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Chapter 60 – Lily’s Penetration Force

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1083 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 784 words

The evening was still a long way off, so Lily put away the slip of paper for now.

“Just how long does this Saionji Nanako plans to keep up with this!” Lily was already in a bad mood since early morning. Not only did she get kissed in an unexpected situation the day before, she even lost the Sakura Parasol. She never thought that the parasol would fall into the hands of such an annoying brat. Though she received an invitation, who knew just what kind of trap she set up this time. Nanako definitely wouldn’t return the parasol that easily.

Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, Lily asked, “excuse me, is there a place where I can test my penetration force?”

The female disciple replied, “Of course there is. Miss Kagami is already one of us, the mistress said you may use some of the basic training grounds and facilities as you wish.”

“That’s great! Can you take me there?”

There were two reasons Lily wanted to test her penetration force. The first reason was to see what level of strength had she reached after that night of awakening. The other reason was merely to give vent to her frustration!

The female disciple brought Lily to an empty unfrequented training ground located in the dojo’s outer region. This was the training ground specially built for in-name disciples; however, as a matter of fact, the majority of the in-name disciples normally spent their time on adventuring or holding an official post, so they rarely ever spent their time training in the dojo.

Since the female disciple had other matters to attend to, she left Lily all by herself. Lily picked up a wooden sword and faced the blue-colored Slash Force Sensor, both of which had already been set up long before they arrived.

Directing almost all of her frustration and anger at the poor Slash Force Sensor, Lily struck out,
“Haaah—!” she shouted loudly as the wooden sword pierced through the wind.

The heavy sound echoed throughout the training ground, “bang!”

“450 kan!”

A slight smile formed on Lily’s face. She felt a little better after venting her frustration. This was the result of the more commonly used blue-colored Spirit Power. Lily was quite satisfied with it, considering all the battles and work out she had been doing recently. Next, it was time to test the Spirit Power obtained from the Soul Eater ability.

As Lily employed the Soul Eater power, the faint Spirit Power that enveloped her body changed into a dim crimson light, which also extended to cover the wooden sword

“Swish!” The abrupt sword swing caused the space in its immediate vicinity to twist1 moderately.

“Dooooooooooong—!!!” A sound resembling the chimes of a grandfather clock reverberated throughout the area.

“871 kan!”

“Say what?!” exclaimed Lily, shocked by the result.

It’s actually… that powerful?

The Spirit Power augmented by Soul Eater was capable of giving her such a big boost in power?

No wonder… no wonder she was able to cut down the Mountain Imps as though she was chopping vegetables and killed them in the hundreds in one breath!

‘But 871 kan, how does it work?’

Lily had specially asked the female disciple about the samurai’s power levels during their small talks. According to the long-standing standards of Genji and Taira Dojo, a Low-tier Samurai’s penetration force was between 80 to 200 kan.

Mid-tier Samurai: 200 to 400 kan.

High-tier Samurai: 500 to 800 kan.

Lily’s base power had already surpassed the upper limit of a Mid-tier Samurai and was approaching the doorstep of High-tier Samurai. On top of that, the penetration force of her Spirit Power augmented by Soul Eater reached an astounding 871 kan! Her power level jumped across the High-tier Samurai in one go and was drawing near to the strength of a Low-tier Sword Master, who was said to be able to roam around the Heian Empire freely. Lily suddenly understood why Uesugi said her name would quickly spread across the Kanagawa prefecture. The speed of her improvement surprised even herself. She hadn’t even been in this parallel world for a full month, yet not only had she become a samurai, but she was also about to step into the ranks of the valiant Sword Master!

“Senior sister… maybe… I have taken yet another step closer to the journey ahead… Alright, it’s about time to go find that little girl,” Lily was really excited and her breasts jiggled in response. Her mood was also a lot lighter compared to before.

“Hmph, I really hope that naughty young lady has really picked up the Sakura Parasol,” Lily had a relaxed smile forming at the corner of her mouth.



  1. ED: Woah, that escalated quickly. Isn’t space bending/shattering for the top class in these novels?
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