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Chapter 23 – Making amends, and what came next

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Author: Resn Original Source: Kakuyomu
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

After the duel concluded, Crim went to check on the knight, who stared blankly like his soul had left him.

“Umm…are you alright?”
“…Ah, yeah, I’ve calmed down now… I actually feel like I should thank her for telling that to me so directly…”

He looked lost for a few minutes, but eventually he snapped out of it while Crim just watched awkwardly. At least the shock seemed to have worn off, so she knew he would be fine.

“I see… I have to say I’ve gained a little respect for you though, uhh…”
“Elmir, I’m the leader of the Silver Wings guild. And you are?”
“I’m Crim. I’ll make a guild with my friends eventually.”
“I see. Good luck with that, I’ll challenge you to a rematch when your guild is fully established then.”
“Mhm, I’ll be looking forward to that.”

They exchanged smiles and bumped their fists. The grudge between the two from before the fight had vanished, replaced by what seemed like respect for each other’s skills.

“I think we only won because your two mages are also beginners though. Those two have just started playing the game, right?”
“I see, so you noticed.”
“You fought us to give them some experience with PvP, right? They also mentioned you took good care of them earlier after all.”
“…So now it looks like I was just using you too. I’m really sorry.”

He apologized again, but Crim smiled to put him at ease, since that did not bother her.

“I’m sure you would’ve won if you picked members who had experience with duels like that though.”
“No, I think we would’ve still lost. Your combos with that mage were perfect, and…you still haven’t shown your true power, have you?”

Crim stiffened hearing that.

“…Why do you think that?”
“It’s nothing complicated. I just felt like your weapon was too weak compared to your ability. So, am I right?”
“Damn…I didn’t think you were observing me so closely.”

The fight had improved his image in Crim’s mind, but she still did not want to lower her guard too much knowing his past actions. So she was hesitant to straight up tell him what her power was.

“And so, are you or aren’t you stronger?”

As he asked again, Crim just placed her index finger to her lips and smiled mischievously.

“It’s a secret. I’ll tell you if you’re stronger the next time we fight.”

He just stared blankly at her hearing that, while Crim turned around and ran up to her friends.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting.”

Crim arrived at the plaza, where the twins were waiting.

“…Crim you flirt.”

Freya pouted in a bad mood, quickly throwing Crim’s thoughts into disarray. Not knowing what to do, she turned to Frey for salvation.

“Even as a girl you’re just as self conscious as always.”
“F-Frey? You too?”

Crim’s eyes desperately went from one to the other, unable to figure out what to do. After some time of that, first Frey, and then Freya blurted out in laughter.

“Pfft… Sister, do you really think she’ll get the hint with that?”
“Heheh, probably not. I’m sorry Crim, that was a little mean.”

Somehow she seemed to get in a good mood automatically, or maybe she had just been just teasing Crim a bit. Seeing that the twins were laughing, she exhaled loudly in relief though.

“Anyway, let’s get going then. There’s too many people here.”
“Right, let’s go back to Wyndham and search for an inn.”
“Mhmm, it’s gotten really late at night. Somehow it feels like we’re doing something bad eheh, my heart is beating so fast~”
“Ahahah, I know what you mean.”

It was around 2am already. The three of them had just finished middle school, so the only times they had ever stayed up that late was for New Year’s. Everyone agreed with Freya, so they went to the center of the plaza and stepped into the light of the teleporter. But right then…


Noticing something odd, Crim looked up.

“What’s wrong?”
“Oh…it’s nothing.”

Frey asked him with a curious voice, but Crim just laughed it away. In reality, however…

“Was someone…looking at me?”

She had clearly felt a strong gaze.


Crim looked up to observe the top floor of Valhalant. Someone was standing there, a young man who looked like he was just barely an adult. He had silver hair, with horns poking out through it, which looked like a dragon’s or a demon’s.

There were also two longswords fastened to the back of his black coat. His face could best be described as having delicate features. But in contrast to his youthful appearance, his face was filled with confidence which could almost be called daring.

“Heh… That girl is quite skilled.”

He visited that city from time to time to stock up on supplies. As he was there, a duel happened in the arena at the center of the city. He only took it as a passing distraction at first, but the snow white girl fighting caught his eye, and in the end he ended up leaning over while firmly holding the handrail as he watched attentively.

“Oh? What happened? Did you see anything interesting?”

Someone approached him from behind, a young boy with long blonde hair, the avatar of his childhood friend. He had left earlier saying he also had some things to buy, but it seemed like he was done now.

“Yeah, it’s the potato girl that has been mentioned all over the forums. She was fighting there.”
“Huh? No way, where is she?!”

The blonde boy quickly went to the rail as well, and his friend just chuckled awkwardly.

“Sadly you arrived just a little too late, she already left.”
“Come on…I really wanted to see her at least once…”
“Don’t be so sad now, I’m sure you’ll see her soon enough…as an enemy.”

It was a certain premonition. Something told him that sooner or rather, that girl would stand as his greatest rival.

“Was she really that strong? She actually managed to catch your eye?”
“Actually no… She’s way more cautious than I expected. She made sure to conceal the true extent of her power.”

But her movements were all smooth, showing she was quite accustomed to fighting. Especially her fighting style, it felt exactly the same as that of the swordsman he respected the most.

“But I’m going to win when that happens. I swear on my name of Sorleon, leader of the Northern Glacier guild.” He muttered into the air with a smirk as the girl vanished from the Transport Plaza, then he left himself, his long silver hair trailing behind him.


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