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Destiny Unchain Online Event Watchthread_35

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Author: Resn Original Source: Kakuyomu
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

TL Note: Takes place between ch. 93 and 94

0001: Nameless Adventurer
The main thread for the event is moving too fast so this is a secondary thread for those who can’t keep up. Try to keep any harsh criticism or unsavory comments to a minimum and be friendly with each other.
Whoever gets to post >>970 please create the next thread.


0175: Nameless Adventurer
It’s finally started.
Time for a magnificent speech from our Ditzy Lord!

0176: Nameless Adventurer

I think you meant to say it’s time for the Corrupted Dragon Fafnir to show up lol
I feel bad for the Demon Lords though, they’re all banned from the event

0177: Nameless Adventurer
Wooo she got a new dress!
She’s so cute

0178: Nameless Adventurer
Wait, are they setting up a tea kettle?
I bet their tea is so damn good though…

0179: Nameless Adventurer
Aww, she’s so adorable…
And I’m glad we get to see the elf chick in a maid uniform too.

0180: Nameless Adventurer
She looks like a doll… She looks frail and delicate when she’s not fighting…

0181: Nameless Adventurer
But then she’s surrounded by a bunch of mafia dudes lol
Sorleon and Shao look like the type of guys you’d never want to bump into

0182: Nameless Adventurer
She looks like a girl that has been adopted by both the oriental and european mafia and both sides care for her lol

0183: Nameless Adventurer
Heyyy, your mic is still live, we all heard you reading off the cue card!
She always keeps messing up when she’s in front of people or a camera… but that’s good

0184: Nameless Adventurer
She lost it lmao

0185: Nameless Adventurer
She just called out the organizers like that… though I get where she’s coming from lol

0186: Nameless Adventurer
Nevermind that, it’s starting!
Somehow I feel like things won’t go too smoothly though…


0505: Nameless Adventurer
Yeahh I knew it’d be useless. There’s hundreds of players there and they have plenty of noobs too, so an elaborate strategy was bound to fail.
…but how are they back together nowwww

0506: Nameless Adventurer
I mean, it’s impressive that they recovered from that. And it was just a handful of players keeping things going until then, right?

0507: Nameless Adventurer
Yup, it was three of them.
Two of them are from the Ditzy Lord’s guild, Hinagiku and Lycoris. I knew those two were impressive.

0508: Nameless Adventurer
Ig this is what they say about today’s children being a lot more adapted to virtual worlds. Some even call them a new br**d, and watching these girls almost makes me believe that

0509: Nameless Adventurer
But who’s the third guy?
I know there’s a pro gamer called Suzaku, but it can’t be him, can it?

0510: Nameless Adventurer
What’s up with his defenses though? His equipment looks really basic, but somehow he’s lasting through a bunch of attacks.
Maybe he’s cheating after all?

0511: Nameless Adventurer
It’s not very nice to accuse someone of cheating without proof.
The Demon Lords have uploaded a clip recreating the most suspicious moment, and after careful examination he seems legit.
(URL redacted)

0512: Nameless Adventurer
Wait what are they doing up there???
And I was wondering why the tower’s rooftop kept glowing lmao

0513: Nameless Adventurer
The Demon Lords are just killing time

0514: Nameless Adventurer
I mean, it’s gotten boring now…

0515: Nameless Adventurer
They’ve been repeating the same patterns for an hour after all…

0516: Nameless Adventurer
Oh, they’ve stopped now. I guess they’re all reviewing the clip?

0517: Nameless Adventurer
I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s gotten tired of watching the same thing over and over.

0518: Nameless Adventurer
Yeah, the battlefield is just repeating the same routine…

0519: Nameless Adventurer
Though the frontline keeps switching out to recover, so at least those there have something to do. It’s only boring for us watching from afar.

0520: Nameless Adventurer
Having to watch someone else play games from the side is the most boring thing ever

0521: Nameless Adventurer
I see you have an older brother too.
It’s so infuriating having to watch them make dumb mistakes watching anything else would be better

0522: Nameless Adventurer
I watched the clip.
I’m still not sure exactly what happened, but it looked like they moved out of the attack the moment it hit and somehow managed to deflect it with their weapon at just the right angle.
Crazy right?

