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Chapter 5: Father and Daughter

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Author: Achoo Germs Original Source: SFACG Character Count: 2222 characters
Translator: Richie English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1343 words
Editor(s): Richie

The first light of the day peek through the curtain, and the first thing that Eru felt was suffocation, which roused her too.
Eru opened her eyes, and discovered that her big sister had laid sprawled on top of her like an octopus. Eru struggled a little, which resulted in Kana hugging her even tighter.
Eru sighed. This was the reason why she didn’t want to sleep together with her. Kana has messy sleeping habit and like to cling to someone, disregarding how others would suffer for it. She can also stick on top of someone that she was basically squashing them onto the bed.
Regardless… sis was really light.
Eru caught sight Kana’s collarbone since she was stuck to Eru’s arm, and she saw her white, ample breasts that’s pushed out of her pajamas’s collar.
Suddenly, the second daughter of the Chitanda’s family has an ominous thought.
“Sis, sis?” Eru lightly called her twice, and there was no response. Eru carefully and prudently poke her sister’s breast with a finger. Kana still wasn’t roused.
That gave her more courage, and she opened her palm and ****** one of her breast. It turned out that it was really soft, like a cotton candy… Eru unexpectedly fondled it admiringly for some time.
“Nn…” the older girl groaned.
Eru hurriedly pulled back her assaulting hand.
“Good morning, Eru,” Kana rubbed her eyes.
Eru gently coughed twice, feigning a dissatisfied tone, said, “sis, let me go. I need to make breakfast.”
“Do I need to get up already?” Kana mumbled in a daze.
“No, you can still sleep in a little more.”
Kana released her hand and rolled away to continue sleeping. Her sleepy eyes didn’t notice Eru’s flushed cheeks.
Eru stood up and changed her clothes. She heard Kana has returned back to snoring, and she sighed a breath of relief. It appeared that her sister really didn’t discover that she has molested her.
She went to wash her face and rinse her mouth, and then head to the kitchen while deciding on the breakfast menu.
Kana’s tolerated few dishes. She doesn’t eat any kind of deep-fried meat at all, nor does she eat fruits and vegetable that isn’t fresh. She doesn’t eat same food two days in a row either. Such pickiness would have driven any average household crazy. However, It actually didn’t bother Eru because she liked cooking in the first place, and being able to satisfy her sister’s requirements became a exciting challenge in itself.
“Eru, you are already awake this early,” the sound of a deep man’s voice sounded from behind her.
Eru jumped in fright a little, turned around and let a sound of surprise, “Dad?”
Chitanda Yukihiko was sitting in the living room, sipping tea, “Eru, what are you worrying about right now? You are lost in thought,” He saw the girl was frighten a little, so he jokingly asked.
Eru’s complexion didn’t improve even a little bit, “dad, what time did you got home last night?”
“Well, a few of our business partners invited me to a drink last night, and I drank a little too much,” Yukihiko apologetically grinned, “After that, they dropped me off to a hotel, and I just got home.”
“What about mom?” Eru asked further.
“Haven’t you already heard? Your mom sent a last minute notice and went to Tokyo on a business trip,” he answered.
“I see…” Eru hanged down her eyelid, “dad, have you ate breakfast? Should I also cook a portion for you?”
“That would be great,” Yukihiko answered, “I just ate a slice of cake in the fridge. It’s too sweet.”
Eru’s eyes immediately shot up at her father, “You ate the cake!”
“I only took a slice,” he was confused with Eru’s reaction, “Did someone send it here? Or was it meant to be sent to someone else?”
“No one,” Eru shook her head, “I bought it from the nearby Kimura shop, it was supposed to be eaten by everyone yesterday, however, neither dad or mom got home yesterday.”
“Oh,” Yukihiko let out a sigh of exclamation, and laughed, “I thought it was someone’s birthday cake. Wasn’t your 16th birthday in a week? Your uncle has planned to hold a grandiose birthday party at Nagoya. You can invite a few of your friends to come.”
“My birthday is next week?” Eru laughed twice, although it looked pained, she then asked, “So did you remember that sis’s birthday was yesterday?”
Chitanda Yukihiko was stunned, he just understood what cake he ate.
“You forgot again? I have definitely sent you a message, yet you still forgot,” Eru quietly said.
The man fished out his phone. He has two phones, one for work, and another for private matter. As it turned out, in the private phone, there’s an unread message.
“This… dad was attending to customers all day, and then we drank…” Yukihiko excused himself.
“No,” Eru shook her head, “You don’t need to apologize to me. Yesterday wasn’t my birthday after all. Do you remember what you promised last year? You said that you would take her to the seaside this year. You forgot, didn’t you? Sis didn’t remember either, because she thought that you won’t remember it either, because you said something similar many years ago.”
Yukihiko lifted his tea cup, but didn’t sip it. He really had forgotten about his promise. It might have just been lip service, and both the one who promised and the promised one knew it.
“Sis has attended middle school for four years and graduated, and you only knew about that when she graduated too,1” Eru hung down her head, eyes filled with tears, “Sis really don’t care about any birthdays, but should she really be treated as if she doesn’t exist? Isn’t she also a daughter of the Chitanda?”
“Father certainly have neglected Kana, but it wasn’t deliberate. I was merely too busy with work,” Yukihiko was racking his brain for a solution to defend himself, however, he came up blank. In desperation, he inadvertently look at the direction of Kana’s room.
“Sis is sleeping soundly right now, waking her up right now to apologize is a no-go. It would only end up in a fight. You should wait a little, I will go cook breakfast,” Eru sucked her snort with her nose, and then turned around to head to the kitchen.
Eru made breakfast, and then knocked on the door to call Kana to eat. Kana dillydally walked out of the room while yawning.
“Kana,” Yukihiko called out.
“Nn.. Good morning.” Kana halfheartedly greeted him and continued her way to the lavatory.
“Wait a minute,” he pointed to the sofa in front of him, and said, “sit.”
Yukihiko’s formal posture made her curious, but Kana took the farthest seat away from him and looked at him in the eyes2.
“Um…” Yukihiko thought over his wording before saying, “Yesterday was your birthday. Because I had a few very important work, I couldn’t come home immediately.”
Yukihiko stopped for a moment, observing her. This was his habit from the business. Generally speaking, he can tell from the interlocutor’s reaction whether they liked what he said or not. However, Kana just sighed, as if she didn’t care about the matter with the birthday at all, but instead ridiculed him for making excuses to try to cover up his biggest problems while admitting to the trivial ones.
“I actually really wanted to celebrate your birthday, but I can’t drive after drinking…” Yukihiko changed his wording.
Kana again sighed, it carried vague implication.
That left him to try to propose a compensation with the Golden Mean attitude, “Dad wants to take you to Okinawa this weekend to make up for your birthday. I heard that the beach there are good.”
Kana sighed again.
Yukihiko scratched his head in frustration, he realized that this conversation was going nowhere!



  1. TN: In Japan, middle school and high school is three years each, which means that Kana was held back a year.
  2. It probably was probably culturally rude, but I’m unsure.
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