Chapter 111 – Lingering Fragrance

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3264 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1812 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Matching an opponent’s sword power didn’t mean one could attain victory. If people only relied on their sword slashes to win, then perhaps Lily’s chance of victory would be higher.

But Shenzu had many years of experience, and a multitude of secret methods, coupled with her physique advantage, once she found a way to subdue Lily, she would only mercilessly attack.

Even if she wore a celestial maiden garment, could it withstand the attack of a throne realm powerhouse? Even the attacks of a just promoted throne realm were extremely scary!

Shenzu’s swords came slashing down! Lily could only forcibly swing to counter, if she simply blocked, the results would only be more miserable.
An eye-catching red orchid aura flared out. Lily was smashed down into the ground from the impact.

The ground cratered around her form.

“Cough——” She couldn’t control herself as she coughed out blood.

It was as if her body had been shattered, she could only feel numbness.

Shenzu was merciless, as she descended she once again released a multitude of phantom blue ghost faced silent flames. Sending them flying down at Lily, their bloody fanged jaws open, ready to swallow Lily.

Such terrifying silent flame, Lily dared not release her Shikigami and it was too late for her to release the Record of One Hundred Demons.

Numbed all over, Lily could not move, but resentment poured from her blade forming her demon hound, though it couldn’t stop the silent flames, it bit down on her clothes and threw her away.

Boom boom boom—— Silent flames erupted in the pit forming a blue roaring furnace, once again eradicating the demon hound, but allowing Lily to avoid the disaster.

Lily gradually recovered her sense of feeling, stabbing her sword into the ground, she forcibly stood up, sweat flowed down her body like rain as she gasped for air.

“What’s the use of your struggling?” Shenzu coldly taunted.

With a burst of speed, Shenzu sped toward Lily and slashed toward her legs, and as injured as she was, Lily no longer had the reaction speed or power.

Lily forcibly brought up her blade to block, but she had lost too much strength, the impact sent her blade staggering.

Shenzu was full of strength, her other blade came crashing down at Lily’s shoulder. Placing her blade on her shoulder, Lily forcibly blocked. With a crash, Lily was sent down on one knee.

Spinning around, Shenzu kicked out, sending Lily flying. This kick was heavy and landed directly on her chest. She flew several several dozen meters before crashing heavily into the ground.

Shenzu’s eyes flashed with cruelty, Lily knew too many secrets, and her talent was too high, she had to die!

“Kagami Lily, you’re talented, but you’re not very smart! They say geniuses are too conceited, you actually thought you could challenge me, a throne powerhouse! Today, you will die here!”

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Shenzu jumped high, her swords dancing alternatively, forming a blue trident shaped silent flame. This was another of Shenzu’s killing moves, in terms of power, it was much higher than Flying Ghost Sulfur!

That cross bladed trident flew at her like a death sentence, speedy and overwhelmingly powerful, its surrounding air ignited, forming a sky high pillar of fire slashing down at her.

What to do? If she was hit by this, she would definitely die. Should she request help from Kimiko? Or perhaps use her blood spirit magatama? But Shenzu was able to kill Yoruko with her power, it made Lily reluctant to reveal her killer moves too early.

Madam Yoruko1

Once her thoughts fell on Madam Yoruko, her heart was clenched by a wave of endless sadness, and a wave of strength surged through her. Gritting her teeth, she flipped and rolled toward the side.

BAM!!! The sword aura left a dozen meter wide cross mark!

The followup explosion sent Lily flying through the air again, her clothes barely intact, Lily slammed into the ground again. Shenzu landed and showed a cold sneer as she slowly walked toward Lily’s prone form.

“Useless struggling, though you didn’t directly receive that slash, I think you can’t even stand up. Just let me give you a final blade! Just like I did to that hypocritical fool Yoruko, ahahaha, ahahahaha…” Shenzu spun and brandished her swords.
“Shut up…”
“Don’t you dare, insult Yoruko again!” Lily forcibly stood up again, her body trembling all over, her hands holding her katana trembled, even her legs could be seen trembling.

“Ahahahaha, you can’t even stand up straight, how will you resist me?” Shenzu looked contemptuously at Lily, “Yoruko died at my hands! She was a failure, and failures can only be humiliated! When you die under my sword, I will have you bear the guilt of Yoruko’s murder, all tsunaga sisters, the world, will all spit on your name! This is the humiliation I will have you bear.”

Lily lowered her gaze, eyes resting on her hands holding her blade. Her long hair hung down, covering her expression. Under the bleak night, only an aura of crimson could be seen, the intense red resentment rising from her body, the red light reflected off her blade, showing a blood red demon spirit pattern swirling and flashing.

The earth started shaking, and gravel floated up around Lily’s body.

“Uehara no Shenzu, I no longer care about the aftermath, but, I won’t allow a b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ like you to insult Yoruko again!”

Lily suddenly looked at Shenzu, the blood crimson eyes beneath her black hair made Shenzu startle2.

‘Why, this woman suffered such injuries, how can her will still be so strong?’

