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Chapter 15 – My Nether Region Should be Inviolable

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Author: We Ain’t Not Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2418 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1625 words

I wiped mother’s tear with a smile, and hinted her to release me. However, mother still had a stupefied expression at my sudden change of behavior.

I turned towards Akarin and Augustus Bastier, who were still in a frenzied fight, and bowed deeply.

Thank you for trying so hard to make me laugh.

They were originally still in a tangle, but separated immediately after they noticed me bowing at them. They looked at each other for a moment before asking in a panic, “What are you doing, princess?”

“You must not do that, how can you bow to us?”

“If you do that, our lifespan will be shortened.”

“W- was it really shocking enough for her to lose her mind and didn’t even know what she’s doing anymore?”

No, I shook my head with a smile. It was only natural for me to bow to the two of you, and everyone else at that matter…

I then turned towards the other dragons and gave them a deep bow.

Thank you for holding the birth festival for me. Although I must admit I got scared by many things, when I thought back to it now… I was indeed very happy.

Thank you for treating me as your family. I have only experienced this warmth for a brief period of time in my past life, it was you who made me remember this feeling…

It was you who made me realize, I, Kaoru, was no longer a lonely man.

After receiving my bow, all the dragons started to panic. There were even some who imitated me and returned the bow. It was a pity that I couldn’t speak at the moment, otherwise I would surely let them know how much this bow meant to me.

I turned back to face mother again. She was still the same as ever, wearing a bewildered expression, wondering why I did what I did.

I took two steps forward to get closer to mother. However, instead of bowing to her, I hugged her.

For the first time since I was born, I hugged her with all my emotions crammed into it.

Because that was the only way I could express my gratitude to her. This was the most effective way to return all of her affections.

My height only reached up to her breasts, that’s why it was unavoidable for my face to be buried in her bosom. However, I didn’t have those distracting thoughts as the first time I was hugged. Not only was it due to my current state of mind, it was also because this person… was my mother.

“Eh?” Mother let out a confused voice at the sudden hug.

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Mother is quite cute when she let out a sound like that.

I showed her a smile, my most beautiful, most sincere smile.

And finally, I looked at the Dragon Monument floating in the sky. I walked towards the monument with unwavering steps. Since I had already decided to become a member of this family, then I must first receive my identity card.

I want to engrave my true name on the monument.

I want to… wait a minute? It seems like I have forgotten that I cannot fly. The monument looks to be about five hundred meter above the ground, do I really have to jump up there?

I awkwardly returned to mother’s side and stared at her with my glittering eyes, “Nya~ nya nya?”

Can you give me a lift?

Mother had finally snapped out of her stupor and could guess what I was thinking.

“Pfff,” then mother started to laugh…

“Hahaha!” her laughter slowly increased in volume…

“Hahahahaha!” she laughed until she bent her back…

She held my hand and wiped the tears at the corner of her eyes, then she said, “You actually do not need to specially express your gratitude.”

Then she pointed at the stupefied dragons who were frozen stiff like bronze statues.

“With their IQ, they might even think you went crazy from the shock.”

How can that be? I conveyed my gratitude with so much sincerity, even if they may be more retarted, it should be impossible to relate that as a mental disorder.

The dragons looked like they just suddenly realized something as they heard mother’s words…

Seriously? …Mark my words, I will definitely pound these group of retards into shape once I become the queen!

“Of course I, Akarin, knew that the princess was bowing to express her gratitude to us…”

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“I… I knew that too, naturally.”

These two are so dead!

Mother slowly straightened her back. She gently patted my head and said lovingly, “Even if you do not specially express your gratitude, we will still do the same thing. That’s because we are the same race, we are a family, and there is no need for gratitude between family, isn’t that right?

“Right, of course! Just don’t forget to increase my rank in the future, princess.”

“And don’t forget to make us the imperial chefs!”

“You must come and listen to my poem again.”

“Princess, Akarin will always be your loyal dog.”1

That’s right, as I looked at the retarded dragons who tried to show off… I firmly believed that it was unnecessary to express my gratitude towards a family member.

“Alright, you may go and receive your true name now,” said mother lovingly, but it looked like she didn’t intend to help.

How am I supposed to get up there without your help? Are you really expecting me to jump?

“Oh, will you just look at me, I almost forgot to tell you. Even if you cannot transform, it is still possible to fly.”

Huh? What kind of joke was this? How can I fly without wings? Do you expect me to blast myself to the sky by farting? Pupupupu!2 That’s just… too inelegant.

“Just what are you thinking,” mother lightly knocked my head, “stop thinking of those weird things.”

How did you know I was thinking something weird, since when did you become a mind reader?

“Actually, dragons didn’t really rely on their wings to fly.”

Didn’t rely on wings? Then are they really flying by using farts? A group of mighty dragons flying in the sky while farting… Nupz, I wasn’t thinking anything strange!

Mother put down her fist and continued explaining, “Dragons, the reason why we are called dragons is because of our size. With such a huge body, using wings to fly is not only slow, it is also very strenuous. That’s why we are actually flying with our innate skills to control space.”

In other words, the cool-looking dragon wings are only used for the purpose of acting cool and nothing else? For such a powerful race, in order to act like a pretentious prick, they even went as far as growing a pair of wings…

“My good daughter, I noticed that whenever you are thinking of something bad, your eyes would roll around randomly.”

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R- really? I unconsciously touched my eye and found that mother was looking at me with a smile that’s not really a smile.

Not good, I’ve been fooled!

“Hah! Who told you to think of weird things,” mother reprimanded me as she knocked my head.

O- ouch, that hurts…

Seeing that I was suffering in pain, mother also felt heartache as she patted my head. Then she said, “Dragons have innate skills to control space, that’s why even if you do not have wings, you can still fly.”

Mother pushed my back and urged me, “Give it a try. Relax your body and imagine yourself in the ocean. Imagine yourself floating up in the seawater.”

I closed my eyes and did exactly as mother said.

Floating up in the seawater…

Floating up…

When I was completely immersed in my imagination, I found that my body was really enveloped by some kind of liquid, and my body was pushed up by the buoyancy.

“S- so incredible… she succeeded in her first try. As expected of the princess!”

When I heard that, I opened my eyes. I found that I was really floating in the sky. Slow it may be, but I was making steady progress.

I was actually very excited at this moment, even as the ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— in my previous life, that was only to the extent of an ordinary person. I had never experienced supernatural things like flying.

Mother also looked at me with a smile on her face. She indicated me to continue ascending.

I restrained the excitement in my heart. After all, the most important task now was to get the recognition of the Dragon Monument and receive my true name.

“Hold on,” Mother suddenly grabbed me with an extremely serious tone. Enormous magic power began to circulate in her body.

W- what the… is she… don’t tell me she’s really going to get rid of me after all?

“Absolute Territory,” mother pointed below me and a huge magic circle was formed instantly. The magic circle slowly rose with a rotating motion.

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Is she really going to exterminate me? However, Absolute Territory doesn’t sound like a harmful magic.

The magic circle was rising slowly, it passed through my legs, my hips, and eventually stopped at my nether region. After that, the magic circle shrunk and disappeared.

“Heh-heh,” mother sneered, “How can I let others look at my beloved daughter’s panties! This Absolute Territory is a demigod level magic I spent ten years to develop. As long as this magic is active, unless they are stronger than me, they will never be able to see anything under my daughter’s skirt clearly! Hahaha! I am really a genius! Of course, my daughter’s panties can only be seen by me.”

You are honestly such a pervert!


  1. Yeah… that’s the only thing you ever said Akarin
  2. A mocking laughter.

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