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Chapter 35 – Preliminary Guild Rank Placement Match (3-2)

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Author: Resn Original Source: Kakuyomu
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

He had been ready to flee the scene, so he had stepped quite far away from most of the others, but that acted against him as it left him isolated against Hinagiku, and he could only stretch his hand out to his companions trying to get help.

But as soon as Hinagiku’s feet landed, she sliced horizontally adding an horizontal cut to the healer’s body, which finally took away the last bit of HP he still had, his body shattering into light.

“Wait, Hinagiku! When have I ever taught thee to act like a blood-lusty monster?!”

Seeing Hinagiku mention she was following her Master’s teachings, Crim tried to argue, but contrary to that claim, Crim had also finished off the green clothed guild’s priest, so she really was in no position to question Hinagiku.

We’re all going to die.

The enemies hesitated to fight back in fear of striking their allies by accident, but before they realized half their members had been killed by just two opponents, making them understand that was their fate.

As embarrassing as knowing two girls had defeated them, the two enemy guilds had no way of reconsidering their strategy, and things could only go downhill from there.

Everyone in the enemy guilds was getting panicked, and some of them began making rash decisions.

“Stop that idiot, you’ll get all of us caught in that!!”

One of the blue clothed magicians could no longer bear with the stress and pressure, and began to cast a spell in desperation, while one of his allies tried to stop him. The spell in question was Lightning Sword, obtained with 70 points in Destruction Magic.

It was a large area of effect spell with immense power and throughput.

Usually it was only used at the start of fights, when there was still a large distance between allies and enemies, as it was a very dangerous spell that could easily harm allies.

“Get away from meeee!! Lightning Sword!!”
“You oaf… Everyone, get down-”

The leader of the guild with blue clothes shouted loudly, but was unable to get any more words out. There was a bright flash of light, which reached Crim and Hinagiku…and nothing more happened.

Crim was already deep within the blue guild’s formation, so she quickly rushed to the magician about to use that spell and pushed his hands to aim at the sky, while also slicing his throat.

Crim’s petite left hand, the one she used to push the young man’s arms up as he unleashed that powerful spell, was charred black.

“I suggest thou give up, young man. Or dost thou desire to be expelled from thy guild?”

Just grazing that spell had shaved away 30% of Crim’s HP. The pain on her hand and the portion of her HP bar blinking red made Crim frown, but she still tried to reason with the magician, whispering into his ear.

Hearing that, the man with his neck impaled seemed to come to a sudden realization.


He understood what he had been about to do, and was moved to tears and overwhelmed with gratitude for the girl who broke into his guild’s lines, but still went to stop him and help him. And with a smile, he turned into Remain Light.

Then the entire battlefield fell silent.

Everyone understood what just happened. If Crim had not exposed herself to danger to stop the magician, then his spell would have spelt the doom of both guilds, blue and green.

“Master, your arm!!”
“Hahah, I guess I went a little crazy there…but it’s fine, Freya will fix it up in no time.”

Hinagiku rushed to Crim’s side seeing her scorched arm, but Crim laughed it off, using her good arm to pat her head.

“Alright…should we finish cleaning up then?”
“Why…did you…”

That had been an ideal opportunity to effortlessly get rid of two guilds, but Crim wasted it willingly, with a daring smile on her face. A War Beast man, the leader of the guild with blue clothes, was confused by that action.

“Well… I would much rather burn an arm before gaining the reputation of a guild wrecker. We may stand on opposite teams today, but I harbor no ill will against thee, and the aftertaste of such a victory is too bittersweet.”
“You have a point… If that spell hit all of us, I doubt we’d ever forgive him for making us lose through friendly fire.”

Hearing that, he looked conflicted for a bit, then exhaled loudly and lowered his weapons. The rest of the men around him did the same.

“Let’s give up, there’s no way we can win now. No complaints, right?”

The Guild Master wearing blue clothes said that, and everyone in his guild nodded.

“Alright then…I resign.

As the leader said those keywords, he and all his men vanished from the battlefield, and the counter of remaining guilds went down to 4 in Crim’s peripheral vision.

“Now…what do you two have to say?”

There were only two members from the other guild left, a dwarven male warrior, and a female elf archer.

“Our leader and supports are already gone, and I doubt we can still win with just the two of us…” Even though he declared they could not win, the dwarf’s eyes remained sharp, firmly holding onto his battleaxe.

His only remaining companion, the elf, also stood firmly with her face stern.

“But since you saved our life, it would be disrespectful to just step away. So the least we can do is to fight valiantly until the very end!”
“…Well said!”

Hearing their determination as they held onto their weapons left a strong impression on Crim, who shook with excitement while grinning and holding her dagger with her remaining arm.

“In that case, upon my name as Crim Lua Cheia, I shall consume thine lives ’till nothing remains! Show me what you can do!!” Announcing that in a loud voice, she began running toward the two.

Around ten minutes passed after that.

Crim’s guild continued snowballing after that initial momentum, tracking down the remaining two guilds in that block and defeating them in the blink of an eye, and so their guild Lua Cheia emerged victorious from the battle royale.

A recording of the event was also saved by the organizers, which would be used to eventually produce a highlight reel of the placement matches.

But at the time Crim had no idea that an uncut version was also being aired, including all the times she got carried away by her persona and began acting like a Demon Lord…


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