Chapter 60 – Lily vs. Igarashi

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3342 characters
Translator: Aoi English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2286 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

In face of the powerful, high-speed bullet shooting towards her, Lily hugged Haihime with one hand and released a white, crescent-shaped sword beam that contained the power of the moon using the blade in her other hand.

“Split!” The sword beam was so powerful and accurate that it sliced the bullet into two and shot towards the young man who had shot at Lily. Although this shocked the young man, he did not have enough time to dodge the sword beam in midair and was thus forced to block it with his firearm.


Nahimaru, one of the three most famous firearms in Yamato1, released a spirit explosion and shattered into pieces, blowing the young man to a corner of the public square as a result.

As for the giant monk, he also jumped down towards Lily with his snake-headed long staff, causing the viewing platform to shatter under his weight.

The punishment platform had shattered on one side now, which caused a lot of Fujiwara officials to almost slip down it in a sorry manner.

The gloomy samurai also blipped beside the monk, leaving an afterimage behind in his original position.

He circled to Lily’s other side while controlling his speed and drew out his dual blades simultaneously when the monk launched a strike towards her.

The monk possessed the strength of a middle-stage Throned General while the samurai possessed the strength of an early-stage Throned General.

Lily pushed Haihime to one side and faced the two enemies heading towards her alone. She stomped hard on the platform with one foot and caused the platform—which was made from grade seven wooden materials—to fracture in a straight line ahead of her, leaving the samurai with no place to gain a foothold on and tumble down.

She then spun around in place to face the snake-headed long staff which was heading towards her and blocked it with her shining, runic cursed blade.

Clang! A deafening boom echoed within the public square the next moment.

The lean Lily had actually resisted the monk’s all-out blow by relying on her physical strength alone.

Pfft! Blood spewed out of the several small cuts that had appeared on the monk’s body the next second. The incredible energy contained within Lily’s blade had caused a fearsome shock wave to pass through his body and wounded him severely, leaving him with nearly lethal internal injuries.

Lily then raised her foot and kicked him with force, which caused him to crash against one of the public square’s walls.

Crash! The terrifying shock wave then passed through the wooden walls and buildings around the public square, causing them to collapse from the blast.

The Fujiwaras were left dumbstruck from the scene of devastation.

Tokugawa, who had gotten off the platform earlier and moved to a corner, drew in a cold breath when he saw this terrifying scene.

“Thank goodness I changed my statement quickly. Kagami Lily is undoubtedly a fearsome talent. I doubt anyone in this world would be able to keep up with her advancement speed as long as she doesn’t fall in battle someday. I guess she’s strong enough to kill me a hundred times in an instant now! Hmph. I really made the right choice by bowing my head to her for now!” Tokugawa rejoiced internally as a layer of sweat formed on his forehead2.

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The gloomy samurai climbed out of the debris and launched a cross strike towards Lily’s legs with his dual blades when he saw her standing beside him with an arrogant look on her face. However, Lily jumped up lightly to dodge his attack and stomped down hard on the center of his dual blades with her grade nine wooden sandals.

Boom! The dual blades stabbed deep into the ground as a result of Lily’s stomp and shattered into pieces in the next moment. The samurai also got knocked down to the ground because of this attack.

“What?!” Exclaimed the samurai.

“Enough, Inoue! Fall back right now!” Igarashi finally made a move when she saw Lily decimate her three capable subordinates with ease and left behind afterimages as she dashed towards Lily.

Lily ignored the gloomy samurai in front of her and turned to face Igarashi. She heaved Yasutsuna up with force and slashed at Igarashi’s naginata with full power.


The collision between two Throned Sovereign level powerhouses was so powerful that it caused the platform to crumble entirely and even made the gigantic Heian Palace shake.

The powerful wind created from the collision pushed Haihime back and made her roll out of the wrecked platform to escape from the wind.

Igarashi’s subordinates alone were strong enough to defeat Haihime, let alone Igarashi herself, so she was not qualified to take part in the battle commencing ahead of her.

