Chapter 112 – Rebirth

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3199 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1702 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Eerie blue sparks floated all over the wastelands.

Towering flames burned silently, scorching the air into a blue shade and burning scattered sakura blossoms into ash.

Shenzu’s eyes reflected an eerie glow, as if Yomi was in front of her eyes.

“Ahahaha! Look at you, you can’t even hold your katana properly now! You still want to resist? Kagami Lily——I’ll send you on your way! Go accompany that b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ Yoruko and serve the demons and ghosts in yomi! That ridiculous Fayumi no Yoruko, that self proclaimed master of a generation! That foolish woman who kept her mask of hypocrisy until she died! Though she never fought against me she had to die! She only dedicated herself to the heavens but how is that of use? Only in death can she be of use! Is it not a fitting sacrifice for the heavens? Hahahahaha! Ahahahahaa! Now——it’s your turn! Foolish genius!” Shenzu’s expression distorted her face, her arrogance overwhelming as she ridiculed Yoruko’s death. The two swords she dragged behind her was imbued with enough of Yomi’s power to completely destroy Lily.

About to face a throne powerhouse’s final devastating blow, Lily turned sideways, her hair covering her face, her hands trembling as she held her katana horizontally.

“Have Kagura attack? Or ask for help from Lady Kimiko?”

True, Shenzu would be defeated.But she was unwilling! Unwilling! This viper! This murderess! In her heart, an uncontrollable anger burned, and an intense murderous urge filled her body.

Lily’s shaking wasn’t because she was unable to hold her katana, but because of anger. She was unwilling to use external help to kill Shenzu, she wanted to personally cut down this *****!

Madam Yoruko…

Yoruko’s visage suddenly appeared in front of her, softly smiling. As if saying to her “Lily, your road is still long, this isn’t a place you should come to. I have already completed my destiny, Lily, I leave the rest to you…”

Her entire life, pure and cold, without competition, wholeheartedly dedicated to the heavens and the common people, no beloved, but love for the world…

Madan Yoruko had dedicated everything to the heavenly oracle, but abandoned herself.

All of a sudden——
The scenes of her time with Yoruko appeared before her1:
Night, Garden, Clear Pool, Swimming Fish
Solemness, Fragrance, Rebirth!


“Lily, this slash, is called——Rebirth. The mysteries of the interludes are endless. You are the only one who has seen my slash and still remains alive. When you go back, try your best to comprehend it.”

Lily recalled the slash Yoruko had demonstrated for her, a slash that embodied and condensed her entire life’s swordsmanship attainments.

A slash as an imitation of her life.

Lily finally realized, that night, Yoruko had known she was going to die and entrusted Lily with her life’s attainments.

“Madam Yoruko, I will avenge you with your teachings!”

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Boom——!!! Endless crimson aura erupted, sakura blossoms billowed like snow across the skies and her long hair fluttered like a black flame within the crimson aura.

“Uehara no Shenzu!! I, Kagami Lily, will gamble my life on this strike! I will use my own strength and avenge Madam Yoruko!”
“Hahahahaha! What kind of dream words are you speaking? You’ve lost! What genius? I, Shenzu, am the real genius!!! Ahahahaha!”

In the vast wastelands, crimson and sapphire aura divided the sky. Two dark figures stood within the hurricane of aura. Shenzu leaped up high into the sky and swung down her twin swords imbued with the power of yomi! Lily faced her rival, her katana trembling within the crimson wind.

Suddenly—— The world of crimson went silent. Lily had withdrawn the torrent crimson aura, silencing the storm. Silently, without a ripple, like a duckweed, her katana swung out.

The pillar of blue silent flames instantly swallowed Lily.

“Ahahahaha! Die!!!” Shenzu wielded her full powers and crossed her swords in a slash! The twin swords came slashing down with the energies of a throne powerhouse.

But, where the swords passed through, there was nothing.

“What!?” Shenzu stared in confusion.

A black shadow with long fluttering hair appeared behind Shenzu.

“Rebirth.” Lily’s cherry lips trembled with endless resentment.

The blade of her katana fell silently! In the skies, the crimson and sapphire auras alternatively flashed.

Blood spurted out like ink, and even the final garments of that despicable woman turned into shreds and scattered. Uehara no Shenzu, that despicable woman fell to the ground powerlessly.

In the skies, her Sakura Blizzard surpassed and extinguished the silent flames. Under the cold night sky, the loser laid naked upon the ground with the moonlight shining on her back.

That blade sliced through Shenzu’s spirit power, destroyed the crystalline throne hall, but spared Shenzu’s spirit jade and soul.

But, this was no different from death. A super powerhouse at the throne realm was instantly reduced to a soul jade adept, and one suffering from permanent damage, she would no longer be able to improve.

