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Chapter 30 – A world set in motion

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Author: Resn Original Source: Kakuyomu
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

«The Area Master Registration System has been released»
«Live broadcasts can be created now»


“We finally…made it…”
“Master, you never told me this was so far…”
“Hahah, good job making it here though.”

They had just gotten out of Schwarzwald onto a low hill, a location that felt almost nostalgic to Crim. There she thanked the young Hinagiku and Lycoris for persevering with the trip.

“It’s still a bit hard to believe that you were playing solo all the way out here though.”
“The enemies are so strong too, they dealt so much damage that I could hardly keep up healing everyone.”

Frey looked dumbfounded, while Freya’s face was pale from exhaustion after having to constantly heal everyone. Then Crim turned around to face everyone.

“All of you, welcome to the Foggy Lakeside Town of Nebel!” She welcomed everyone with a bright smile.

Nearly a week had already passed since they formed their guild.

That morning the release of the Area Master Registration System was announced, which prompted various guilds to spread out throughout the world rapidly. The world map that had been a blank sheet of paper was quickly occupied at a staggering rate, as players claimed the different areas.

While that was happening, Crim and her guild Lua Cheia traversed through many different areas to reach the Foggy Lakeside Town of Nebel, without leaving a single member behind.

“So the house you got built is here?”
“Mhm, it should be complete by now…”

Saying that she looked down the hill, quickly finding the roof of the building.

Oh good, they’re done building it!

She was excited seeing the roof, and she really wanted to just run there to see the building from close up, but she repressed those desires and focused on guiding everyone.

“Are you sure about this? You worked alone to obtain this house, but now we’ll take over it as our guild house…”
“Of course. Living together in the same house sounds fun, doesn’t it?”

Frey and Freya looked a bit hesitant, but Crim grinned wide and dismissed their worries.

“I don’t know if you realize this, but grinning while looking like that can be dangerous.”
“Hm..? Frey, what are you saying?”
“Oh, I was just thinking for a bit. I guess it takes around three seconds for the effect to reach its peak.”
“Huh, what does that even-”

Crim tilted her head in confusion at Frey’s musings, but something else interrupted her.

“Crimmmmm, I’m looking forward to it too!!”
“Let’s cook or take baths together again like we used to years ago!!”
“Wait, no…that wouldn’t be…bhugh…”

Enticed by Crim’s happy appearance, Freya lunged at Crim, cuddling and hugging her tightly, only letting go when Crim began to take suffocation damage.

Phew… I thought I was going to die again.”
“Aww, I’m sowwy…”
“It’s fine. Anyway, let’s go to the house-”

Crim started walking again.

But then she noticed a small figure dashing uphill in their direction, and a different figure watching a distance away.

“Is that…”
“A girl? A friend of yours, Crim?”
“Yeah, she’s from that family I met in the town…”

While they talked, the girl was steadily getting closer. Seeing that she was not slowing down at all, Crim sighed in resignation and lowered her stance, bracing for the unavoidable encounter.

“Crim, you’re back!”
“Juna! It’s been a while, have you been alright?”

Juna jumped after her lengthy dash and Crim successfully caught her without falling over. After circling in place once to fully absorb all the momentum, Crim lowered Juna to the ground.

“Hey Crim… Welcome back, I guess.”
“Yes, I’m back, George. Is everything going well?”
“Yeah, dad said he wants to talk with you about something, and that you should go to the town mayor’s house. Though it’s nothing urgent, so you can take your time leaving your luggage at home.”
“I see, alright. I’ll go in a bit.”
“Okay, and…”

Then George glanced behind Crim, to the various members of the Lua Cheia guild. He looked mostly wary of the group of strangers, though he was also strangely attracted to Lycoris’ mechanical parts, something common for boys his age.

Lycoris noticed his gaze too, which made her shoulder twitch a little before hiding behind Hinagiku.

Yeah…I get that, her mechanical parts look so cool.

While Crim could relate with the boy’s fascination, she also realized it would bother Lycoris if it kept going, so she decided she had to step in.

“Okay George, you shouldn’t stare at girls like that.”
“Ah, I-I’m sorry… Are they the friends you said you were going to meet?”
“Yeah, you two try to get along with them as well, alright?”

Juna gave an instant and energetic “Okayyyy”, though George…
“Just be careful, if you try anything funny in this town I’ll kick you out!”

Like usual, he hid his true emotions, and everyone just grimaced a little at his response.

As they walked to Crim’s house, Juna was as extroverted as ever, hanging around Hinagiku and Lycoris who were close to her in age, bombarding them with questions about the world outside the town.

Everyone else watched that with happy smiles, and they quickly reached their destination.

“So this is it…my house.”

There was no trace left signaling this was once a lakeside ruin. All the materials used to build it had come from Schwarzwald, and the wooden walls had a particular dark red color.

Since the foundations remained from the ruins, which had been left there by a wealthy person, the building’s footprint was large enough to accommodate six people, not to mention it had two floors.

