Chapter 33 – Sacred Relic

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3190 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1690 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Sacred Relic? Lady Kimiko, what is a Sacred Relic1?” Lily barely managed to resist the aura, her legs shook and she steadied herself by grabbing onto a pillar.

“As expected, the samurai of the eastern countries have no idea about the existence of the Sacred Relics. This is one of the reasons why the strength of the eastern forces are much weaker than those from the west.” Kimiko straightforwardly answered. “Lily, listen carefully. When I look at you, so young and with such base strength, you probably don’t plan on relying on the status quo, nor do you plan on marrying and relying on a strong backing, right?”

“Yes Lady Kimiko, I desire to walk farther upon the path of advancement. Though I have no intention to conquer or dominate, I must protect my sisters and friends.”

“Um, your desire is real, every expert has a reason to risk the path that is advancement. Lily, since you’ve arrived at Heian-kyo and want to improve your strength, you cannot ignore the existence of Sacred Relics. Sacred Relic is a simplified name, but you can understand them as ancient or holy remnants, but not always. In truth, there are many different Sacred Relics, these relics aren’t necessary to the path of advancement, but if you can comprehend and gain insights from these Relics, then not only will your advancement realm benefit, but your combat level will also improve. This is a very important aid for enlightenment.” Kimiko explained.

“Comprehension of the Sacred Relic?” Lily looked at the painting, examining each dancing seductive woman. Though it was embarrassing, Lily could detect an intense charming intent from the painting “Perhaps… Lady Kimiko, I feel that I can increase my insight of charming intent if I study this painting.”

“Hehe, as expected.” Kimiko smacked Lily’s hip2.
“Kya! Lady Kimiko, don’t hit me!” Lily, who was engrossed in examining the painting, was teased into embarrassment.
“Well, don’t mind, this is our unique method of greeting, just like patting shoulders.”
“How could it be the same? If you want to pat my shoulder, then pat my shoulder!”
“Ahh, don’t get angry~ I’ll kick you out if you get angry.”
“Ah? No, no, tell me more please, I want to listen…” towards advancement knowledge, Lily was very eager to learn.

“Lily, you really have a natural affinity with the charming intent. Don’t get angry, I’m not teasing you, it’s a compliment. This Himemiya Sen-no-Hana Painting contains the Hundred Maiden Sen-no-Hana portion of the Intent of Charm. Simply said, the Intent of Charm is split into two parts, the Yin-Yang harmony between men and woman, or the pure symphony between two women. Since you prefer women and aren’t interested in men, then you will benefit greatly from comprehending this relic.”

“You’ve already comprehended a sliver of the charming intent, so you should have noticed an increase of battle strength, or an increase in power of certain techniques. In truth, this intent is less effective at improving the spirit power circulation of a blade maiden. What has the greatest effect is charming power, which is used to refine the female body. Not only does it allow us to maintain our charm, and youth, it also increases our powers over time.”

“What!? Refining a woman’s body?”

“That’s right, Lily, you should know, a woman’s natural physical resistance and strength are lacking. We generally rely on spirit defense, and spirit power circulation. If we don’t circulate our spirit powers, even if you possess a celestial maiden physique, you would be at most a few times stronger than a regular woman, around the same as a regular man. As for those gigantic blue demons or devils? Don’t dream of it. In the early stages of advancement, this weakness is not very obvious, but when it comes to real high-level combat, the weakness of your body will be very detrimental.”

“And charming power, that is a path for women to not only maintain our beauty but refine a body with the strengths of an immortal, a heavenly path3!”

“Maintaining the beauty and the strengths of an immortal?” Lily was astonished. Though she could use the Celestial Maiden Garment to increase her defense to a ridiculous level, that was only relying on a treasure. Considering Kagura’s master’s decisive battle back in those days, the legion of celestial battle maidens led by the great god Tsukuyomi battling the dark forces, what Celestial Maiden Garment? Wouldn’t it be torn apart in an instant?

If you were to say that the great god Tsukuyomi, though beautiful and sexy, was as weak as a human girl, Lily would not believe it, that’s a godly physique.

Then, this charming power is a path she needed to pursue, a heavenly path to refine an immortal physique.

Lily nodded, chest heaving with excitement.

“Lady Kimiko, I, I want to learn and train in the charming power. Can… Can you teach me?”

“Teach you? This is a heavenly path, in this world how many people have actually sensed it? On top of that, you and I are completely different. I’m a monster, and though I’ve comprehended the charming power, our physiques are too different. My methods cannot teach you, but this place is an excellent place for training, wouldn’t you say?”

“Lady Kimiko, if I comprehend this Himemiya Sen-no-Hana Painting, will I also gain insights into the charming power?”

