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Chapter 2-22: The so-called Relevant Departments Always Appear When They Shouldn’t Appear

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2058 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1402 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After Scarface gave the order, all the men in black rushed to Carol and the uncle simultaneously. If they were merely a few ordinary low-level warriors, then even if they all rushed up at the same time, the uncle should be able to beat them back with his power level. However, with this group of people in black relying on their Combo Formation, any one person can instantly reach the level of an intermediate warrior, and with them all attacking at the same time it became difficult for the uncle to judge their power quickly, just like what happened earlier.

Moreover, the uncle was injured.

Seeing all the men in black rushing over with sharp swords in hand, Carol immediately screamed and started to crouch on the ground, holding her head and shivering in fear.

“Damn it! She’s in the way.”

Although the uncle said that, he still took two steps forward. The candle flame in his hand brightened, and the flame suddenly turned into a moving serpent of fire.
The fire snake was like a living creature, winding around uncle and Carol to protect them.

Every time the men in black rushed up they would be forced back by the fire snake. For a moment, the men in black were unexpectedly unable to hurt the uncle and Carol in the slightest.

When she saw that the men in black couldn’t rush in, Carol instantly became arrogant, as if the sight of her trembling on the ground a moment ago was just a hallucination. She pointed at Scarface and scolded, “Stupid Scarface, smelly baldly, there’s nothing you can do to us now. Hmph, this lady just wanted to talk to you and yet you refuse. You even went as far as to order your goons to kill this lady. Did you think this lady was so easy to kill? Naive.”

Scarface didn’t meet Carol’s eyes and completely ignored her, he sneered at the uncle and said, “I thought you only had ordinary weapons, I hadn’t expected you to have a Military Arms. It seems that the organization values you very much, to the point they’re even willing to give such a weapon to you.”

“Of course,” Carol cut in before the uncle could speak, as if dissatisfied with Scarface’s disregard for her, “Our uncle is powerful, faithful, and more handsome than you. Even though I just treated him like a bad guy, it still couldn’t cover up his good nature. It is only natural he will be valued everywhere he goes.”

“You thought I was a bad guy and still wanted to follow me?” The uncle looked at Carol suspiciously, still brooding over why Carol was tangling up with him earlier.

“Um … that … I was actually joking, hahaha. Uncle is so nice, who would think you were a bad guy …” Carol chuckled twice, then turned her finger to Scarface and said, “When I said ‘bad guy’ I, of course, meant men who look like bad guys at first glance.”
“Look at him, he looks ugly, has a vicious look, and has a big scar on his face. At first glance, it looks like a wicked villain, even if …”

“Shut up…”
“Ah … what … did I hit the nail on the head…?”
“I said shut up!”

Scarface expression suddenly became malevolent, “Is looking ugly the same as being a bad person? Does having sharp eyes mean you do bad things? Hahaha, thank the Goddess of Light. Does the scripture of the Goddess teach you to judge people by appearance? I am…”
“That… forgive me for my interruption, I don’t pray to the goddess of light,” said Carol, flickering her innocent eyes and said, “I follow the Dragon God.” 1

Scarface’s words caught in his throat, and his red eyes glared at Carol as if wanted to devour Carol.
“I don’t care what you believe in! No matter who you believe in, you’re going to die here today!”

Scarface growled and rushed directly at Carol and the Uncle.
Scarface is obviously not the same as the men in black or even the uncle and he managed to close the distance of thirty meters in an instant.

The sword in his hand slashed sharply at the fire snake. The fire snake that had been able to drive back the men in black several times was easily cut apart like a piece of ordinary twine.

“Even if we are both intermediate warriors, the difference between the fourth and sixth rank is still very large.”

Scarface didn’t care about Carol for the moment, and instead rushed towards the uncle who he saw as a slight threat. The large sword in his hand exuded a dense, pale black sword aura. It was easy to tell at a glance that it was not any ordinary weapon. If something was cut by it, then I would dread to see the result.

Naturally, the uncle did not dare to fight back directly. Instead, he threw the candle in his hand, which instantly exploded when it came in contact with the sword, causing a huge amount of smoke and dust to fly out. For a moment, Scarface lost sight of their movement.

“Haha, take that, who told you to rush over with a terrible expression, pfft, it’s good for you to die, so that you can’t harm others…”
“Madame, please stop talking!!”

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As soon as the voice came, the dust was swept by the wind, revealing an unharmed Scarface.
Scarface looked at the frozen Carol with a smirk and said, “Keep talking, why don’t you?”

“Uh …” Carol twitched her cheeks, and was speechless for a long time. Then she suddenly covered her mouth, and blurted out, “Actually, I didn’t say anything, you were just hearing things.”

“Hmph! I’ll get to you in a moment!” Scarface didn’t want to deal with Carol anymore and thus turned his attention back to the uncle and asked, “Do you have any last words?”

The uncle slowly stood up. His left hand fell to his side because of the earlier shoulder injury. It would not be useful for a while, however, he still clenched his right hand and said, “what last words? I just want to drag you to hell with me. That’s all! ”

The uncle roared and rushed at Scarface.

“How interesting, even I’ve started to admire you somewhat. Because of that, I will stop bullying you now.” Scarface threw his sword down and moved forward to grapple with the uncle.

Even though Scarface threw away his weapon, it was a simple fact that the uncle had no chance of winning. And in merely a handful of moments, a lot of new injuries were added to his body, while Scarface was completely unharmed.

If anything, I should be grateful that Scarface decided to be honorable at this point, since it gave me time to think of a solution.

If I rush out, there’s a chance that I won’t be able to save uncle or Carol, and that Scarface could take both of them as hostages to threaten me. Not to mention that the scrolls my mother gave me were hardly suitable for this situation.

However, thanks to my genius, I finally thought of a perfect runaway strategy.
I took out two scrolls from the ring with opposite attributes.

One is a Water Condensation scroll that can instantly extract a large amount of water from the air, and the other is an Ignition scroll that can create a fierce burning flame.
When these two meet… a lot of water vapor will be created!

With that, I can blind Scarface, and with the addition of my concealment scroll that can mask my presence…
It’s Perfect!

Haha… I really am a genius. At the moment, while everyone’s eyes are all attracted by the battle between the uncle and Scarface, I can quietly throw it over.

However, just as I was about to throw the scrolls, a sharp whistle suddenly broke the silent night sky, forcing everyone to stop and look out.
Scarface stared at the direction of the whistle, and I looked at my empty left hand.
“Damn it, it’s the law enforcement team.”
“Oh snap! My Water Condensation scroll!” 2


  1. Silva wishes to inquire about Carol’s reaction when she learns Lilith is the dragon princess
  2. Silva expresses concern over the looming disaster

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