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Chapter 69 – Blade Maiden (Part 2)

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2249 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1391 words

“Although she’s a female ninja, I can’t be fooled by her tender appearance! Her power-level was equal to that of Akira. Moreover, she could have more strange tricks up her sleeve!” That was what Lily reminded herself.

Steam arose from the murmuring hot spring not far from the yard, and the deep moonlight shining over gave light to a faint silver mist. The courtyard was beautiful and serene. But now, it was about to become a battle arena between two female martial art practitioners.

“Hmph, if those guys weren’t useless, I wouldn’t want to attack a woman,” Shiu looked down at Lily from her height.

“Well, you’re talking as if you’re not a woman. As you’ve ordered your henchmen to do such operations, even if your hands are clean, your soul is already contaminated!” Lily snapped back.

“Stop talking nonsense! Although it’s a pity I have to take your life, this mission is very important to me! You should cooperate so as you don’t need to suffer!” Shiu suddenly took her stance, her hands moving as fast as a shadow.


She threw three shurikens at the same time.

As the three shurikens were aiming at Lily, it wasn’t easy to dodge.

Lily sent her spirit power to the sleeves of her kimono. This method allowed her to keep the large kimono’s sleeves flexible yet extremely tough. Now they were unbreakable!

The red sleeves swung like a dancer with graceful momentum. “Swish!” Lily blocked the three shurikens.

“Eldritch energy?!” Shiu saw the red energy from Lily, which made her startled. “This is not some common eldritch energy… You, your power-level is surely not of a mid-tier samurai. You, who are you after all?”

“I also want to know that myself! But at the very least, I don’t like meaningless killing, especially not a woman like you. You and I don’t have any grudge against each other. Why should we kill each other for a little commission?” Lily’s eyes turned cold. The Seiwa Tamashi shielded in front of her, releasing beams of sharp light.

“You don’t understand! The samurais have their principle. And we ninjas have our own belief! When we receive a mission, we will not take our affections or personal resentment into account, whether it’s evil or not! That’s our ninja’s belief!”

“Clang!” Silver light flashed. Shiu drew her straight sword.

Her slender but vigorous thighs flexed, propelling her high like a swallow rolling in the sky.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!” Three other shurikens came.

Lily flipped her sleeves, dodging and deviating the shurikens. At this moment, Shiu stepped in the empty sky, creating a bursting mass of air like a mist. Borrowing the force, she plunged towards Lily from above.

Lily had almost been unable to defend herself. What kind of trick did she use to borrow force in midair?


Lily’s Seiwa Tamashi and Shiu’s straight sword, Shiroi Fugu, clashed. They sparked a dazzling red and white, lighting up the dark night..

Spirit power erupted from the impact!

Shiu rolled backward using the recoil force, withdrawing from Lily’s attack range. Then, she dashed to one side.

Lily gave chase.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!” Shiu continuously threw bunches of shurikens, which came in a set of three shurikens each.
Lily set her sword vertically to shield. Changing her footstep to dodge the shurikens while chasing after Shiu. However, her pace wasn’t slower than the other.

Lily’s pace was astonishing. Shiu twirled around to face Lily behind her, slashing with her sword.

This time, Lily was prepared. Wielding the Seiwa Tamashi she parried.

“Clang!” Light flashed. The ground shook.

Shiu was blown backward. Stepping in the air once again, she jumped to evade a tree. Pivoting in flight to land on the pine’s branch.1

“That Penetration Force was so powerful!” Shiu was astonished. The Shiroi Fugu in her hand was still vibrating, her arm numb. Was it really true that big-breasted women always had strong power-level? She put her hand on her chest to self-assess her breasts. They were normal, neither big nor small.

However, while she was studying her target, she saw Lily wield her sword.

While being skeptical, she saw the air turning into waves of red light, flying toward her at speed.

“What!?” Shiu was frightened. It was a sword wave!

She hurried to jump aside. The sword wave followed its trajectory unaltered, cutting off the big branch and flying up into the night sky.