0523: Nameless Adventurer
Missing the timing by a millisecond would kill him.
Is he really opting to keep parrying attacks like that?
He has to be crazy, right?

0524: Nameless Adventurer
And crim-chan could tell what he did just by watching it once, and then recreated it… WHILE WEARING A DRESS
They’re both insane

0525: Nameless Adventurer
Both crim-chan and Sorleon did all of that while wearing a dress and a suit. They both look like they’re dancing…

0526: Nameless Adventurer
It looks really smooth when they do it, but doing that requires a lot of skill.
Just making a small mistake would mean instant death…


0596: Nameless Adventurer
I knew there’d be a second phase!
I had full trust in the organizers to spice things up again before it got too boring to watch!!
Nvm who’s the idiot who came up with this?!!

0597: Nameless Adventurer
The organizers probably: “DIE”

0598: Nameless Adventurer
That AoE is gnarly… the whole battlefield is red. Can they even make it out of there?

0599: Nameless Adventurer
It looks like the tanks are choosing to sacrifice themselves to pull aggro while everyone else runs.
Then again, they’re so far in that they probably can’t see a way out either way

0600: Nameless Adventurer
That’s crazy…

0601: Nameless Adventurer
Luckily they’re in the city outskirts without any buildings nearby, but this could’ve leveled the whole city…

0602: Nameless Adventurer
Why did they think it was alright to unleash this onto the starting city..?

0603: Nameless Adventurer
“We’ll rebuild everything within 2 weeks so who cares!”

0604: Nameless Adventurer
Who decided to greenlit this?
This isn’t okay at all.

0605: Nameless Adventurer
There’s one player who just came back to life in the most gruesome way.
He also made a nasty sound when he landed earlier, is he alright?

0606: Nameless Adventurer
Is that a godmode cheat?

0607: Nameless Adventurer
Again, don’t label something you haven’t seen as a cheat right away. It’s not like we know all the Skills out there.
It still feels unfair though. But even if he gets cut down to shreds or burned to ashes he just keeps coming back.

0608: Nameless Adventurer
I wouldn’t want that to happen to me. While pain is dulled a lot, I feel like having to experience all of that at the same time must feel like a living hell…

0609: Nameless Adventurer
Hmm, I wonder what being burned to ashes and then reviving feels like.
He looks all pale and keeps screaming though.

0610: Nameless Adventurer
Ah, is that an angel?
Wait, have we seen the Ditzy Lord’s robo girl’s ultimate before?

0611: Nameless Adventurer
I’m assuming she’ll fire when all her six wings glow?
She really is living all of our dreams though… I also want to stand like that and charge up a gun!

0612: Nameless Adventurer
Ah, her target moved

0613: Nameless Adventurer
I mean, even I would try to attack her while she’s getting ready, she clearly looks dangerous

0614: Nameless Adventurer
The fox savior!!

0615: Nameless Adventurer
Nice one!
And the robo girl’s ultimate looks so cool!!

0616: Nameless Adventurer

0617: Nameless Adventurer

0618: Nameless Adventurer
He’s stunned, get him now!!

0619: Nameless Adventurer
It’s over then. I’ll go take a bath now.

(They celebrated the victory for a bit longer, so that has been omitted.)


0916: Nameless Adventurer
And so, there’s finally someone with the title of Hero
Somehow he looks a bit unreliable compared to the Demon Lords who are all the best players though

0917: Nameless Adventurer
Well, he’s still pretty new, so I’m sure he still has plenty of room to grow. In a way I prefer having a hero who isn’t overpowered from the start on.

0918: Nameless Adventurer
Hinagiku and the robo girl opted out of it, huh… I guess it makes sense since they work for a Demon Lord, though I kinda wanted to see a hero who worked for a Demon Lord.

0919: Nameless Adventurer
It’s not like Crim-chan did anything wrong lol
Just look at the ranking of donations for the fundraiser to rebuild Wyndham

0920: Nameless Adventurer

She’s a whole order of magnitude on top of everyone else lmao
And she still had enough to spare for a huge base and even a school? Just what is she doing?!

