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Chapter 16 – My Arrogant Ancestor

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Author: We Ain’t Not Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1703 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1160 words

In order to prevent her daughter’s panties from being seen by others, she spent ten years to develop a demigod level magic. Having a mother like that was kind of touching.

But of course, that was only if she didn’t add a perverted line like, “only mommy can see her daughter’s panties.”

I felt restless to have a demigod level magic cast on my nether region, but if I thought about it again, didn’t I already have a god-level law imparted on my body? It was that stupid law created by the retarded goddess to prevent me from ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— and ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—.

Once I thought about that, a demigod level magic felt subpar. Besides, as a cute little girl such as myself, wearing a skirt and exposing myself was my greatest concern.

However, I was very curious about the effect of the magic. Would my bottom remain faintly discernible even if I take off my skirt?

As such, I checked out the reaction down there as I kept going up.

The eyes of numerous dragons were chasing my figure. After I rose to a certain altitude, they would definitely be able to see my panties. Could it be that my bottom couldn’t be seen from underneath as well?

I am so very curious.

“What is that? I feel like I have seen something I should not.” (Weird face)

“Aaah! H- holy light? Why are there holy light under the princess’ skirt?! My eyeeees!!” (Rolling on the ground while covering the eyes)

“Eww~ What is that, so disgusting…” (Nauseous face)

“Eeek! S- so scary! Mommy, I wanna go home!” (Horrified face)

“Hehehe, my daughter’s red and blue striped panties~ I personally chose that myself,” (Drooling face)1

Oi oi, just what did you guys see under my skirt?! Didn’t you say it was faintly discernible and absolutely couldn’t be seen? That reaction was just like everyone had just been to a freak show! And mother, if you told everyone the colors of my panties, then what’s the point of this magic in the first place?!

I facepalmed and pretended that I didn’t know these group of fools. Then I increased my speed and flew towards the Dragon Monument.

The Dragon Monument reached up to the height of a hundred meters. It assumed the shape of an upright cuboid. It was merely floating there, but it gave off a godly aura that made me unable to act disrespectfully. The closer I got to the monument, the more potent this pressure became. Red characters the size of tadpoles constantly moved about on the surface of the gold-colored monument. Those must be the true names engraved by all the dragons these past nine million years.

As I stopped a little distance away from the Dragon Monument, a foreign yet extremely familiar aura abruptly burst out from the monument. It felt as though I had once come into contact with it countless years ago. It gave me a faint but indescribable nostalgia.

“Thou hast come,” An atavistic voice suddenly rang in my mind. The voice was so distinct that it couldn’t even be misunderstood as a hallucination.

But who was it?

I reflexively looked around to find the source of that voice, but other than the dumbfounded dragons and mother looking at my actions doubtfully, there was nobody else.

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What’s more, the voice was transmitted directly to my mind without mother noticing, so he must at least be a demigod as well. But didn’t they say there were only three demigods in this world?

One of them didn’t care about worldly affairs, the other one was going after the neck of his future son-in-law (maybe), and the last one was here, so it couldn’t be her.

Don’t tell me… I looked towards the Dragon Monument, …it spoke? But mother never told me the Dragon Monument could speak. Is it because this thing has existed for too long and gained sentience as a result?

That’s highly possible, when I was still the ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— in my past life, I had once possessed twenty-three antique books… and according to those books…

Even an almond seed touched by celestial being could gain sentience, so it was very possible for this monument that had existed for nine million years to…

So nervous… What should I say at a time like this? If I said something wrong, will it deliberately make things difficult for me?

“Put yer hands on the Dragon Monument, and thou shall obtain everything.”

Hey, what’s with this cliché development? It looked like the trope where Big BOSS tricks a weak-minded, upright character into becoming a henchman under the guise of gaining experience. Aren’t I supposed to be the main character here?

But for better or worse, this is the Dragon Monument, it wouldn’t scam me right? I am a pure-blooded dragon y’know? And the princess of dragons at that. If you scam me… I will really cry you know?

I placed my trembling hand on the Dragon Monument.

What? I am terrified you said? Who do you think I am? I am a ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— in my past life, and the dragon princess in this life, the future dragon sovereign! How can someone as awesome as me be terrified? This is a strategy you know? A strategy to show your enemy your weakness, do you understand? Make the enemy less cautious… and then… wait what?

A powerful force pulled my body, I could feel my consciousness being dragged into the Dragon Monument.



W- where is this? Did I die again?

After opening my eyes, I found myself in a golden, boundless space. There was no end in sight…

Wha… what the hell? I have only just accepted my identity as a dragon and then I died again? W- what kind of joke is this? That’s right, this must be a joke played by those two retarded goddesses! They must be hiding somewhere while laughing at me right?

Come out, you scoundrels! I have already seen through your plot! Come out quickly! If you guys want to put up an act, then do it properly! This place doesn’t even look the same as the void between worlds! Come out, come out, wherever you are!

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“I…” That voice came out of nowhere and scared the ⓢⓗⓘⓣ outta me.

“…am born from nothingness and wandered through all worlds.”

“My wings covered the sky, my eyes see all.”

“My godly powers mighty as the sun, engulfing Heaven and Earth.”

“There is no limit to my power, even those arrogant enough to call themselves God had to bend their head to my will…”

“My true name is: Origin Dragon— Aterlieum Niger Gerald.”

S- so this is my ancestor, the Origin Dragon? Don’t scare me like that, I thought I’ve died again.

But that was such a flashy act, no wonder he’s my ancestor. He hadn’t shown himself and there was already background music.

However, why does that tone of speech sound so familiar?


  1. ok, this word is actually censored so I actually have no idea what face she’s making. This is just my closest guess.

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