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Chapter 2-20: Real Villains Never act Good

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1870 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1155 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Lil Red Imp, Deximus_Maximus

That man was wearing an ordinary warrior outfit, he had a large sword slung across his waist, his fingers lightly flicking the handle of the blade to produce tinkling sounds.

A very long scar stretched from left to the right side of his face, making the ugly face look even fiercer. As though he detested the whole world, I could feel a strong aura of malice around him even while he was just standing there.

Scarface, he was the man who drove the slave carriage on the street at noon and almost hit me.
He’s here now, which means… if he’s the one sent by the auction house to catch slaves, then… who is the uncle?

“Tell me… where are the organizers, otherwise… you may not be able to go back alive today.”
Scarface said with a calm smile, but the expression looked a little grim.

The uncle sneered, “dream on.”
Scarface frowned slightly, “Aren’t you afraid of death?”

“Afraid of death? Do you think I would still be confronting you if I am afraid of death? After my sister was taken away by you ten years ago, my life has no meaning except revenge.”

“Your sister? Oh ~ I was wondering why you intrude in our work. It turns out that your sister was also sold as a slave. Too bad I don’t remember who your sister was sold to, otherwise, I might even tell you out of kindness. How about we take you too, haha… after all, we need a lot of slaves every day.” Scarface inclined his head and pretended to think about it for a while, but his tone was indifferent.

“I advise you not to think about your sister anymore, the slaves that are sold generally have bad ends.”
“Moreover,” Scarface said with a cheerful laugh, “Slaves ten years ago should have signed a Spirit Contract, what can you do even if you manage to find her.”

“You!” The uncle widened his eyes with rage, and veins bulged violently on his forehead, but he forcibly resisted the anger, “What the hell do you want out of all this?”
“What do I want? Didn’t I just say…” Scarface stared at the uncle with sharp eyes, “where are the organizers and what they’re planning?”

“Like I said…” Uncle said, “Dream on! As long as I have a breath, I will save all the innocent girls who would fall into your trap! I won’t give you information about that organization.”
“Then there is no other choice. I wanted to have a nice talk with you, but now it seems that we don’t have any common ground.” Scarface shrugged with regret, “Kill him.”

As the men in black who surrounded the Uncle and Carol began to rush forward, the uncle also assumed a fighting stance. However, in terms of battle aura, the uncle was only slightly stronger than those in black, and was definitely weaker than Scarface.
He had no chance of winning.

What should I do? If I act, then I’m afraid that Carol’s plan will go down the drain, but if I don’t, Carol may just be captured and the plan will go on, but the uncle will be killed.

Abandon one person to save more… or save the one person in front of me…
This is basically the same as the trolley problem.
But you have to make a choice even from that nonsense question.
For me, the answer to this question is…

Of course, it is to save the people in front of me. I am not a hero, I don’t have it in me to save so many people.

With that decided, I move to deactivate the concealment scroll, but suddenly the uncle Speaks with confidence, “Do you still think I’m the same person who was chased away by your weak henchmen in the past?”

The uncle shouted loudly, and his body suddenly burst with a force that was far greater than the black-clothed men around him.
Was the uncle hiding his power level?

I pulled back the foot that I had extended earlier, and returned to squatting on the branch again. I held my breath while carefully observing the situations.

“Oh? Have you advanced to the intermediate level of warriors?” Seeing the uncle’s power suddenly erupt, Scarface showed no sign of confusion and continued to lightly tap his sword handle.
“Not bad, it looks like you weren’t just running from us these past years, however, the men under my command are not so simple.”

Just as he said that, some of the men took positions around the uncle. There was no connection between them, but the force in their bodies seemed to be combined in a way that didn’t lose to the Uncle’s in power.
“Combo Formation?” Uncle called out in surprise.

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“That’s right, it’s the Combo Formation.” Scarface set his attention on the uncle, unexpectedly spending time to explain what was happening to him.

“The guards at our auction house are all orphans raised from an early age. Those orphans don’t have too much talent, so most of them can only reach the rank of a low-level warrior. However… they trained from childhood to have a certain method to unite the Battle-Qi of several people together into an inseparable whole, which allows them to freely transfer the energy to any one of them, allowing them to use power far beyond themselves.”

“That is to say, before you bring down everyone, you will be facing the combined assault of several people. The only downside is that this method is quite harmful to the human body. Almost everyone who becomes the focus of the technique dies by the age of twenty. Hahaha … what am I talking about, do I still pity them?” Scarface laughed like a madman while moving a hand to touch his scar, “We can get as many orphans as we want anyway.”

To use people as tools and then throw them away after use as a matter of course, it’s inhuman.

“You …” Uncle glared back at Scarface with red eyes, “You vile beast!!! How can you treat those pitiful children like this?!”

Then the uncle turned to the men in black, “Don’t be afraid, children. Put down your swords and come with this uncle. You can be free from the control of these animals.”
As he spoke, he reached a trembling hand out to touch the face of one of the men in black.

Scarface seemed to have seen something incredibly strange, “Hahaha, from the reactions of the many self-righteous people who have heard my explanation, you are the first person to even ask them to drop their weapons.”
“However… you’ll probably be disappointed to hear… they can’t respond to you… b-e-c-a-u-s-e~ their tongues have been cut out.”

Just as Scarface said that, one of the men in black lashed out at the uncle with his sword.


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