[Vol.1] Chapter 13: The Girl Named Cheryl

「….Eh, what kind of situation is this?」

Trying to catch up and organize my head, I grumbled so in a deadpan voice,

I defeated Cheryl with 「Evening Snake」and argued with Chester because he was saying that I stole the technique, waking Cheryl up──

Umu, certainly there were some circumstances, but how did it come to this point?

Right now, I──no, we are sitting in the dining room of Chester’s residence. After the match, I was invited for a meal and walked down a long corridor and came here.

With such an elaborate floor plan, and many works of art that were full of the beauty of an elf, I wondered if this old man was really still an elf.

However, this was downright wasted space. In this dining room, there were three people sitting down; Chester, Cheryl, and I. That is to say, it was going to be a pain to count the number of seats in this dining room, as there were too many chairs to count.1

Though I don’t know how many times I thought of this mansion, it is really a waste.

….Iya, I’ll stop it.

The way one spends one’s money is up to oneself. Although it certainly wasn’t my hobby, I don’t dare criticize it anymore, as long as one thought it was worth it.

Above all──

「Guu….Cheryl, can you let go of that guy and come sit next to ojii-chan?」

「No….I don’t want to leave Slava-kun’s side….」

When I tried to think of measures to overcome this situation, nothing came to mind.

Towards me, who was being embraced by Cheryl, Chester could only look at me murderously and grit his teeth, bitter tears seemingly about to come out at any moment.

….Really, what is this. It’s like I’m in hell.

「Oi Slava~aaaaa….! That’s annoying you?

That’s why, Cheryl, get away from Slava──」

「No. Slava-kun isn’t unpleasant, I don’t want to let go….」

While pinching my cheeks, Cheryl stuck her tongue out towards Chester.

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The grip gradually strengthened, and was now enough to strangle a bear to death.

….It’s good to be tempered. The status right now was something along the lines of a bad comedy, but I was a very ordinary boy, so this was bound to end up in tragedy.

Maa, the gaze of Chester, who had his granddaughter stolen away, was already a murderer’s gaze.

If Chester explodes in this kind of situation, it will become troublesome.

I want to go return to the dormitory of the academy, but the right now….

「Fufu, as expected, Slava isn’t broken….good….」

The girl who was clinging onto me like a cat was indeed, as expected, was unbearable.

….Though I felt that this was more of a lion than cat when thinking about the power being used.

It was a power used to strangle someone to death, but there wasn’t any malicious intent coming from Cheryl. If this was done subconsciously, then was it really necessary to be in contact with someone.

「Chester~yo, shouldn’t you pay more attention to your granddaughter?」

「It can’t be helped that I’m always moving around….trying to shamelessly tell me that….!」

….This is useless. The intention behind the question wasn’t transmitted.

Blood rushed to the head.

「Hey, Cheryl. Grandpa is feeling lonely.

How about you come over here?」

「….No. ….But, if Slava-kun thinks that, ‘it’s unpleasant’….

Slava-kun, do you dislike me….?」

I don’t hate it, but it honestly is annoying.

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Iya, but if I really do separate myself….Chester is bound to become troublesome without a doubt.

However, I cannot say it. This was because Cheryl finally──at least in appearance──had behavior fitting of her age. There should be some kind of reason as for why she had been influenced by insanity a while ago. I want to fill that in that gap in her heart and bury it.

「No, I do not dislike it….」

「….Then, I’ll stay here.」

And thus, I couldn’t peel her off.

….It’s been said that a man can’t win against females and tears, and even more so when it’s a combination of both.

When I patted Cheryl’s head, she blushed happily, and squinted in joy.

….And as a result, Chester gnashed his teeth when he witnessed it.

I should say what I want to do. Is this the 「In a dilemma, unable to satisfy both sides」situation? Teacher’s words, ‘there are many things that one isn’t accustomed to’, really fit the situation right now.

If it was me from my youth, I wouldn’t have paid attention to Cheryl at all, since my teacher would have just hit my mouth.

While reminiscing the old days, I half resigned myself. Saying it otherwise, can’t I do anything else but reminisce the old days?… Pathetic.

「Please excuse me, your meal is──w, what is this situation」

Rinetto came in, wheeling a cart of food. Her first words when she came in were understandable, after all, the scene before her was hard to understand.

Ahh it doesn’t matter, this was unexpected help. As long as there was a meal, I should be able to get away from Cheryl.

「Well done Rinetto! Hey Cheryl, the meal came.

How about you separate from that guy and go eat? Like, right now」

Chester now had a reason to pull the person with a doubt origin from his granddaughter, and Rinetto looked like the sun.

Okay, I can’t eat a meal when you’re embracing me.

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A face devoid of sympathy turned towards my way. There was a wanting to see his grandchild not being swayed by my presence.

──But, Chester….no, both Chester and I knew that it was a weak request.

「Slava-kun feed me, please….」

With blushing cheeks, Cheryl said this calmly.

Chester’s smile froze–just as I was contemplating on how to resolve this conflict, an unexpected attack came from Cheryl.

「…I can’t?」

Regarding my expression as one of refusal, Cheryl’s face clouded.

The slight shyness that was present earlier, was absent in this girl’s transient smile. The thought of Chester threatening …「You made Cheryl sad?!」 was acutely transmitted to me.

…What do you want me to do…

How should I solve this problem?

But, when those eyes stare into me, I can’t seem to refuse.

「No, maa…Damn it all…」

As soon as I answered, Cheryl’s face bloomed like a flower.

…Whatever happened that caused her to become so attached to me?