Kimiko nodded, “That’s right, but whether or not you can travel this path, and how far you travel, that will all rely on your talent and fortune.”

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“I will work hard!” Lily nodded emphatically.

“Hah, don’t be impatient little Lily, for tonight I’ll let you meditate for free, but after today, if you want to comprehend the Himemiya Sen-no-Hana Painting, there are two conditions. Number one, no one else can be in the room, including me. This painting really emits a seductive aura. If two or three women comprehended together, I think they wouldn’t be able to hold back. With your weak strength? You’d probably lose your innocence, hehehehe——” Kimiko delightfully laughed.

“Ah? There are other people besides Lady Kimiko?” Lily asked, her face blushing red.

“Of course, there are plenty of female adepts who want to study this Himemiya Sen-no-Hana Painting. I’m very fair, as long as you aren’t an enemy, you can pay a certain price for comprehension time.”

“What sort of price?”

“Ah, that depends on what I need. If I plan on refining a treasure, then the price will be the materials, if I don’t have any special requests, then the price will be in magatamas, but if there are many people, then the price will climb, hehehehe——”

Lily felt that this Lady Kimiko was not only peerlessly strong and knowledgeable but also very good at business. With just one painting, she was sitting atop a mountain of gold. Though, without the power of a peerless arch-demon, how could she protect this Sacred Relic. If it were Lily, if she were to bring it out to earn money, then it would probably be snatched in a few days.

“Then, thank you for the free time. How many Magatamas do you usually charge a night?”

“Not much, regular grade seven Magatamas, 300 an hour, 1000 a night!”

“Ah!??? So expensive!” the price was excessively extravagant, just how unbelievable was this painting? At the Bureau of Divination, Lily had taken serious risks to steal around 2000 magatamas, and that was ten times the amount all her other adventures had earned her. All that, was only worth two nights here?

“Lady Kimiko, that’s a joke right? Even the treasury of the bureau of divination only has a few thousand magatamas. How could a single night cost that much?”

“Ehh? Lily, it’s said that the treasury of the bureau of divination was stolen, why do you know the number of magatamas stored?” Kimiko asked, her eyes flashing with cunning.

“Ah? This, this… I had an official position within the treasury, so I know a few things.” Lily answered evasively.

“Really?” The expression Kimiko made staring at Lily was quite frightening. Ignoring the implications, Kimiko continued, “Lily, exactly who do you think can gain insights from my Himemiya Sen-no-Hana Painting? Female adepts at the Spirit Jade Realm? Of course not, this is an opportunity to understand the heavenly path. Even peak female experts like Shizuka Gozen, Tomoe Gozen, and Fujiwara no Ayaka have come here for the opportunity. Naturally, the price they paid was enormous, precious materials even the Fuyutsuki does not offer. Do you think I’m opening a kabuki stage and receiving customers everywhere? I value this tranquil environment, how can I let those who can’t pay come to disturb me?”

“…… Lady Kimiko, I’ll just ask this once… but who are you?”

“Ah, you’ll find out when the time is right.” Kimiko gave a mysterious smile, “Hmm, but if it’s you Lily, I can give you a special condition. If you agree, you can ignore the price.”

“Ah? What condition?” Lily’s happy exclamation quickly turned into regret, she could probably guess what the condition was.

“That is of course, serve me, accompany me for the night. Every night I’ll give you two free hours. Of course, on those nights you have to agree to all my requests.” Kimiko seductively looked at Lily.

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Kimiko’s charm almost made Lily agree, but Lily’s loyalty towards her senior sister was strong enough, allowing her to regain her rationality.

“That condition, ahh, just forget it…” Lily helplessly refused.

“Up to you, I won’t force you, it won’t be fun.”

Lily considered her options, should she spend money for the opportunity, or should she first try out the free night then pay? She asked, “Hm, Lady Kimiko, you mentioned Heian-kyo has other Sacred Relics?”

“Right, Heian-kyo, the capital where experts gather, has five different Sacred Relics. The four temples under the royal family’s control, the Vermillion Bird Temple, Black Tortoise Temple, Blue Dragon Temple, and the White Tiger Temple. The Twelve Moon Phase Instrument owned by the Fujiwaras. On the outskirts of Heian-kyo, the Cloistered Emperor’s Izumo mountain Giant Goddess Statue. Genji’s Eight-Sided Bodhisattva statue, and Taira’s Raccoon Mita Temple4.


  1. Robinxen: Probably some form of relic that is sacred.
  2. Robinxen: WHY?
  3. Robinxen: At least the author has somewhat vaguely justified why everyone was so obsessed with beauty now?
  4. Robinxen: So many terms.

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