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[Vol.2] Chapter 26.5 – Bonus: A Different Battle

“Well then, shall we go, Cheryl-chan?”
“……Yup. Hot spring, fun”

The beautiful moon brightened the area like a spotlight in the dark mountains.
An elven girl, who boasts peerless beauty which is still insufficient to describe her, and a half-elven, half-Majin girl, who gave of a mysterious radiance, stood there together.
Both of them were only wearing a towel and the limps which were illuminated by the moonlight were beautiful in an artistic sense rather than a sexual one.
From their appearance, one could assume they were about to take a bath. One could also say, walking around the cold mountain dressed like that was rather reckless.

That girl who swung her golden thread like hair from side to side barely covering anything of her body despite– No, because she usually concealed those abundant curves from the public under her robe, now seemed like she was flaunting her magnificent beauty.
In contrast to that golden haired girl, the white haired girl accompanying her possessed a childish body with close to none curves whatsoever. However, on the other hand, through her gracefulness and reserved nature, a certain majesty is born which made her fascinating while still being a little girl.

They were two girls who would even put a goddess’ beauty to shame.
The golden haired girl was called Sonia and the white haired girl’s name was Cheryl.

“……But is that really fine? Grandfather told me to never show my naked body to a man”

Among those two, Cheryl seemed puzzled and sent questioning looks towards Sonia.
Although they seemed to be young appearance- and character wise, but those two who carried elven blood within them were much older than they appeared to be.
Because of that effect the elven sense of virtue differed greatly from their outward appearance and was firmly rooted in their culture.

“Right, normally one shouldn’t do that. But Cheryl-chan……Eehm, have you ever taken a bath together with your grandfather?”
“I, have”
“Hm hm, so if it’s with siblings, parents and people you’re close with then you don’t have to mind it.
Slava-kun is also like a big brother to you, right Cheryl-chan?”
“That’s……Right. But I’m a year older so I’m the big sister……”

Sonia smiled at Cheryl who proudly stuck out her non-existent chest and snorted.

“Fufu, well, anyway, it’s okay with people like him. So, if you understood shall we continue? Our bodies will get cold”
“……Hot spring!……Huh? But what about Sonia?”

When she said the word “hot spring”, for which she held high expectations as she never saw one before, Cheryl threw up her right hand while still holding onto her towel.
……However, despite her still being a child she seemed to have noticed the incongruity in Sonia’s words.

Certainly, Slava and Cheryl were close childhood friends. Their relationship was like that of a parent and child or siblings, very close.
Then, what is Slava, whom she just recently met, to Sonia?
Cheryl looked doubtful as she felt this was a little unconvincing somehow.

Sonia who got asked something like this by a child softened her eyes for just an instant.
However, she quickly recovered.

“Me, you ask?……I’m, let’s see. I’d want to be his future wife, just kidding.”

She covered her cheeks dyed in vermilion with both her hands.
Young Cheryl didn’t really know if that was the answer to her question but– she didn’t like it for some reason.

“Come on, let’s hurry. If we don’t hurry Slava-kun might leave before we get there, you know?
You want to bath together with him, right?”

But Cheryl was still just a child for an elf blessed with longevity. She seemed to have decided to give priority to spending time with her favourite boy without being swayed by some passing emotion.
Silence was circulating between them for a while.
Despite the small steps Cheryl took, their destination wasn’t far anymore and it soon entered those two’s field of vision.

What they saw was — Not sure if one could classify him as a boy– the elven boy they were talking about just now.

“Yes, good, good. Looks like he just entered……”

Sonia who spotted Slava unconsciously hid behind a bush and lowered her voice.
Cheryl, who didn’t quite understand why she did this, copied her. Feeling embarrassed in front of the opposite gender dressed like this was natural after all.

“Fufu, “Aah~”, he said. He’s an old man on the inside after all, huh?”

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Usually, Slava would have noticed those two but as he was bathing in the hot spring, which he professed to love, he let his guard down.
Still, Salva was a slightly special boy who would instantly get ready for battle if any of those two emitted any malicious intent. Those two observed Slava without being that careless.

