, neat and powerful footsteps echoed in the silent night, and those so-called law enforcement teams finally arrived three whole minutes after the whistle sounded.


  1. The silva is melancholic over it being “just rain” and not a tsunami
  2. make up is weak to water, silva is amused

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