Chapter 34 – Advancement of the Body

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3378 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1767 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“To think that Heian-kyo has so many Sacred Relics… perhaps some exist in the eastern countries?” Lily wondered

“Perhaps, but at least I haven’t heard of any. Even if one exists, no one has discovered it yet.” Kimiko replied, “Sacred Relics can be thought of as a heavenly path for advancement. Just as Magatamas are the foundation, Sacred Relics are the key to advanced improvement. It allows for further improvement of battle powers, and the higher your advancement realm, the greater the difference. It’s one of the reasons why the Sacred Relics are a point of contention between the great powers of Heian-kyo.”

“Thank you for the guidance Master Kimiko.”

When Lily was practicing the Lunar Blossom and Tsukuyomi swordstyle she had also sensed a sliver of lunar energy, it was immensely powerful. However both secret manuals have their specializations, neither described lunar energy in detail. Lily had a feeling that lunar energy could not be described through words, and could only be sensed and understood by oneself. Perhaps that was the reason why the great god Tsukuyomi did not author a manual for lunar energy… or perhaps there was some other taboo.

“Ah, right, Lily, it’s almost time, if you can still continue, then train here.”
“Thank you, Lady Kimiko.”

This was a chance of a lifetime, how could Lily surrender such an opportunity?

“If you can’t hold in afterward, remember to call me!” Kimiko left with a sly grin.

Lily could only pretend to not have heard anything and turned to face the painting.

Such a large painting, and what palace was depicted within the painting? Lily felt that this wasn’t the Heian palace, the palace within the painting was much larger. Every detail was worth examining, when looking at the trees and grass, Lily felt that she could sense a bit of the earth and wood concepts.

“This Himemiya Sen-no-Hana Painting is really amazing.”

Lily did not specialize in the concepts of wood or earth, so she could only vaguely detect the feeling. She felt that such a painting containing multiple concepts required different artists.

Her attention was drawn to the women, each in various different postures. Lily examined their manners, clothes, figures, charms, and the interactions between figures in an attempt to gain an understanding of the application of charm.

Charming or seductive, both involve the senses, the logic within Lily understood. However, it was a woman’s natural tendency to be dainty and delicate, the application of charm allowed a great increase in power while maintaining the natural daintiness and delicateness, perhaps this was a different sort of power than what Lily understood.

She sat down and calmed her mind to continue the comprehension.

Time passed, one hour, two hours… Lily’s understanding of charming intent had increased greatly, but the application of charm? That she had no idea where to start.

Three hours, four hours, five hours……

While her comprehension over charming intent increased, she still had no clues about the application of charm. Half of the night had already passed, she was getting a little bit frantic. An opportunity worth a thousand magatamas, she couldn’t possibly fail could she?

“Hm…? Wait…” A flash of inspiration hit.


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Instead of applying the charming intent into an attack, just circulate the intent throughout the body? She decided to put her thoughts into action immediately.

She knelt down on her knees, her posture becoming more elegant as she circulated her charming intent throughout her body. As she merged the intent into her body, her manners and postures were gradually affected. As a woman, this did not feel unnatural to her. Except, she was a reserved person, she did not like being flirty.

Looks like Kimiko’s rule of only one person at a time was for a good reason.

Lily had gained enough understanding and insights in charming intent to reach small completion, she merged the intent into every part of her skin and body. In the beginning, the merge was erratic and amateurish, but Lily started examining those celestial maidens, inspecting their bodies and the aura flow the painting emanated. She compared herself to the painting and imitated the flow, slowly learning and adapting. Learning their postures, their charms.

Gradually, Lily felt the clothes she was wearing weren’t suitable, she was the only one there, so she just stripped down to her undergarments. Even so, she felt a sense of shame.

But the shame made her senses sharpen, and the celestial maidens and enchantresses in the picture were all scantily clad, this had surprising benefits to Lily’s learning. After multiple cycles of inspection, comparison, and adaptation, Lily gradually felt that a tiny sliver of charming intent had truly merged with her body.

“Wow! Instead of combining charming intent with spirit power, merge it into the body. So this is the application of charm!”

In the past when Lily’s body became stronger, it happened due to unknown reasons and when she was unconscious. She had always thought it was due to her ancient mirror, but this time she was wide awake, she could feel body strength increase, and this feeling……

“Nnn….ahn……” was really… really pleasurable.

Lily involuntarily twisted sensually, her movements soft and supple, her body was melding with the charming intent, continuously strengthening, the sensation becoming more and more pleasurable.

The door opened at that moment.

“Lily, time is……” Kimiko words stopped, the sight of Lily in undergarments and twisting around stunned her.