“Still……If you look closely, he looks cool even though he’s young”

Sonia muttered as if she looked at a completely different person than before when she looked at Slava from that angle.
She unconsciously held her breath while she observed the bathing Slava’s profile.
Certainly, his face, while still being childish, was well formed.
Every part of him was honed without a flaw reminding one of an excellent sword, those sharp contours were reminiscent of a body thoroughly put through training. His copper coloured hair which was cut short so that it won’t get in the way, though not very decorative, had a functional beauty to it and fit the boy called Slava very well.
……What Sonia liked the most, however, were his eyes.
It was precisely because she knew Slava’s circumstances that she noticed the charm of those aggressive and solemn eyes which normally couldn’t be found on a young boy’s face. And yet, those eyes seemed to contain some sorrow mixed with deep affection.

An elf’s lifespan is long. However, because of that life ends up feeling dull.
Sonia hated that. She didn’t want to live a meaningless life. That’s why Slava’s eyes, which harboured a great variety of emotions, and inevitably his mind as well seemed attractive to her.

What was he thinking about now?
He looked up at the moon, his eyes, which were tinged in a deep sorrow, glued to it as if he tried to absorb its light.
If possible I’d like to watch him like this forever. The moment she thought that a strong pull on her arm brought Sonia back to reality.

“……Right. If we stay here we’ll get cold.”

It was Cheryl who pulled at her arm. Cheryl, who tilted her head and directed questioning eyes towards Sonia, seemed to be a little cold.

That’s right, they were here dressed like this to bath together with the boy who was soaking in the hot water.
Sonia who was reminded of that became slightly red again.

It was embarrassing for her to expose her skin in front of the man she fell in love with. That was only natural, as Sonia hadn’t really experienced love before she met Slava.
For Sonia, whose beauty even made a goddess look pale next to her, it wasn’t unusual for men to show up with the desire to court her.
But the men who made advances towards her always only wanted to get to know her after seeing her face. Before she noticed, Sonia got a really dull impression of that thing called love.
While she was like that this boy called Slava appeared before her.
A special kind of boy who, while still being an elf, had a very strong air about him. The more Sonia spoke and listened to him the more interested she got in him.
As she listened she found out his special circumstance of being a “former human”. So while being of the same long-lived elven race he was an “elderly boy”.
And — that absurd strength. Slava’s fist which broke Sonia’s mask smashed in the door which closed off the maiden’s heart within her.
Sonia who experienced “love” for the first time was fired up to such an extent one couldn’t imagine her usually being very calm.
──If I miss him here I’ll have to spend this long life always compromising. Sonia having such conviction was a matter of course.
Be assertive, don’t regret anything, live strongly! Like that this reckless assault came to be.

“A, alright, let’s go, Cheryl-chan”
When the girl — She travelled together with Slava– Cheryl nodded in agreement Sonia slightly changed her position.
She was embarrassed to go out just as is so she circled around and approached Slava from behind.
Then the girl’s first love started to progress.
As she encountered Slava under the moonlight, seeming calm, they exchanged their mutual intentions with each other.

Before long, that surprisingly pleasant time passed and Slava, who was soaking in hot water, stood up.
The hot spring made him feel so relaxed he completely forgot to cover his front. Or is it the habit of an old man no one would look at in that way? Old habits die hard.
Sonia hastily covered her eyes.
──However, Being interested in sex for the first time (Cheryl had yet to understand that concept) Sonia felt restless and spread out her fingers.

At that time, a cracking sound containing some moisture, sounding like a palm strike, was reverberating through the mountains.
The source of that sound was the boy who strangely attracted the girl’s gaze.
When Sonia opened her eyes behind her hands she saw–

The figure of Slava hitting his back with a slightly wet towel, which he wore on his head up until a while ago, through his crotch.
……Why did that gesture of which she didn’t understand the purpose seem so natural as if it was a habit?
“Like an old man….” is the impression it gave of and reaffirming the fact again that Slava is an old man who’s a hot spring enthusiast.

……However, love is said to be blind, isn’t it? As this gesture seemed cute to her, for some reason, Sonia let out a sigh.


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