No, I understand. To have a friend of the same age, I’m likely the first one.

Unlike our peers, my power was not inferior to hers, so the people she could interact with, other than Chester, was me alone.

Between the embarrassment and the gazes–the awfully tiring dinner was very much steadily progressing.

「She fell asleep」

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I sighed as I caressed Cheryl’s head, who was lying asleep on my lap.

Craziness2, eating, and then sleeping. The girl was carrying a gloomy air around her–yet looking at her now, she looks just like a simple child.

I grasp at a handful of her spectacular white silk3.

Silver hair is not a rare sight for elves but, Cheryl’s snow white hair was unique.

「She’s become attached huh…Isn’t she cute?」

「…Is that so」

Sitting next to Cheryl was Chester, casting a gentle gaze on her quietly sleeping figure.

It seems this guy has calmed down too. Mattaku(Seriously), the existence known as grandchild is truly a frightening thing.

Just thinking of the friendly smile that was on Chester’s face, made me want to vomit.

I can’t believe that he would succumb to the stereotype of the 「Friendly Grandpa」.

「For Cheryl, to have someone of the same age play with her, is a first. She’s caused a lot of trouble but, I hope you’ll be tolerant towards her?」4

「It’s nothing to be concerned about. She just can’t control her power well. Well, I’m just a little tired, that’s it.」

What was on the quiet sleeping face of the young girl, was a smile.

A smile without madness, unlike a predator hunting – it was an age-appropriate, smile of a young girl.

Too mighty a magic sometimes cause a distortion in a person’s character.

To carry such power also contributes to this.

If she didn’t have that extent of power, she would probably have been a lovely ordinary girl.

「…She’s, a half elf and half Majin, was what I said?」

With a tinge of bitterness in his expression, Chester began speaking in a low voice so as not to wake Cheryl up.

I returned with a nod.

「That idiot son of mine, managing to get a wife who is good but, when she gave birth to this child, she pushed herself too hard and…

He wanted to abort Cheryl, so as to save her but, she said that no matter what she wanted to give birth to Cheryl so, just as the midwife warned us, she ….

But still my son loved this child5. Even though the child provided him with no benefits, he brought her up without a mother. He was a decent guy, that kid.」

「…Is that so? Then–」

「Aa, my son has passed away too. When this child was five years old, he said he would go to the mountains to get some vegetables, and then he fell off a cliff . Cheryl, from a very young age she lost both her parents.」

Moistening his mouth with the teacup in his hand, Chester let out a small sigh.

His expression–in my 60 years of experience, was the first time I witnessed such sadness.

「Such is the story, losing her close ones at a young age, becoming alone at the age of five.

…Then, the maternal side who took in the child–they, labeled her a taboo child.

In the first place, the maternal side was opposed to the marriage. I too, was repulsive. Acting unlike my age, and beating up everyone.

…Well, it’s fine」

Chester gently narrowed his eyes, laying his hand on Cheryl’s.

He was a man that was like a sharp blade, hurting anyone that touched him but, sometimes he can be like this too, huh?

After being affectionate with Cheryl for awhile, Chester cast a strong gaze towards me.

His face too, was something I had never seen before.6

「Promise me. No matter what happens, I’ll leave this world before you do. When that time comes, don’t let this child be alone…」

–When I entrusted Alma with the Shijima style, was I making such a face too I wonder.

A strong desire. For the sake of his precious grandchild, to make a request for after his own death, such was his face.

…Today was filled with surprises. Twice in a day, people whom I thought I had totally understood had revealed new faces to me.

As I thought, having a grandchild really changes a person. I never would have thought that Chester would have shown such a face.

「…Leave it to me. That child is my friend after all.」

My promise was not just because of Chester’s request, but also my desire to watch over and protect the fate of this child.

「It goes without saying. One who boards a boat, does not get off half-way.」


Maa for such a request to come from our unsavory relationship. At any rate, it’s not like I wanted to decline.

Beyond that weakly distorted annoying mustache, I spied a half-smile.

It’s quite unbelievable that even in my second life I can’t cut ties with the Prime family.

This truly is quite the unsavory relationship I have with this guy.

「Fix that compassionless side of yours. If Cheryl saw such a sight, I would lose dignity as a grandfather.」

「… Aa, is that so. I too want with steady steps, to become a cool old man.」

Raising his eyebrows, Chester’s expression distorted into a smile.

It’s more or less a grin but, I wish he would make up his mind.

「Thank you, Slava」

To elves it may be short but, the empty 20 years that passed, plus this life’s 12 years come to around 30 years.

I wondered how much the world would change but, it seems that even for an old friend whom I had never imagined would change, 15 years is sufficient time for change.

A head curved like a diamond, a great (magnificent) girl – looking at the quietly sleeping young girl on my lap, my cheeks slackened.

…A grandchild, huh? If there is a chance, I would like to have one too. (ED: shippp)

But it’s unlikely that I’ll ever become a teacher like him.

Pondering such thoughts without a basis, I enjoyed this quiet and peaceful time.


  1. TLN: He said 3 people sitting down because he was too lazy to say 3/*** chairs or something. Or so I presume. 
  2. TLN: Actual meaning is ‘high spirits’ 
  3. TLN: Referring to her hair 
  4. TLN: Guess MC took one of her “firsts” | ED: (;^_^)ッ☆( ゜o゜) 
  5. ED: Heads-up Tomoya | TLN: He means Clannad if you don’t know the reference 
  6. TLN: “too” because he never saw Chester’s gentle or sad side before 

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