“Ah?” The shame inundated Lily, she felt like her face was hot enough to melt and her heart about to jump out of her chest. “AHH——!!!” Lily, who had always been reserved, who had never been willing to scream like a girl, covered her body and screamed.

“My oh my, sorry, I didn’t think you were so absorbed in training. I only came to remind you of the time, if you want more time you’ll have to pay. Of course, that condition is still valid, perhaps you’d like to use it as payment?” Kimiko innocently offered.

“No, not happening……” Lily hid behind a pillar in shame, quickly dressing. She fanned herself in hopes of dispersing the sweet scent wafting from her body, but it was useless. Lily’s hair was a mess as she emerged from the pillar.

“Seeing your state, it seems you were really training? Though, why do you look more like you just enjoyed an intense coupling?” Kimiko mercilessly teased Lily.

Lily could say nothing, with head lowered in shame, she walked up to Kimiko and gave a curtsy salute, “Thank you…Lady Kimiko, for giving me this chance of enlightenment.”

“Hmmm, your demeanor seems to say you want more, ah no, it’s more of you were unable to finish, hmm perhaps you weren’t satisfied this time?”

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“Of course I wasn’t satisfied!” Lily answered automatically, but feeling she had said something wrong, she hurriedly added, “As I was saying, I was not satisfied… with my training……please don’t overthink it.”

“I totally don’t understand what you’re saying, what overthinking? Look at you, sweating like that, let me help you wipe.”

Before Lily could react, Kimiko acted somberly and pulled out a white fluffy towel and started wiping down Lily, nonchalantly reaching down into Lily’s collar, whistling while she wiped.

“That’s, no need.” Lily endured for a bit, before gathering her courage to escape. Lily shamefully felt that, while Kimiko had dried some places, it had the opposite effect in other places.

“Come, let’s go take another dip in the hot springs.”
“Ah? No, really no!” If she got back into the hot springs with Kimiko, Lily was afraid…

Kimiko naturally emitted a sort of charm, Lily felt it would be best if she escaped immediately. “Lady Kimiko, I, I have official business during the day, I have to go.” Lily made up a random reason.

“Lily.” Kimiko grasped her hand, a wave of weakness ran up her arm, if Kimiko insisted…

Kimiko pulled out an unadorned ancient text, “Bodybuilding does not only rely on comprehension, only when you use other methods in tandem will the effect be maximized. This book lists various methods for women to train, take it back for a look. Compliment your comprehension with these methods, it will be of use to you.”

“Yes, thank you, Lady Kimiko.” Lily bowed deeply.

“Don’t be so reserved, ahaha, come play more in the future. Oh right, Lily, are you carrying something some fox gave you? I can feel the weak fluctuations, let me see it.”

Lily pulled out the peace talisman from her obi, this talisman she had received from a fox when she enjoyed a kitsune udon. She believed this would bring her good fortune, so she always had this hanging on her sash even after changing clothes.
“Ah… so it was a kitsune peace talisman, looks like we’re really fated to meet. Look——”

With a poke, Kimiko caused the words inscribed on the talisman to start emitting a light golden glow.

Kimiko returned the talisman to Lily’s sash, and whispered into Lily’s ear, “If you really encounter danger, inject your spirit power into the talisman, as long as you’re near Heian-kyo, I’ll hurry over. But remember, this can only be used once, so only when you’re in real danger, understand? My darling~”

“Ah, understood…” Kimiko’s warm and gentle words made Lily feel tingles over half of her body.

“Nnn, then go, prepare the payment when you come back, or… well you understand. Our relationship nonetheless, business is still business.”

“Thank you, Lady Kimiko, I will definitely prepare money when I return.”
“Tsk, there’s no need to emphasize money, my darling.”
“Li, Lily is leaving!” Hearing Kimiko’s soft seductive words made her want to collapse into Kimiko’s arms, she barely controlled herself and hastily fled.
“What a stubborn little girl, but perhaps that’s where her charm comes from?” Kimiko laughed while watching Lily’s hips as she fled.


“Meow! Sister Kimiko!” the young bakeneko girl swiftly appeared clinging to Kimiko’s arm. She had woken up in the morning and had been sneakily watching the interactions between Lily and Kimiko.

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“Nariaki, have you forgotten what I’ve said? It’s not proper for women to randomly touch.” Kimiko sternly taught.
“Nariaki is so sad, Lady Kimiko is so affectionate with sister Lily.”
“Tsk, don’t look like that, I’m very pure and innocent. But thanks to you, I got to know lil Lily. You deserve a reward.”
“Thank you Lady Kimiko, Meow.”
“Right, Nariaki, secretly investigate where Lily lives and what she has been doing recently. I feel… like she constantly has some issues in mind.
“I obey, Lady Kimiko!”


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