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Chapter 87 – The Demon Lords high above

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Author: Resn Original Source: Kakuyomu
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

The day of the event arrived, and Crim stood atop Wyndham’s Central Tower.

“So Lycoris, you’ve decided to go participate in the raid battle after all?”
“Yes, I have. It was a hard decision to make, but then Papa said he’ll record everything from up here, so I can go support Mama.”
“I see, good luck then!”
“Thank you so much!”

Saying that, Lycoris turned around and jumped off the tower, using a wire to slow down her fall. Crim watched her go down, then took a deep breath and went to sit at the chair prepared for her.

“Well, I’m glad to see we all made it up here…” After looking around, she pressed her temples like she was repressing a headache. “Why’s this happening? When did this become a costume party?”

“I mean, management told us to act in the most suspicious way possible, so we’re just following their indications.”
“At least I feel like we look good though. I almost want to praise myself.”
“Yes, those were certainly their words. But how did you interpret that as meaning to dress up like that!!!”

Crim could not contain herself and roared angrily hearing the responses from Sorleon and Shao. The rest of the guild members just watched from a distance, feeling pity for her.

Sorleon was wearing a white suit, a black shirt underneath, and his long silver hair was tied up behind his head. That alone did not look very strange, but the attire of those behind him were the issue. Everyone from his guild were wearing clean black suits, which looked expensive and custom made, as well as black sunglasses.

“Especially Cheval and Lueger… Thou resemble naught but a pair of ruffians accompanying a gangster!”
“I mean… that’s kind of my actual role, believe it or not.”

That unexpected response from Cheval made Crim question what they did in real life. Meanwhile, Lueger looked somewhat downcast, disappointed that he looked so threatening.

Next to them was Reinhard, who was really getting into the role, squatting and stretching his shoulders in a menacing way. His youthful features made him seem less threatening than one would expect, but he certainly did not look like a righteous person by any means.

Ernesta was also wearing a black suit like the rest, standing like a female bodyguard. She was glaring at Crim, but she also seemed slightly afraid of her, so Crim awkwardly averted her gaze.

“Ahahah, you Nord guys just look like a bunch of members of the Italian mafia.”
“ “Shut up you Chinese triad!” ”
“Aw man… Take a chill pill or something.”

Everyone shouted at Shao, starting with Crim and Sorleon, so he had no choice but to shrug and step back. But he had little reason to complain, as that was the look he had been aiming for. Wearing a chinese tunic and sunglasses with small circular lenses.

Behind him was his younger sister Mei, wearing a qipao, and further back were the rest of his guild, all wearing closed-style attire in a similar manner, so he really had no excuse.

Meanwhile, Crim realized she was standing atop a tower, surrounded by two groups dressed like the Italian and Chinese mafia glaring at each other, making her shake her head as she thought, “Fantasy is dead, and we killed it.”

“Unbelievable… I have no doubt this isn’t what they meant, and it might even be causing them headaches at this very moment.” Crim continued grumbling about it, but her words seemed to trigger something within Sorleon and Shao, who stared at her while narrowing their eyes.

“Actually, there’s something about you that I just can’t get out of my mind.”
“What a coincidence, I also have something to tell her.”
“Wh-what is it with you two..?”

Having both of them look at her that way started to worry Crim, who gulped loudly and waited to hear what they had to say.

“You’re in no position to talk!”
“Who gave you the right to berate us!”
“Leave me alone!!”

With both of them firing back, Crim instinctively shouted at them.

But both of them had a point. Crim was currently wearing a long goth lolita dress, mainly black in color. There were many layers of frills stacked on top of each other around her skirt, nearly touching the floor beneath her.

The dress had no sleeves, so the white skin of her shoulders and upper arms was exposed, contrasting heavily with the black dress, and her lower arms were covered by netted long fingerless gloves.

Her appearance was elegant in the extreme, accentuating her natural charms and really making her look like a living doll.

“Our artisan worked for three days straight to craft it!”
“I…I’ve had enough!”

Freya joined the conversation, briefly mentioning how much work had gone into making the dress for Crim. She was currently letting some black tea steep in the teapot arranged for them there, and she was wearing a traditional maid outfit, identical to Adonis’.

“Also, our outfits were approved by a maid and butler that served actual royalty.”
“Both of you, that’s enough already!!”

Frey also spoke with a smug face, fixing his glasses and making light reflect off them. He was wearing a butler uniform similar to Elohim’s. The twins had prepared the tea for everyone who would watch the event from atop the tower.

Their main duties had been completed, so both of them went to stand behind Crim, like they were the dedicated servants of a princess. Meanwhile, she just scowled and looked annoyed, not wanting to get up from her chair again since her long dress made it difficult to walk.

“And here I was, wondering why both of you were spending so much time with the Shabbat twins…”

They had actually been dedicated to learning proper manners from Elohim and Adonis, so Crim could not really blame them either.

“Anyway, to be honest, I feel like out of everyone here, you’re the one who looks the most out of place.”
“Yeah, you look like the actual evil mastermind behind our two mafia groups.”
“Why did it have to end like this?!!”

Crim let out a shout of despair, realizing she was now being seen as the boss of the weirdos gathered around her, and her afflicted voice spread out far and mixed in with the excited voices of players looking forward to the event, which was just about to start.

Character Name: Lycoris
Species: Norma Machina
Guild: Lua Cheia

Base Stats:

HP: 1250
MP: 770
Vitality (VIT): 50/100 (0)
Mind (MND): 80/100 (-10)
Strength (STR): 50/100 (+10)
Magic (MAG): 80/100 (+10)
Magic Enhance: 80/100

Owned Skills:

Mastery Skills:

One-Handed Weapon Mastery 30/100
Gun Mastery 100/100
Rifle Mastery 100/100 (*)
Armor Mastery 51/100

Weapon/Magic Skills:

Dagger 30/100
Magius Gun 100/100
Support Unit 60/100 (*)
Mechanismus (Magius + Technologie) 65/100

Crafting Skills:

Refining 30/100
Appraise 30/100

Common Skills:

Fall Resistance 80/100
Meditation 50/100
Dash 50/100
Health Regeneration 20/100
Scout (Sneak + Observing) 80/100

Support Skills:

Electronic Eyes 100/100
Accelerated Thought 50/100
Controlled Breath 20/100
Farsight 50/100

Point Total: 1156/1200
Crafting: 60/60

Extra Traits:

  • Technologie
  • Mechanical Body
  • X: Physical Damage dealt decreased by 20%, all types of magic are impossible to be learned

EX Drive:

…raph …ü…el (Not yet fully disclosed)

Equipment Effects:

  • [Sandalphon Ring] – Malkuth’s Light: Chance to deal additional damage when attacking.


  • [Rifle Mastery] (combined Mastery Skill) Learning Conditions: Reaching SLv100 with Gun Mastery. Effect: Rifle type weapons deal additional damage when wielded.
  • [Support Unit] Learning Conditions: Any long range attack Skill & reaching SLv100 with Magius. Effect: Allows the deployment of a floating device that fires simultaneously as the main body.


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