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Chapter 7: Aftermath

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Author: Achoo Germs Original Source: SFACG Character Count: 2154 characters
Translator: Richie English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1218 words
Editor(s): Richie

Just because he isn’t dead, doesn’t mean he’s okay.

This simple sentence can curtly express Kamiyama high school’s head, Shinozaki Iwao’s current emotions.

An incident had happened in the school yesterday afternoon. A second year student, Furuichi Taketoshi were harassing a first year student in the woman’s restroom, who then suffered an electric baton strike.

If that’s all that had happened, then it wouldn’t be so complicated. After all, the student has done something bad enough that an expulsion is possible. The big problem was about the current condition of the student that hit the boy, Chitanda Kana. She has fainted and hasn’t woken up the whole night. She was still lying down in the hospital.
She is the first daughter of the Chitanda family! Her father is the head of the Chitanda family, while her mother is a member of the city council.

This problem has given him a headache. If the Chitanda family escalate the matter and held the whole leadership of the school accountable, it would be his head on the chopping board.

“Sir, Chitanda’s parents have arrived,” said the head’s assistant after knocking the door.

“Quick, quick, let- let him in,” the school president stuttered.

A middle age man wearing a suit entered the room. He is wearing metal frame glasses and his demeanor is like a school teacher. However, the wrinkles that can be felt during hand shake would reveal Chitanda family’s farmer background.

“President, nice to meet you,” Chitanda Yukihiko said.

“Please sit. Would you like coffee or tea?” the president humbled himself.

“No need,” he waved his hand. He immediately cut to the chase, “my daughter is still in hospital, lying in bed right now. Is it too hard for the school to first explain clearly what had transpired? Why was there a boy in a woman’s restroom? How can there be a gun in the school?”

Even though Kana’s father had refused, the school’s principal still offered him a coffee, and explained, “The gun Furuichi Taketoshi had was merely a realistic model gun, not a real gun as the rumor said. The boy’s behavior wasn’t exactly stellar either. To be frank, he had given us a real headache too.”

“That’s also the failure of the school faculty!” he retorted while hitting the table with his index finger.

“T-that is…,” the principal only bowed in apology.

Kana’s father sipped his coffee. Kana has fainted many times out of the blue when she was still little, but this was the first time since she entered middle school. He had thought that she only fainted because Kana was small, but this dispelled that notion.

The principal carefully availed the fact that Yukihiko was still pondering to ask, “How is Kana-san right now?”

“She has regained consciousness. The doctor were exaggerating,” Yukihiko replied.

The principal breath a sigh of relief, stealthily wiped his sweat, while also silently cursed at her. If she was such a coward, then don’t stand up against injustice. What a troublemaker.

“I expect the all the bullies involved to be dealt with,” Yukihiko emphasized, “especially that boy. If that boy ever show up his face again in Kamiyama High, then I will consider transferring my daughter to another school.”

“That will not happen,” Iwao shook his hand, “Taketoshi-san has gravely transgressed the school rules, and we will definitely expel him.” Iwao added further, “The Chitada family’s parenting should really set an example for the PTA.
To have both daughter taking the first and second place in their whole year, and moreover, and also showing admirable morality. If parents can teach their children like the Chitanda parents can, then our workload at school would be ease up.”

Chitanda Yukihiko let out an indiscreet remark after hearing his words, “Kana is in second place?”

Inside his mind, Kana doesn’t take education seriously. When she was in elementary grade, she had insisted on not going to school to the point of committing suicide. She then took four years to graduate middle school, so he should be right that Kana’s academic result isn’t very good. Kana never talked about homework at home. Eru had told him that Kana performed wonderfully, but he thought that she was just defending her sister.

However, then the principal only add his surprise, “no, the second place is Eru. Kana took the first place.”

The eldest daughter that he had neglected outperformed the second daughter that were given the utmost attention. He felt like his entire world has been turned upside down.

In another place, Eru didn’t care. She was still taking meticulous care of her good-for-nothing big sister that can’t take care of herself.

“I don’t want to eat beef,” Kana complained, looking at her hospital food.

“You need to get your protein,” Eru forcefully pushed the beef and potato stew into Kana’s mouth with a spoon.

“Mumu…” Kana mumbled in protest, “I can eat egg instead!”

“The cholesterol in egg is too high,” Eru firmly rejected, “besides, why haven’t you eat your breakfast?”

“You didn’t bring you any breakfast!” Kana indignantly replied.

“Can’t you live without your little sister?” Kirisaki ridiculed her, “that is pretty much “good-for-nothing person”.”

“Eh? Was there someone else here?” Kana surprisingly said.

“Hey, just what’s the matter with you!” Kirisaki angrily said, “you clearly have eaten the fruits I have brought to you, but you didn’t look at who brought it to you?”

“Don’t you think you are being a third wheel inside us sisters’ own world?” Kana said.

Kirisaki whispered, “you are talking as if you are dating.”

“School is not over yet, Chitoge-chan, is it okay for you to skip school?” Eru asked.

“Fortunately or not, I’m also considered one of the victims, so the school has pardoned me for one day, telling me to rest up,” Kirisaki explained.

“But you didn’t get any injury, right?” Eru pointed out.

Kirisaki shook her head, “none at all.”

“Then that’s good,” Eru sigh a breath of relief. It was obvious she was concerned.

Kirisaki thought internally, they are sisters, so why is the big sister so vile, yet the little sister is so gentle?

“No one would have thought such a nasty incident could have happened inside a school. Those people sure make people mad,” Eru knead her brows.

Kirisaki immediately smiled, although rigidly, “well, Koichi Ai should have been expelled by now.”

“How did you know?” Kana asked.

Kirisaki explained, “Koichi-san started a rumor that Yamada-sensei had an affair with one of his student, almost causing Yamada-sensei to be divorced. Yesterday, Koichi-san’s… friend confessed this. Yamada-sensei was especially furious, and told the school that if she wasn’t expelled, then Yamada-sensei was going to resign.”

“Eh, that happened too?” Kana broke into laughter.

Kirisaki hung down her eyes. Previously, she had regarded Kouchi Ai as her good friend, and believe in her words without doubt at all. As a result, that incident happened. If Kana didn’t appear at that time, then she wouldn’t have come out of that unscathed.

“Um… thanks, Kana-san,” Kirisaki quietly said.

“Ei, you don’t need to thank me,” Kana replied to her words that she heard.

“Nn? Why?” Kirisaki asked, confused.

“Because I’m the last boss. I barely needed to lift a finger to resolve this matter,” Kana downplay her own contribution.

“*******! Give me my notebook back!”

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