0921: Nameless Adventurer
Lua Cheia is officially a non-profit charity
Led by our very own Ditzy Lord
I don’t think she has any plans to do anything evil by now lmao

0922: Nameless Adventurer
The walkthrough thread is already getting flooded with info.
They’re still a bit iffy on it all since we’ve only seen one fight though, it’s pretty much only good luck that they were able to win this time

0923: Nameless Adventurer
Even with a proper strategy it probably would’ve failed since anyone could participate, and many wouldn’t listen to orders.
There were also a bunch of players who thought they were better and didn’t listen on purpose.

0924: Nameless Adventurer
Sometimes having higher numbers isn’t an advantage.
At least when there’s no clear leader…

0925: Nameless Adventurer
And if there wasn’t someone smart enough that AoE would’ve destroyed the city. Something’s definitely wrong with the organizers, or they’re heartless.

0926: Nameless Adventurer
This is something one of those heartless governing AIs in old dystopian stories would come up with.

0927: Nameless Adventurer
How did he revive so many times though? Some are speculating that it would be too difficult even for a system level cheat to pull off, so what was it?

0928: Nameless Adventurer
It was kinda gross seeing him come back from the ashes like that so I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes, but I’d also hate having to fight that in PvP

0929: Jade Alchemist
I’ve spoken with him and he’s given me permission to share what happened with everynyan!!

0930: Nameless Adventurer
Act your age…

0931: Nameless Adventurer
Careful or you’ll slip a disk grandma

0932: Jade Alchemist
I’m not a grandma!
I’m still in my twenties!!

0933: Nameless Adventurer
When’s the next episode of Gh*st of Sekir* VI coming out?
You’ve stopped uploading your playthrough on that video site.

0934: Jade Alchemist
Ah, that…I just got a bit busy with work so I didn’t have enough time… Nevermind that!
The Skill he used is called Dragonblood Hero (approximation), also called Siegfried.
You saw how he got drenched in the dragon’s blood when he pierced the third eye, right? Apparently he obtained it when that happened?

0935: Nameless Adventurer
Ohhh, learning a Skill by bathing in a dragon’s blood does sound like an origin story for a hero.

0936: Jade Alchemist
Anyway, when he activates it he gains a Resiliency status effect that lets him survive anything as long as his mind lasts, and while the effect lasts.
But he can’t move right after using it, and if he dies before being able to move again he respawns with a huge debuff. It basically only helps at times when he needs to stay alive as a meatshield like earlier, or to lure out some dangerous attack.

0937: Nameless Adventurer
Aw man, I guess it’s not something a tank can use regularly then. I don’t want it anymore

0938: Nameless Adventurer
So if he uses it during PvP we can just run around and wait out, and then beat him. Once you know the gimmick there’s no point in using it, huh.

0939: Nameless Adventurer
A last ditch effort… It could probably help if you’re about to die from a gunshot or something, but dying a bunch of times like that sounds painful…
I’m starting to feel bad for that hero.

0940: Jade Alchemist
Apparently his clothes also changed when he was drenched in blood! They became more powerful, so maybe it’s worth trying to recreate that too.

0941: Nameless Adventurer
That sounds more like a curse

0942: Jade Alchemist
Ahahah, that’s what he said too nyaa
But it didn’t seem to do anything to him.

0943: Nameless Adventurer
I see. So if we try fighting a corrupted dragon we’ll just have to focus on destroying its eyes, huh?

0944: Nameless Adventurer
But how do we get up there in the first place…
The most realistic option I can think of is a plunging attack from a high place, but aiming that on a head that’s in constant movement…sounds hard.

0945: Nameless Adventurer
I’m still pretty new, what was that skill the two little girls used?
They looked really cool. Will I be able to use something like that one day too?

0946: Nameless Adventurer
Ahh that… I know the three Demon Lords used that type of Skills before, I don’t really know much more though?

0947: Nameless Adventurer
They keep talking about that in the guides and walkthroughs thread too.
Apparently you just gotta play a lot and a bunch of garbled words will appear in your Skills list. But there’s a bunch we don’t know about them yet.
The letters just become readable slowly as you play more, but it takes a ridiculous amount of time, so good luck.

0948: Nameless Adventurer
I see, so it’s not something I can get after a month or two… Alright, I’ll do my best and continue playing. Thank you for the info.

(They just continued chatting about miscellaneous stuff until the thread closed, so it’s been omitted.)


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