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Chapter 14 – My Tender-Hearted Clansman

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Author: We Ain’t Not Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1627 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1102 words

That’s right, I was different.

I was not even a dragon. I was originally a man. I was brought here by two retarded goddesses. Even if they said these to humor me, weren’t they actually thinking something else entirely?

I had been deceiving you guys all along.


“Might I remind you that I am the boss here?” mother interrupted.

The originally noisy crowd suddenly stopped talking and carefully observed mother as they waited for the next development.

However, mother didn’t continue to admonish them and pulled me into her embrace instead. She hugged me tightly and said, “You will be the boss in the future when mommy retires. However, right now, you are still too young…”

My face was buried in her breasts, but I didn’t have the mood to indulge in the soft feeling. My mind was as chaotic as rice and wheat scattered messily on the ground.

I am different from you guys, I can’t even transform into a dragon, can I still rule over the dragons like this?

“It’s all my fault,” mother suddenly said with a sobbing tone, “It’s all because mommy is too incompetent, that’s why you couldn’t hatch even after such a long time. Mommy knew from the beginning that you already have Level 9 Magic Power upon birth. Dragons normally hatch when they reach Level 6. It’s all because mommy is too useless. I’ve made you wait too long in the egg and caused your form to freeze.”

No, that’s wrong.

“It’s all mommy’s fault,” two clear teardrops trickled down from mother’s eyes.

No, it was clearly those two goddesses’ fault, why are you placing all the blame on yourself?

Why did you not reject me? It was the natural order for animals to reject a subspecies.

If you keep this up, it will make me want to cry as well.

“Oh my god, why is the princess crying?”

“D- don’t cry, it… it’s actually not a big deal not being able to transform!”

“T-that’s right, princess! I can let you ride on me whenever you want.”

“Ⓕⓤⓒⓚ off! The princess should ride on me instead, I am the fastest among my peers.”

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“Hehe, and that’s only among your peers. How can you act so arrogant when you are merely a Middle-Rank Saint.”

“As if you are not a Middle Rank yourself! Age is clearly catching up to you already and you are still a Middle Rank, aren’t you embarrassed at all?!”

“Hey, meat merchant, don’t take it too far! To tell you the truth, I can’t stand looking at you for a long time already.”

“You old coot, who are you calling a meat merchant, I am a sculptor!”

“You mother ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓔⓡ, which sculptor in their right mind would use meat to carve a sculpture? Did you know whoever you modeled looks like they have been ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ skinned?! The last time you did that, the kids at old Kat’s house cried!”1

“Can you blame me for his kids’ cowardice? Why don’t you speak for yourself, you old coot! Always pretending to be a loyal dog in front of her majesty, but who didn’t know that you, Akarin, is the most despicable and treacherous dragon among us all?! That time, if you didn’t cheat in the competition, there’s no way I would lose to you! The prime minister position should have rightfully be mine!”

“How can you blame me for your own lack of skills?”

“Lack of skills? How about we have a bout right now?”

“Very well, whoever wins will be the next prime minister!”

“And also the position to become the princess’ mount!”

Finishing his words, the sculptor reverted his transformation and rushed at Akarin.

Akarin was not holding back either. His eyes shone a golden hue as he wrestles with the sculptor.

Those two mighty dragons looked like children fighting as they grabbed each other and bit with their teeth. Their prestige as dragons was nowhere to be seen.

But didn’t I already know they didn’t have any prestige as dragons? Not only prestige, but even their IQ and dignity were also lacking…

They were just a group of idiots.

And I’m also an idiot, why am I comparing them to the dregs of society? Even if they are idiots, they are still genuinely powerful beings.

“Eat my claws!”

“I’m blocking that! Hmph, I have already understood your attack patterns you old coot. Now die! Taste my Black Dragon Assault!”

“I’m also blocking that! Haha, do you think you are the only one improving? I can live till today after duping so many people is not all because of luck! Take my Divine Dragon Tail attack!”

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“I dodge…”

“I block…”

“I jump…”

“Taste my Phantom Jab!”

“Eat my Finger Offensive!”2

Maybe… it’s because they are grand idiots after all…

Why, as a dragon, are they not using magic to fight…

Why, as a dragon, are their fighting style so unsightly…

Why are they fighting in the first place…

Why does my heart feel so warm…

Why does my chest feel so warm to be a part of them…

“Pfff~” It felt so warm that I laughed involuntarily.

“Oooh! The princess is smiling again.”

“W- what? Could it be that the shock was too great?!”

“G- go find a psychological doctor, quickly!”

“But we do not have a psychological doctor. In fact, we don’t even have a doctor!”

“What?! We have a chef and a loyal dog, but not even a doctor?!”

“Are you looking down on culinary arts?!”

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“Who are you calling loyal dog?!”

Who says I’m laughing due to shock, it’s only…

I stretched my hand towards mother, who only stared blankly due to my sudden laughter, and wiped her tears…

It’s only because I’ve become the same as all of you…

Author’s Note: At this point, the reader might be confused as to why the dragons are making such a big deal out of a mere dragon transformation technique. However, to the dragons, that was their original form. They only transformed into human body due to its convenience. Being unable to dragonize means that they have lost their original body. That’s why the queen thought it was her fault and blamed herself. And also why the other dragons were trying so hard to make the protagonist smile.

As for the protagonist, he’s actually a very self-conscious person. He’s only using Eight-Grader Syndrome to cover up his inferiority complex. This has to do with his experience in previous life.

As for what those experience entail… I will write them when the real adventure begins, please look forward to it.


  1. …okay, color me surprised. This dragon actually has common sense!
  2. Oh god… these skill names are as hard to translate as the character names in this series… Wait, are they even skill names to begin with? Sounds like they’re just trying to poke each other’s eyes. Anyway, the fighting scene doesn’t look promising if this is how it’s going to be in the future. I’m guessing this novel is more on the comedic side than the action type.

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