The Fujiwaras also retreated to a safe distance under the protection of the samurai.

“How powerful!” Igarashi exclaimed in astonishment.

Lily’s blade pressed against Igarashi’s naginata as her eyes filled with silent fury. “Answer me. Why did you treat Haihime like that?”

“Hmph! What’s there to say? A b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ like her who serves demons deserves to be punished and put in place!” Igarashi stated righteously, “I’ll punish you ten times worse than her when you lose to me!”

“I don’t need to show you mercy, then, I suppose.” Lily found it hard to believe that a woman like her was as famous as Tenba.

“What did you say? How dare you mention showing mercy on me when you destroyed my treasure and insulted me?! I swear I’m going to humiliate you so much that you won’t dare to show your face in public ever again3!”

Igarashi kicked at Lily the same moment she pulled her naginata back, but Lily dodged her kick with grace immediately. Igarashi then withdrew her leg, spun around and rotated her naginata in her hand to execute a vertical slash.

Boom! The orange-glowing blade of the naginata, which contained the intent of autumn, struck the ground and manifested red maple leaves on it.

Whoosh! The red maple leaves on the ground swarmed Lily immediately and hindered her movements while boosting Igarashi’s movements.

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This was Igarashi’s Maple domain, which held the same meaning as her name, Kaede.

Igarashi really underestimated Lily’s adaptiveness, though. She adapted to the maple leaves the moment she stepped foot on them and gave up on resisting them. Lily used a feint instead and acted as if the maple leaves had managed to make her slip as she slid forward along with the leaves and struck Igarashi after sliding until her side.

Igarashi was thus forced to block Lily’s blade with the pole section of her naginata.


“Hinder her!”

Following Igarashi’s shout, the red maple leaves shot upward from the ground, but she never imagined Lily to actually release hold of her blade in front of her and move to her other flank, which was unguarded, while grabbing her blade’s sheath. Lily then struck Igarashi’s bountiful a̲s̲s̲ hard with the sheath in her hand.

“Argh!” Igarashi moaned in pain like a cougar and staggered forward.

The unexpected strike to her a̲s̲s̲ made Igarashi lose her composure temporarily.

Igarashi was one of the three women in the Eight Legions of Yamato and was known for her powerful strength and overly prejudiced sense of justice. She showed a hard time to any female samurai or demoness who has committed wrongdoings or crimes and punished them in a humiliating fashion after catching them. However, even though she had spanked the a̲s̲s̲e̲s̲ of several women until now, it was her first time getting spanked.

She soothed her a̲s̲s̲ with one hand and pointed her naginata’s blade at Lily with a resentful look in her eyes. “How dare you strike my rear, you b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! Don’t you know to treat your elders with respect?!”

Having said that, the stinging pain from her a̲s̲s̲ caused Igarashi’s expression to morph in hate. She never knew that getting spanked actually hurt so much.

“Hmph. I’m actually surprised that you can’t tell who’s in the right here even though you’re so old, Ms. Igarashi! You have no right to call me out for my manners when you’re the one lacking in manners here!” Lily retorted.

“What did you say?! How dare you preach me when you aren’t even half as old as me, you little girl!” The pressure emanating from Igarashi caused the entire public square to tremble and the swarm of red maple leaves on the ground transformed into a red tornado of leaves.

“Sakura Blizzard!” Lily summoned the Sakura Parasol within her hands, which then turned crimson in color, and opened it towards Igarashi before spinning it and the resulting sakura storm blew away the tornado formed of maple leaves.

The entire public square transformed into a forest of sakura trees as sakura petals descended from the sky4.

“Is that all your domain has got to it, Ms. Igarashi? Is your will that weak?”

“What?” Igarashi looked at the sakura trees around her astonishedly.

Lily’s domain had overwhelmed Igarashi’s Maple domain and made it vanish without a trace.