The stones outside had been cleared and the grass cut, leaving a vast garden as well, a corner of which had been tilled and plowed, ready to be cultivated.

This will be our home.

That thought made their hearts beat faster, so they stepped inside.

“Woah, this is incredible, the living room is so large!” Hinagiku’s amazed voice echoed into the room from behind Crim.

The living room also counted as the entranceway, with a tall ceiling that extended into the second floor, the stairs leading up there on a side, where an open corridor with bedroom doors oversaw the living room.

“Yeah, we can probably fit a pretty big table here so we can sit down and have meetings.”

Frey had a more analytical approach to his assessment of the room, while Crim, Freya, and Lycoris went to check the various doors. The first door led to what was likely the bathroom, with a bathtub made of wood.

“The bathroom is also so big…”
“Mhm…I feel like three people could easily fit in there at the same time.”
“Ah, Crim, should we take a bath together like we did in the past then?”
“I’m not doing that!!”

Crim quickly rejected the suggestion, her face completely red at Freya’s nonchalant attitude while saying something so outlandish.

Eventually their tour of the house was done. Then Crim headed to the mayor’s house, a place she was visiting for the first time since her arrival to that town around a month before.

There she encountered Ludger, who had a somewhat pensive look, and the aging mayor of Nebel, who also seemed to have something in his mind.

“Oh, you came. It’s great to see you again, Crim.”
“Hello, it’s been a while, Ludger, Mayor. So what is it you wanted to talk to me about?”
“Well, I think it’s best if the Mayor tells you himself.”

Saying that, Ludger directed the conversation onto the aging man.

“Crim… Have you heard the news about the regional disturbances that have sprouted again all over the world recently?”
“Umm, I guess you could say so…”
“Sometimes we get visiting merchants who also bring news from outside the forest, but recently they’ve all been distressing reports. If the embers of war are kindled again, it’ll only be a matter of time before remote locations like this town get caught up in it all as well.”
“I’m sure you’re aware of this already, but very few in this town know how to fight, or have been to war before.”

Crim nodded to Ludger’s comment.

While the terrain offered a form of natural fortress to the town, there was no proper outer wall or a regiment of well trained soldiers. If an attacker managed to reach the town, they would have no way of fighting back.

“Coupled with the incident not too long ago, I’ve decided we need to build up a force to defend the town.”
“Something like a self-defense organization?”
“Yes…and I want you to be their leader. I believe your guidance would be invaluable for such a group, though I’m fully aware you have no real reason to agree to this request, and I don’t mean to appear imposing.”

His face clouded over after he said that, showing his regret at having to ask such a thing from a girl who was not even from that town.

“We and the entire town could use your help… Could you do this for us?” Saying that, the mayor bowed deeply. Now it was time for Crim to give her answer.

“I understand, please raise your head.” Her voice was soft, and as the mayor raised his head, she nodded firmly. She barely needed to think about it.

This world would soon be overtaken by the fire of war, and she wanted to protect the peaceful lives of the people in that town. That desire had not wavered, instead rooting itself in Crim’s heart.

“I…and the guild Lua Cheia, will protect the lives of everyone in this town.” Crim replied with conviction, nodding again.

This game, Destiny Unchain Online, had started for earnest now.

«The area Foggy Lakeside Town of Nebel has been claimed by the guild Lua Cheia»

Character Name: Crim
Species: Noble Red
Guild: Lua Cheia

Base Stats:

HP: 2110
MP: 824
Vitality (VIT): 56/100 (+15)
Mind (MND): 58/100 (30)
Strength (STR): 64/100 (+35)
Magic (MAG): 70/100 (+50)

Owned Skills:

Mastery Skills Level
Single-Handed Weapon Mastery 40/100 (Growth interrupted)
Two-Handed Weapon Mastery 62/100
Armor Mastery 21/100 (Growth interrupted)

Weapon/Magic Skills:

Skill Level
Dagger 40/100 (Growth interrupted)
Two-Handed Axe 55/100 (Growth interrupted)
Katana 35/100
Scythe 70/100
Javelin 15/100
Claws 37/100
Fangs 12/100

Magic Skills:

Skill Level
Shadow Magic 72/100
Darkness Magic 62/100
Hemomancy 53/100

Crafting Skills:

Skill Level
Foraging 40/100 (Growth interrupted)
Lumbering 42/100 (Growth interrupted)

Common Skills:

Skill Level
Fall Resistance 48/100
Health Regeneration 40/100 (Growth interrupted)
Dash 65/100
Sneak 30/100 (Growth interrupted)
Observing 30/100 (Growth interrupted)
Reviving 12/100

Support Skills:

Skill Level
Magic Aptitude 40/100
Transformation 49/100

EX Drive:

■■■■■■■ (Not yet unlocked)

Point Total: 1158/1200

Extra Traits:

X: Weakness to Silver
X: Weakness to Bibles and Crosses
X: Weakness to Fire (Strong)
(Fire Resistance is set to -100, can only be raised with equipment.)
X: Weak to Light (Strong)
(Light Resistance is set to -100, can only be raised with equipment.)


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