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Chapter 143 – Imminent Peril (Part 2)

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2062 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1223 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Dark, gloomy skies, and chilly winds blew!
The samurai of the Hojo family shouted and rushed towards Lily and the Saionji family.

“Open fire!” Kotoka was by no means a docile woman. She ordered decisively at this critical moment.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” More than a dozen of Saionji’s foot soldiers opened fire with their cannons at the same time.

Several samurai from the Hojo family tumbled down. However the Sword Master and High-Tier Samurai led by Nagasaki easily moved to one side and dodged the iron cannon volley.

At this time, the samurai were closing in! Several samurai directly slashed their swords to kill Saionji’s foot soldiers. They immediately scattered and did not have enough time to reload.


Saionji family’s soldiers let out a series of screams. One after another, they were cut down.

Though the Spirit Power of Low-Tier Sword Master such as Nagasaki and Sakata were inferior, they were fierce enough to charge at Lily and attacked her with their katana.

“Ma’am, Nanako, step back!!” Lily shouted as she lowered her centre of gravity to one side and clenched the hilt.

Sakata glared at Lily and his thick arm slashed his katana at Lily’s shoulder.
Lily’s eyes turned cold.

That Hojo Dijon thought too highly of himself and deigned to fight against Lily. Even if there was no chance of success, Lily didn’t want to give up!

Lily nimbly took a side step. Sakata’s katana swept past Lily’s shoulder by an inch. At this time, Lily suddenly moved her sword.


A light that stunned Hojo and Hachiro flashed!

The three-foot-nine-inch long sword had clearly streaked across Sakata, but it looked like a phantom and didn’t have any effect on Sakata.

At this moment, Nagasaki who was next to Lily attacked her from the back while she had turned around to face Sakata.

Nagasaki was a powerful low-tier Sword Master. He had a keen reaction but even he couldn’t tell if Sakata had been slashed. Seeing the gap created by Lily, he responded with a strong charge!

It was too late for Lily to dodge. Manifesting her Crimson-colored Spirit Power, she flipped her sword around at lightning fast speed!

The Crescent Moon in Lily’s hands was about to come in contact with Nagasaki’s grade-three katana!

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However, at this time, something unexpected happened. Lily’s Crescent Moon cut off the first half of Nagasaki’s katana like a hot knife cutting through butter. The upper half of the katana was split off. The long blade cut into Nagasaki’s arm without any resistance!

“What!?” Dijon and Hachiro, who only intended to watch, were both surprised by this display.

Before Nagasaki could even respond, his whole arm had been severed from his body!

Right then, Sakata on the other side of the Lily glared at her with the desire to make a move. Since Lily had only just swung her sword, she was bound to get struck if Sakata made a move. However, for some reason, Sakata couldn’t move his hand even after deciding to take action.

He felt his vision gradually blackening out.

Sakata’s upper body slid away from his legs. There was such a neat cut on the waist that even blood could not be seen.

“Ahh!” At this time, Nagasaki reacted. The broken katana fell to the ground. He covered his severed arm with his other hand. He stumbled backward and fell down. Sakata’s upper body fell on the ground. He died with a pair of angry and widely-opened eyes.

“Be careful— That woman’s blade is unusual!” Taira Hachiro screamed with alertness when he saw such a sharpened katana.

Even Lily herself was surprised with the shining Crescent Moon. She did not expect that this blade would be so sharp!

The fifth-grade superb Tamahagane, mixed with the Demon Hound’s tooth powder, made by Ehiro’s peerless skill, coated with the spirit tempering, and injected with the high ranked Demon Hound’s metal-attribute anima. It was already incomparably sharp in of itself. The metal-attribute anima of the high ranked demon had made the surface of Lily’s blade extremely hard and sharp, forming an indestructible layer of golden light film. This was how she could so easily cut off Nagasaki’s grade-three katana.

Nagasaki’s strength was not much lower than Lily’s, but the gap between the sword grades was too big. In addition, he never expected something like this so he was caught off guard and suffered such a disastrous loss!

At this time, two mid-tier Sword Masters and two low-tier Sword Masters who were not as powerful as Lily attacked her together. The situation in the battlefield was changing rapidly. They didn’t realize the essence of what happened just now. They just saw an opportunity to attack so they took it!

“Stop! Stay away from that woman!” When Dijon felt that the situation was not good, he shouted.

However, it was too late.
Two mid-tier Sword Masters and two low-tier Sword Masters, these were the elites of the Hojo family!
Almost at the same time, four people wielding swords headed towards Lily from different directions and angles.
And even after bursting out with full force, Lily was only comparable to one of the middle-tier Sword Master.

As the master of the Crescent Moon, Lily had realized the extraordinariness of her sword!
She could hear the Crescent Moon’s bloodlust yearning for kills!
At the critical moment where she faced attacks from four blades, Lily adopted an approach not used in normal circumstances.

She held the hilt tightly with both hands, together with an elegant and powerful swivel motion, she aimed at the blade of the four katana and carried out a full-power horizontal slash!

Normally speaking, this was a risky move. The strength of both sides were almost on par. Even if the first blade was parried, how could the remaining three be resisted!? It was like seeking death!

Lily’s three-feet-and-nine-inches long Crescent Moon contained the power of a bizarre Spirit Power and monster sword aura!

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It was like a blade sweeping through a bamboo forest.
All the four Sword Masters’ katana were broken!


Shortly after, blood threads that were almost linked together were formed!
All four Sword Masters had a deep wound in the center of their chest with a shallow cut at both sides!

The blood bought out by the blade was like a misty red curtain. It coagulated at the tip of Lily’s blade and flowed along with the blade, slowly dripping to the ground.

One after another, four Sword Masters toppled powerlessly into the pool of blood formed by their very own blood!
This scene sent everyone into a daze regardless whether they were Hojo, Taira Hachiro, Yagyuu Munesaki, Imagawa, or all other samurai!

He thought that arresting Lily was as easy as eating a pie. In front of Hojo Dijon, how could this little woman dare to resist? She should have already been scared and gone soft in the legs!

But unexpectedly, six Sword Masters were lost in a face-to-face confrontation! They were the assets of the Hojo family!
Even that Demon Hound didn’t kill so many experts of the Hojo family!

Dijon was furious and burst forth with vigorous Spirit Power that caused the wind to blow all around him!
At this time, he didn’t care about arresting Lily alive and interrogating her. He only wanted to kill this hateful and vicious woman with one strike!
The roar of the Hojo Dijon resounded through the Suruga town!
“Kagami Lily!”


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