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The current Sakura Parasol’s canopy was something that Lily had weaved personally, and she had also infused the memories of her experiences in this world to this day into the parasol’s shaft. In addition to the parasol’s original power, it now possessed the ability to connect with Lily’s domain, and this allowed it to empower her domain by fusing its intent with it. The domain treasure in Lily’s possession, Unmelted Snow, also had an amplifying effect on her domain. All these factors had strengthened her domain by several folds, which was why her domain was able to overwhelm Igarashi’s domain utterly.

The Sakura Parasol’s crimson transformation also enabled Lily to shift her domain into several forms now, but she knew that now was not the right time to use this ability.

Lily’s beautiful, illusive domain shrouded Igarashi, the Fujiwara officials and the large number of spectators gathered in the public square within it, which caused many of them to panic and flee from the fear.

It was quite easy for Lily to kill the Fujiwara officials within her domain, but she could not do that as it was tantamount to really betraying the imperial court. She was far from being strong enough to confront the imperial court with her current strength and also had no reason to betray it as of now. Dealing with the old coots from the Fujiwaras who had tried to entrap Ayaka was no easy feat even for her, but they were still terrified of her powers.

“What sorcery is this?! Defeat Lily at once, Ms. Igarashi!” said the chancellor of the realm in a quivering voice.

“So what if you’ve overwhelmed my domain?! I’m not going to fall for your bluff, little girl!” Igarashi brandished her naginata as she shot towards Lily. However, a white sash entangled around her foot with a whoosh the moment she stepped on the sakura petals on the ground.

The white sash was something that had shot out of Lily’s Sakura Parasol when she swung the parasol. It went on to hoist Igarashi up on a giant, illusive sakura tree after shooting out of the Sakura Parasol.

“Where did this sash come from?!” Igarashi slashed at the white sash, but she found that she could not sever it with even her naginata’s blade.

“No way!” Igarashi gathered all of her spirit power and released an orangish-red blade beam that contained the full power of a Throned Sovereign.

The edge of the blade beam transformed into red maples as it shot towards the white sash and struck it, but the white sash just bounced back Igarashi’s attack several meters away, resulting in her swinging sideways upside down in vain like a pendulum.

“This can’t be! How could an all-out attack from me fail to sever this white sash?!” Igarashi could not believe the sight before her.

A silk sash was not considered a weapon and no matter how tough a grade nine silk was, even a grade seven katana could sever it with ease, let alone the grade nine naginata which Igarashi possessed. It did not make sense for the white sash to remain undamaged after taking an attack from her.

Igarashi had no clue that this was no ordinary grade nine sash and was made from the white silk within the fifth room inside Lily’s mirror space.

Lily had used some of the crimson, white and dark blue silk within the fifth room of the mirror space to weave the Sakura Parasol’s new canopy and used the remaining cloth to create sashes.

Lily had stored these sashes within the brand new Sakura Parasol, which possessed the ability to store objects in it now5. Although these sashes possessed no offensive abilities, they were tough treasures that were useful for binding and hindering the opponent.

The sash had been created from the silk cloth that had been used to weave the canopy of the Sakura Parasol. Although the reason why the Sakura Parasol had such high defense was because of its comprehensive strength, the silk cloth used to weave its canopy was far tougher and flexible than ordinary grade nine silk. As such, it was simply impossible for Igarashi to severe it even with her full strength.

Lily spun the Sakura Parasol again in the next moment, which caused crimson, dark blue sashes to fly out of the parasol and bind Igarashi up6.

“R-Release me!” Igarashi tried to break free from the binds of the three sashes using all of her spirit power, but her efforts turned out to be useless as she failed to break free from them in the end.

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  1. Robinxen: Damn, she broke one of the three best firearms. Guess they really will need those 200 years to perfect them.
  2. Robinxen: So far you’ve been the only one intelligent enough to do this honestly. Try being less of a crook from now on.
  3. Robinxen: Lily holds the power of uno reverse.
  4. Robinxen: Remember folks in the rock beats paper world of Maidens, Sakura beats Maple.
  6. Robinxen: The mental image of this killed me. You know people strap little ribbons to their fans? I just envisioned that.

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