“Hmph, no matter what, since you’re so stubborn, I’ll give you a final blow! Kagami Lily, you’re a combat genius with a perfect body and will. Pity though, true powerhouses might not be geniuses, but those who can judge a situation, those ancient long lived existences, do you understand? Foolish people like you and Yoruko…”

“Yahh!” Lily suddenly swung out a blood moon blade aura at Shenzu, it was her unique skill, Sakura-Clad Moon! Shenzu was in the midst of being proud, shocked at the sudden attack she hastily dodged! But the Sakura-Clad Moon could track!

Shenzu could only take a stance, her abyssal true intent gave form to immense power from her gloom, her swords flashed out, flinging two phantom blue sword flashes at the Sakura-Clad Moon.

Boom——! Spirit aura impacted and air surged out through the entire barren plains.

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“Ehehehe! Is that all? That’s all you can do?” Shenzu had smashed through Lily’s Sakura-Clad Moon. But suddenly, Shenzu felt a strong killing intent from her side.

“What!??” Shenzu twisted as fast as she could, only to see Lily was already in mid-air, her long hair flying, furious crimson aura flared.

Lily’s blade came crashing down as if she wanted to split mountains.

Clang——!!! The swords clashed together. Caught off guard by the powerful slash, Shenzu’s stance was broken.

Using the recoil, Lily bounced back into the air and came down with a rotating swing, slashing down at Shenzu’s abdomen! The abdomen was where a woman’s spirit palace was located, Lily’s resolute killing intent made Shenzu shiver.

Facing Lily’s patternless, unpredictable attacks, Shenzu could only forcibly raise her sword in a block.

Clink! On the moment of contact, Lily’s katana softly redirected into a stab, piercing towards Shenzu! Seeing Lily’s katana stab toward her spirit palace, Shenzu tripped back in fright!

“Kagami Lily!” Shenzu was furious, if she had been just a bit more carless, she would have really been stabbed! “You cheap despicable woman!”

“You think you have the right to call others despicable!?” Lily relentlessly chased after Shenzu with a flurry of wild blows.

Lily’s physical resistance was far inferior to Shenzu and it was difficult to deal with her long range Flying Ghost Sulfur. However, Lily’s close range reflexes were faster, and her pure attack power was not weaker, add in that her Spirit Power reserves and Soul Power reserve as a blade maiden would be no less than Shenzu’s, so Lily attacked, she continuously attacked. The best defense in this case was an unending offense.

Shenzu could also tell what Lily intended, though she wanted to counterattack, Lily’s flurry was like an unending storm. Shenzu could only continuously parry.

Shenzu gave up the pride and arrogance of victory through the sword and burst into a speedy retreat, once she created a distance she sent multiple Flying Ghost Sulfurs at Lily, the multitude of ghost horse face silent flames converged on Lily.

Lily’s eyes flashed with determination, instead of dodging, she dashed with full power after Shenzu, her katana slashing down. Being forced to block, Shenzu could see the pillars of silent flame flying at the two of them.

“What!??” Shocked, Shenzu cried, “Kagami Lily, are you insane? Your defense is inferior, even if you want to perish together, the only one who’ll die is you!”
“That so?” In Lily’s frenzied words, there was a hint of charm, “Let’s test it out shall we?”
“You, you…lunatic! Then die!” Shenzu’s eyes also filled with madness and pushed back against Lily’s katana with her strength, but because she was distracted with manipulating her Flying Ghost Sulfurs, she suffered a disadvantage.
“No way! This woman plans on dying? She wants to hurt me even if she dies?” Shenzu wavered and hesitated.

In that moment of hesitation, Lily slid forward, her katana slid down under Shenzu’s twin swords. In an instant, Lily had slid between Shenzu’s legs.


Lying underneath Shenzu, Lily sent a kick flying from her back, punting Shenzu at the incoming silent flames!
Boom boom boom——!!! Countless silent flames exploded, sending both Lily and Shenzu flying.

Black smoke billowed from the vast wasteland. The smoke gradually cleared.

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Shenzu, who had been previously uninjured, stood up, her clothes in tatters, covered in soot and injuries. She looked miserable and trembled in fury, her eyes smoldering in endless blue flames!

“Kagami Lily!!! I must dice you into ten thousand pieces!!!” Shenzu, a Throned General had been injured to this degree by a mere spirit jade. She was beyond infuriated.

Though Shenzu had suffered the majority of the harm, Lily’s physique was much weaker, she had been smashed into the ground and was covered in injuries, only by relying on the intense resentment could she stand up.

“Madam Yoruko…”

The image of Yoruko’s smile, seemed to appear before the blurry eyes of a weakened Lily.

“Madam Yoruko, I will definitely avenge you!”
“Avenge!?? Go accompany that b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ Yoruko in yomi!! Ahahaha!” Shenzu’s face was twisted in pain and fury, she no longer hid her hideous appearance as her throne power surged in fury and rapidly dashed at Lily.

But Lily at this point, due to the pain and weakness, was blurred in between illusion and reality, it was difficult for her to hold her katana3


  1. Yuki: Why is this stupid woman still agonizing over a woman she only met once. She’s in this stupid situation because of it and she still hasn’t learned her lesson?
  2. Robinxen: I can imagine this scene animated.
  3. Yuki: Plot armor time…. she going to see an illusionary Yoruko demonstrating her time sword and somehow learn it?
    Silva: You can bet that is exactly what’s going to happen
    Robinxen: Enter the dream realm~

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