This slash, rebirth, was the realm that the innocent and kind Yoruko had chased throughout her life. Even for the most heinous of sinners, she would prefer them to lower their blades and become buddhas. She would take away their powers, but leave the hopes of a new life behind.

During the final clash, Lily finally understood Yoruko’s technique. Only in that moment of life and death, could she comprehend the true meaning of this rebirth.

Lily had an epiphany.

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However, for Shenzu, who’s pride towered above all, this slash was crueler than death.

Lily had taken advantage of Shenzu’s carelessness and arrogance. Condensing and concealing her full power, she had allowed herself to be temporarily swallowed by the silent flame, and under the cover of the pillar of silent flame and tyrannical aura, she had dashed behind Shenzu and executed rebirth. Rebirth was originally a technique with the user’s aura completely condensed within the body. Shenzu was unable to detect Lily, who had condensed and concealed her aura, and was too arrogant and had never entertained the possibility that Lily would be able to resist her silent flames.

Lily had gambled with her life, if she had made any mistakes, she would have died instantly, it would have been too late to borrow Kagura’s powers.

Only by gambling with her life could Lily have perfectly replicated rebirth.

Shenzu, dominating, arrogant, prideful leader of the jade maidens, laid collapsed in front of Lily. There was no scar on her back, rebirth had been too sharp, too precise, and too fast. It had demolished the throne hall within her spirit palace and destroyed 99% of her power, but it didn’t even leave a scar, nor did it deal her physical harm.


For Shenzu, to lay on the ground, her hateful opponent staring coldly at her back, it was humiliating! Better to die!

“Kagami Lily, you filthy woman, I want you to die, I want you to die2…” Shenzu trembled, gritting her teeth.

Lily planted a foot on Shenzu’s back, “The likes of you aren’t qualified to call others filthy.”

Being stepped on by Lily made Shenzu feel it was better to die, “I’ll kill you! B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! I’ll kill you!”

“You were spared, not because of my kindness, but because it is Madam Yoruko’s intent.”

“What?” Shenzu’s eyes narrowed.

“I’ll be leaving, you just wait for your tour of the prison.”

Though Shenzu still had a spirit jade’s power, she was exhausted and would probably not be able to stand up within three days. Lily only needed to have the government catch her.

“Kagami Lily, kill me! Don’t let the government capture and humiliate me! Kill me!!!” Shenzu hoarsely shouted.

Lily turned and left, ignoring her.

“Kagami Lily, I hate you! I hate women like you! You’ll regret this! You’ll definitely regret this! Ahahaha, Ahahahaha!” Shenzu suddenly emitted a sinister and strange laughter. She slowly, laboriously lifted her hand and grabbed the remnant jade from her neck, though her clothes were wrecked, only the remnant jade pendant remained intact.

Shenzu used her remaining energy and bit the jade, pouring the remnants of her crippled spirit jade aura into the remnant jade.

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“Teacher——save me——3

Boom——!!! The sky trembled. An incomparably violent ancient power poured out from the residual jade!

“What!??” Lily’s soul felt a stinging pain, quickly turning around she saw a black cloud of smoke emerging in front of Shenzu.

That black smoke emitted enough power to destroy the lands, just from looking at a distance, Lily only felt suffocation.

“Hehehehe——Shenzu, you should have called me earlier, to think you destroyed your future for that pitiful arrogance! My foolish apprentice…”

It was as if an ancient masculine and a high pitched feminine voice were talking at the same time.

Hearing this, Lily started trembling uncontrollably, she could only feel cold sweat trickling down her spine.

Amidst the black smoke emerged a golden bodied terrifying figure wearing ancient and strange armor. Arm after arm appeared from the smoke, all covered in golden armor and golden gloves with sharp golden nails, a total of six arms emerged!

“Teacher——” Shenzu looked up with reverence at that golden body, as if he was her heaven, her god.

“Teacher, help me kill that hateful woman! She’s too hateful! She destroyed my source and dignity! Kill her, slice her into a thousand pieces!!” Shenzu cried out, her expression distorted with hatred.

“You don’t need to ask!”

Whizz! A terrifying golden blade aura came flying!

Crash!!! The blade aura impacted behind Lily, leaving behind a hundred meter long, bottomless blade scar.

“What!?” Lily turned to look at that blade scar, she could sense both a terrifying masculine energy and seductive feminine energy within.

Now, she completely understood.

The smoke dispelled, that golden body was displayed. It was sitting cross legged on a black cloud, full body covered in golden armor, with six arms, that snowy white face had both the handsomeness of a man and coquettishness of a woman, it was difficult to tell the gender of this figure. Most importantly, it radiated an aura capable of destroying the world.

“Hehehehe…” That transvestite monster’s voice echoed throughout the sky, “Eastern Land’s mirror girl Lily, it is your honor to die beneath the hands of Rokuhara Tandai!”


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