Chapter 2-21: Children don’t interrupt when Adults are Speaking

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1961 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1262 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Lil Red Imp, Deximus_Maximus

The man in black slashed his sword directly at the uncle’s hand, the sharp blade’s light carried a level of power that was no weaker than an intermediate rank warrior.


The uncle hurriedly dodged the knife, however, the man in black laid on the pressure as he inclined the blade of the sword and lashed out again. This time, the uncle leaned back to avoid the knife by a hair’s breadth. The candle flame in his hand instantly grew in intensity as he swept it forward to force the man in black to back off.

Where the fire shone, there were eyes that did not reflect any brilliance.
Just as the man in black stepped back, his Qi suddenly weakened. At the same time, the Battle-qi of a man in black behind the uncle suddenly rose, and the big sword in his hand flew straight towards the uncle’s head.

“Ha! Exploding Mountain!”
The uncle shouted angrily, and a strong air pressure blasted out from his body, directly pushing the man in black back.

“Oh? Surprisingly you’ve got a Martial Skill.” Scarface touched his chin and said with interest, “With your background and talents, you not only managed to break through to the Intermediate Rank, but also have a Martial Skill? It seems that you’re already determined to work for that organization.”

The uncle sneered, “so long as I can kill every last one of you beasts who spare not even children, I will work for anyone.”
“Beasts, eh? I rather like that title,” Scarface suddenly remembered something and said, “Oh right, do you want to see it?”

“See what?”
“That thing…” Scarface clapped his hands together, “their tongues.”

A man in black took two steps forward and removed the mask on his face, revealing a pale young face beneath the black clothing that looked as if he had never been exposed to the sun.
The man in black opened his mouth, his mouth was empty, and only a part of his tongue was visible.

“You … you …” The uncle took two steps forward, his eyes fierce like an animal choosing its prey, but he was stopped by the sword of the man in black.
The uncle cursed while dodging the concentrated sword attacks from the men in black clothes, “You beasts, they’re still children!”

“I’ve got no choice, I don’t want to be too cruel to the children either, but you must know that slave trading is a high-risk occupation. This is the only way to prevent them from leaking information about the auction house to good guys like you after their reformation.” Scarface said with a hand covering his face as though to show off how helpless he was.

As if the people in black couldn’t hear the savage words spoken by Scarface at all, they continued to slash at the uncle with lifeless eyes.

They were like puppets on a string without their own awareness and could only follow the orders of their master.

“Sooner or later, you will be punished by the goddess.”
“Goddess? Divine punishment?” Scarface touched the scars on his face as if he’d just heard the best joke in the world, “Hahahahahaha!”

“If the Goddess or divine punishment was truly real, I think I would have experienced it already. However… I haven’t… I haven’t even experienced it once… The Goddess’ Grace, Divine Punishment, or whatever, all of that is just nonsense!! I never believed in any of that stuff! Therefore…” Scarface’s expression suddenly turned fierce, “Whoever the hell dares to talk about those nonsensical things to me, I will kill him!”

As soon he said those words, the man in black who was fighting with the uncle suddenly dropped his sword to meet the uncle’s fist.
The uncle was taken aback and subconsciously pulled his punches. The man in black took the opportunity to latch onto the uncle and directly bar the uncle’s actions.


Another man in black slashed at the uncle from behind.

Uncle unleashed his Battle-qi in an attempt to break free, but the man who latched onto him matched him with Battle-qi of the same level. How could he struggle free? The uncle had to use his Battle-qi to form a pale red aura defense around his body.

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It’s perfectly feasible for an intermediate rank warrior’s body to be strong enough to defend against a lower level warrior’s full power and receive few, if any, injuries.

However, just before the sword was less than a foot away from the uncle, the Qi of the man in black who was holding the uncle suddenly weakened, and the Qi of the man in black behind him suddenly rose sharply.

Damn!” The uncle roared and pushed the man holding onto him away, but it was already too late to dodge the sword, his only option was to sidestep it to prevent any fatal wound.

“Pfff.” The big sword smashed through the defense of the reddish aura and carved a bright red flower of blood directly on the uncle’s shoulder.

The uncle rolled away on the ground, half-squatting and covering his shoulder. He glared at Scarface and shouted, “Despicable!”
“Despicable? That’s the best compliment for me.” Scarface’s disgusting smile returned to his lips.

Then he re-stated his orders to the men in black, “kill him, I don’t want to spend any more time on him than I already have.”

The men in black slowly moved closer to the uncle.
Damnit, they’re really going to kill him.

I calculated the distance between myself and the uncle, and found that it would be difficult for me to get there in time even if I used all my strength. At this point, I can only hope that the uncle can hold on for a few more seconds even if he gets injured in the process.

Just as I was going to rush out, someone I had long forgotten about suddenly spoke up, “Wait a minute!”
Carol suddenly ran to the middle of the men in black, held her hands out wide to protect the uncle and said, “Wait a minute.”

“Huh?” Scarface was just as surprised as he learned of the new entry, “There was another woman? You stand aside, don’t get in my way.”
Scarface motioned one of the men in black to move out from in front of him, “I didn’t expect to catch a woman here … I have to see how she looks, if she looks good, then tonight’s quota will be…”

The man in black gave way, exposing Carol’s scarlet silhouette.
Scarface trembled, his eyes almost bulged out of his eyes, then he pulled sharply to draw his sword and shouted at Carol, “what’s a devil doing here assaulting others in broad daylight!”

Carol realized that he was calling her a devil and stomped her foot angrily. She pointed at scarface’s nose and shouted, “You are the devil! Your whole family is devil! This lady…”
Carol stopped abruptly, cutting off her rant midway, and then tugged her sleeve up to half-cover her face and said coyly, “this young lady is so naturally beautiful, how could I be a devil? Why would a handsome mister like you insult this young lady?”

“Yuck…” Even Scarface retched.
“I wonder if milord will allow this young lady to have a word.”

“No!” Scarface’s eyes opened wide and he spoke, “This girl is making me sick, cut her to pieces too!”
“Don’t just chop her up, make sure to turn her into a meat paste! Damn, how disgusting.”


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