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Chapter 21 – I am Supposed to be the Main Character (Part 2)

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Author: We Ain’t Not Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2000 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1261 words

I looked at the blood essence in front of me, then I showed disdain toward the innocent-looking eyes of the great ancestor. Did he think I would be fooled again after being scammed twice?

Hahaha, too naive, did you think I was that kind of trashy light novel protagonists who would gamble with my luck whenever I run into an opportunity? I wouldn’t even spare a glance at those kinds of trashy protagonists who always relied on plot armor to do whatever they pleased. Just who was I? A great ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— in my previous life, now the princess of the dragons! Though that may be the case, I had never fallen off a cliff, nor had I ever been pushed for a marriage interview, and I even doubted my status as the protagonist three minutes ago.

But there’s a proverb that says: A minor character who didn’t want to be a protagonist is just a small fry. Even if I am merely a minor character in the first thirty chapters of the series, I still need to make a choice that a protagonist would choose!

And that’s…

“How do you use this thing?” Cough cough, don’t look at a young girl with that kind of expression will ya? This little girl can feel shy too~

“Just swallow it.”

S- swallow it? What kind of joke is that? If it’s just normal blood, fine, but this drop of blood clearly has some foreign substance in it! Just look… doesn’t that black spot look like a little insect squirming incessantly? So scary… Even if I had eaten the most revolting food in my previous world, I still felt disgusted at this drop of blood.

“Isn’t there a less disgusting method? Other people can fuse with the blood essence with just a touch, but why do I need to swallow it?”

“With a touch? Thou are saying to conduct the fusion by directly passing the blood into thee system? That method will show the desired effect very quickly, but are thou not concerned about the compatibility of our blood type?” The great ancestor showed a somewhat puzzled face.

I beg you to stop flaunting your biology knowledge! I already know you are multi-talented and even got a doctorate degree. How can my grade three elementary school standard be compared to yours? Just call me ignorant and inexperienced alright? I will just swallow it okay?

In order to stop the great ancestor from using scientific knowledge to brainwash me, I suppressed my disgust and swallowed the blood essence with my eyes shut.

“Eh? It doesn’t seem like anything’s changed?” I patted my body here and there to check my current condition, but I found that nothing was happening?

Was that drop of blood really expired?

“Idiot,” the great ancestor once again confirmed my low IQ, “You are now in a spiritual body, for any physical changes to occur, you got to at least wait till you return to your body.”

“Is that so,” I almost forgot I was currently in a spiritual body… eh? Wait a moment, why was I able to swallow the blood essence with my spiritual body? No matter how you put it, wasn’t blood a physical substance?

However, the great ancestor didn’t give me a chance to ask any more questions. He lifted his huge head by twenty degrees to regain his dignity (show off), and said indifferently, “Now that you have received all my inheritance, it is time for you to leave. Remember, the dragon language is the foundation of the dragon’s magic. Even though we are born with an innate knowledge of dragon language, you still need to practice diligently. Otherwise, your magic firepower and accuracy would take a sharp drop.”

The golden light in the surroundings is getting stronger, I could feel my body being repelled by this space.

Excuse me, great ancestor, didn’t you forget something important? I didn’t come here to listen to you flaunting!

“Great ancestor… didn’t you… forget… to grant me… a true name?” Just moments before I was completely ejected from this space, I shouted towards the great ancestor.

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“,,,,,,” The surrounding gold light started to get dimmer, and the repelling force also gradually disappeared.

This old man has really forgotten?!

The great ancestor let out two dry coughs as he refocused on me. His golden pupils gave off intimidating lights.

“All things exist with a cause, whereas there are ends to every beginning. Since you have accepted my inheritance, then you must accept my fate. I am known as the Origin Dragon, Aterlieum Niger Gerald.

From henceforth, you shall accept my family name and restore my glory.

Your true name: Chaos Dragon — Artemis Niger Lilith.”1

With that last word from the great ancestor, the gold light gradually brightened up again. The repelling force also became stronger along with the growing intensity of the light. My consciousness became fuzzier over time, I couldn’t register anything the great ancestor said, all except for my true name that was engraved deeply in my mind.

Chaos Dragon… hehehe… that sounds so cool…


“Ooh!” I woke up with a start and found that I was still floating in the sky with one hand placed on the Dragon Monument. It seemed like I had been maintaining this posture all the while my spiritual body was sucked into the monument.

“!!! So hot!” All of a sudden, I could feel my heart setting ablaze.

Thump-thump thump-thump! In just a fraction of a second, my heart beats so much faster compared to when I was just born. The blood was flowing through my veins like a surging river.

Though it was faint, an old image surfaced in my vision.

Sitting on top of an ancient-looking throne was a huge golden dragon. The dragon slightly opened its eyes and looked straight at me. It felt as though it was gazing at me from a different cosmos through a multitude of dimensions.

“Thou… are the envoy of the end.”

Countless red characters appeared in thin air along with those words as they flowed into my brain.

At this time, the Dragon Monument suddenly shone brightly and brought my attention back from the image. Red characters moved about within the Dragon Monument and eventually stopped at the top-most position.

I wiped the sweat on my forehead and gradually returned my pulse to normal. It seemed like the great ancestor didn’t scam me this time. With so much power granted upon me by the blood essence, it must be the real deal.

It’s just that when I looked at the true name that was just engraved on the Dragon Monument…

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…Why can’t I recognize those characters?

Moreover, the characters that appeared in my brain were most certainly the same as those characters on the Dragon Monument. They ought to be the so-called dragon language… but why can’t I recognize those characters?

Didn’t he say dragons are born with an innate knowledge of dragon language?

My face suddenly paled and felt that I have indeed been scammed!

Not by the great ancestor, but by the two retarded goddesses! They gave me the ability to understand the language of this world, but they forgot to install the translation software!!

Without translation software, how am I supposed to learn dragon magic? Just randomly shouting Shalalala2?

I looked at the tadpole-sized characters with dry tears… could this be what they mean by the shortcoming of being illiterate?

As expected, I really am not main character materials… because there is no ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ way for the main character to be illiterate!!


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