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Chapter 144 – Imminent Peril (Part 3)

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2250 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1440 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The giant samurai who was more than three meters tall looked like a blue wall. He rushed towards Lily at a quickened pace, causing the earth to rumble. His speed was many times faster than those average samurai!

“Bang!” Facing the giant warrior, Saionji Kotoka panicked and shot at him irrationally!

The grade-two fire blunderbuss was enough to seriously injure any high-tier samurai but it was like a child’s play in the face of Dijon. He pulled out a giant tachi. The speed was so fast that Lily could not see it clearly. She just saw a flash of light on his big hand.

“Clank!” The fire blunderbuss’ bullet was repelled back by the giant sword and the shocking strength of Dijon. The bullet shot back at Kotoka at a faster speed but Kotoka just stood there without any reaction.

“No!” Lily immediately moved. With the fastest speed she could move, she slashed the Crescent Moon at the bullet!

“Clank!” Lily’s Crescent Moon barely blocked the bullet. The huge impact force deformed the bullet and it deflected off to a distant place like popcorn.

Although the Crescent Moon was not damaged at all, Lily felt numb in half of her body and the purlicue began to bleed. For a while, her arm could not be raised at all as if it had lost consciousness.

It was just a bullet that was deflected, but it almost rendered Lily unable to lift the sword again.

Although Lily’s strength increased very fast and she had obtained such a powerful sword, the gap between her strength and Hojo Dijon’s strength was still too big!
In her heart, Lily knew that she had no chance of winning!

At this time the huge body of Hojo Dijon had rushed towards Lily, almost blocking half of the sky.
As if facing a beast at close range, Lily felt the scorching ferocity and horrible oppression!

At this time, Hojo Dijon was very furious. His mighty and tyrannical spirit power blew his sleeves causing them to shake. It even blew the long hair of Lily.

Dijon’s thick and solid arm was raised high. At this moment, he had already entered into the stage of extreme rage and fury. His bloodshot eyes were like the eyes of a giant beast. He would no longer care about any so-called family background and power structure. Only the thought of killing remained in his heart!

His huge sword chopped toward Lily with great momentum!

“I won’t be able to block it!” Lily began to take a dodging stance as soon as Hojo Dijon raised his hand.


The giant sword stuck to the ground, creating a deep trench on it. A large amount of gravel dust blew to both sides and knocked down the Imagawa soldiers who were almost blown tens of meters away. Even the litter of the fat Imagawa Yoshitada began to totter.

“Bang!” Lily who was closest to the mighty and overbearing shockwave used all of her spirit power to defend and consumed a lot of spirit power to block the shockwave and gravel. However, her red kimono was like a flower whose petals were torn off and blew away in the wind!1

However, at this time, Dijon no longer had the idea of capturing Lily. He just wanted to kill her at once! He pulled out the giant sword and slashed it horizontally to behead Lily. As she was still caught in the impact and had not yet landed, all she could do is use Crescent Moon to defend!


The dazzling sparks burst out and Lily was sent flying by the impact. If Lily had not nearly exhausted all her spirit power, all the bones in her body would be shattered by this shock.

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“Ah—!” Lily screamed as she slammed into a roadside tree. Her thin waist hit the thick tree trunk and unexpectedly snapped it. She bounced back and rolled on the ground, only coming to a stop after rolling for a while!

“Miss Kagami!”

Nanako also called out the true title of Lily in her heart. Yes, in fact, she always regarded Lily as her big sister!2 The Saionji family rushed up to protect Lily with the rest of the samurai.
With a wave of the Hojo Dijon’s giant sword, a fierce sword wind blew.

“Ah—!” “Kyaa—!”

The sword wind blew the Saionji family members, Taihara father and son duo, and the rest of the foot soldiers upside down for several meters before they fell to the ground.

“Madame, Nanako…”

Lily fell to the ground in rags. Her spirit power was losing control because of the strong impact. She shivered and barely supported her body. She looked at Kotoka and Nanako with worry. Fortunately, Hojo Dijon was also afraid of killing them.

But Dijon would never be merciful to her!
Lily didn’t need it either!

Just to resist the random attack of Hojo Dijon, she had consumed more than 90% of her spirit power. It was impossible to resist the next attack of Hojo Dijon again!

However, at this time, Lily also showed extraordinary courage. Although the skirt was ragged, her white thighs exposed, and she could not stand up properly due to the huge impact, she still held the hilt tightly and looked at Hojo Dijon with willful eyes.

The giant samurai Hojo Dijon who was wearing blue clothes was emitting a brutal and violent aura. He walked towards Lily in large strides. The thick tachi in his hand was enough to cleave the city walls into two!

Lily couldn’t even stand up properly, but even so, she was still looking for a chance to retaliate. She couldn’t give up. There must be another chance to fight back.

Yet, Hojo Dijon was too strong. His Spirit Power was immense. He was powerful, yet flexible and calm3. His resolution to kill was firm. He was a real top-notch expert. He was not an ordinary brute or beast, but more cruel than any beast!

Lily could not discover any slightest flaw.

“Absolutely disgraceful! Am I really going to die under the sword of this hateful man? Is there really no chance?! I am not willing, not willing to fail like this!
Senior sister…
The soul of the senior sister is still sleeping alone in the dark and cold stone room. If I die, who will accompany senior sister? Who will rescue her?”

Hojo Dijon had arrived in front of Lily and the giant raised his huge sword without mercy even when facing a girl who could not resist.

“Ⓢⓛⓤⓣ, go to hell.” Hojo Dijon coldly and cruelly issued the final judgment.

Lily’s eyes became a little sluggish as she looked at the huge sword that was raised high in the sky and was about to fall at any time. She couldn’t even lift her sword to block it. At this time, she gave up on fighting back and supported her body with an elbow that was still able to move. Despite knowing that it was pointless, she still dragged her numb legs to one side. It was so ridiculously slow and offered no help at all in escaping Hojo Dijon’s sword.

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But even so, Lily gritted her teeth and dragged her body towards the gate of the Saionji household. She might be able to escape in that direction.

“I mustn’t die here! Lily’s life is not worth sparing. However, how can I let the soul of my senior sister roam in this alien world alone? How can I let the soul of my senior sister fall into the hands of these vicious and cruel guys!
I mustn’t die! I mustn’t die — senior sister… help me, give me strength…”

At this moment, Hojo Dijon also hesitated, not because of pity, but because of Lily’s strong spirit power. She had no resistance and no ability to escape but the strong will emanating from her heart shocked him for a moment.

“This is … what a strong desire for survival!” Hojo Dijon’s eyes narrowed slightly but his wide lips gave a sneer instead.

“Hum, I’ve seen a lot of people like you. Now die!”

The huge sword fell toward the delicate body of the unfortunate girl!

“Neigh— Klop klop klop klop klop—!”4

There was a sound of horse’s hooves like rolling thunder and the earth suddenly shook.

The sound came from far away, yet in just a matter of seconds, a majestic black warhorse with thunderous hoofing dashed right into the front of Hojo, protecting the delicate and helpless girl in red behind like a steel barrier.

In the last part of the sprint, the black steed Nioh broke the speed of sound!5


  1. Robinxen: Dress Break! Defence Down! Critical Rate Up!
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  3. Robinxen: CALM?! YOU CALL THAT CALM?!
  4. Silva: Yeah… too lazy to think up with the SFX sound…
    Robinxen: Insert Monty Python clip here.
  5. Robinxen: I’ll destroy those illusions!

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