As Shiu was about to land, she was surprised to find that Lily was dashing toward her. The sharp light of the Seiwa Tamashi twinkled in her hands.

Shiu didn’t dare to parry Lily’s attack anymore. Reluctantly, she landed then hastily leaned aside to dodge Lily’s slash.

Lily, not wanting to let Shiu escape, released the handle of her sword and drew the scabbard from her waist.

“Pat!” She whipped Shiu’s bottom.2

“Argh!” Shiu felt a sharp twinge across her bottom. She screamed then flew away, falling to the ground and rolling several times before she could stop.

Panting, she covered her rear and got up. She was both enraged and embarrassed. “You, how could you use the scabbard! That’s a long sword, how could you hold it with one hand!”

Lily didn’t attack the normal way. Shiu got hit and lost her face at the same time.

Tossing her scabbard aside, Lily queried, “Still want to fight?”

“You, don’t you dare look down on ninjas! Hmph, you big-breasted samurai, do you think a battle between ninjas and samurais is merely about swordsmanship and strength?!” Shiu shrieked angrily.

Shiu unfolded her five fingers, revealing several small purple balls.

“Swoosh!” She threw them in Lily’s direction. Since the balls didn’t fly fast though, Lily was able to dodge them easily.

However, after they fell around Lily, they exploded, spreading a purple cloud. “Boom! Boom!”

Breathing in bits of the gas, Lily suddenly felt hot. Her breathing became short and her slender legs felt unstable.

Lily hurriedly left the area of the mysterious cloud. Flushed, she covered her nose, asking. “What, what is that?!”

Shiu smirked coldly. “Hmph, it’s the secret ninjutsu of the Mido family from Fuma Clan. Why would I tell you! When a woman takes in the purple mist, it will be like she has inhaled something ten times stronger than aphrodisiac. She will turn jello and dizzy, craving to be taken care of or conquered. There’s no way to stop it. She will lose her fighting strength and the only option left is to let the opponent tie her hands!”

“Ah. . .” Lily was startled. How could they have such an evil technique! But did the other just tell everything again?

“Hmph!” Shiu looked at Lily’s troubled posture, smiling contentedly. “Let alone a female samurai like you, even if I carelessly inhale this mist, I will also turn into that unbearable obscene appearance!”

“Eh?” Lily was bewildered. “So you don’t have an antidote?”

“Hmph, you stupid woman, this is a secret ninjutsu that has been passed through many generations. How could you get the antidote that easily?! Stop talking nonsense. Just taking in a bit and you’re already like this. Your persistence is nothing special. It’s a little cunning to use this trick to deal with a woman, but I have to win at any cost!”

Shiu took out more purple balls, throwing them toward Lily.

She didn’t aim at Lily but her surrounding area. Then, no matter where Lily came to dodge, she would remain within the mist’s coverage.

“Despicable!” Lily could only choose a random direction. However, she couldn’t avoid the effect when the ball exploded. Even while holding her breath, she still took in bits of mist.

“Ngh…” Even Lily’s breathing had turned self-conscious.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Shiu anchored her hands at her waist, laughing. “You brainless big-breasted samurai. Is this your level? Just inhale the mist several times more and you won’t be able to move anymore!”

Then, Shiu hopped on a rock. Her hand flipped and showed more purple balls.

“In that case, I must end this battle soon!” Lily’s eyes turned solemn. Her spirit power caused her silky black hair to flutter around her body. Although she felt hotter and her face blushing, her eyes turned more beautiful and sharper, just like the twinkling stars in the velvet night sky emitting red halos.



  1. Robinxen: I kind of wish the author gave more attention to his character descriptions in moments like this, it’d be far more compelling for the next paragraph to describe Shiu’s silhouette against the tree. Other than her initial description in previous chapters we haven’t been reminded of this girls figure at all.
  2. Silva: Her derp, Lily did spank someone in the butt during a fight after all, but not against Nanako xD

    Robinxen: Does whacking someones butt with a scabbard count as spanking? I guess people do it with rulers….and other things. So yes?

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