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Chapter 145 – War Goddess of The Land of Snow

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1989 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1176 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The thundering echo of hooves grew louder as the mighty black beast approached. Then, it came to a ground-trembling halt as it sunk its forelegs into the dirt.

“What!?” Hojo Dijon’s body jolted from surprise. The sword strike could not be stopped due to the momentum and he continued to slash at the muscular black steed, which stood roughly one head taller than Dijon!

“Clang—!” On the dark horse’s back, an ice-cold beauty rode on it. The woman with shining silver hair wielded a snow-white tanto in her slender hand to deflect Hojo’s huge tachi!

“Hojo! ——How dare you bully my sister!1” Uesugi relied on a one-handed short sword and stopped Hojo’s blade, causing the huge body of Hojo Dijon to take a few steps back.

“Uesugi Rei!? Why are you here?” Dijon exclaimed in surprise.
Uesugi Rei didn’t care about Hojo Dijon at all. She turned over and dismounted, landing next to Lily.

“Sister Lily!”

Uesugi Rei’s arrogant looking face also showed a rare expression of heartache. She picked up the fallen girl and put her hand on Lily’s left chest, proceeding to inject her spirit power into Lily’s body.

“The Blessing of the Goddess of War!” When Taira Hachiro saw what Uesugi Rei was doing from the side, he exclaimed, “It’s said that not only does the Land of Snow’s Goddess of War have strong spirit power, but she can also heal her soldiers. It seems that the rumor is true after all…”

“Huh…” This cold and unexpectedly comfortable feeling made Lily’s body recover quickly. In fact, she had only almost exhausted her spirit power and was numbed by the sudden powerful impact. She wasn’t really injured at all.

“Phew, it looks like my baby sister is fine.” Uesugi Rei’s hand clung deeply to Lily’s chest. Naturally, she could tell that much from Lily’s complexion and heartbeat. Her hand continued to roam from Lily’s neck to the feet to make sure that she’s fine.

Lily, who had just recovered trembled as she was touched by Uesugi Rei during the physical examination. She let out a delicate moan, “Ngh…”

“You are fine, great. I finally caught up.” Uesugi Rei held Lily’s waist and stood up with her. Lily, who was considerably tall herself, could still barely touch the ground with her feet despite being embraced tightly by Uesugi Rei.

Nanako who was not far away took in this scene with a bit of confusion.

At this time, Lily was still feeling lingering fear from the desperate straits earlier. Her breath was filled with Uesugi’s smell. The feminine smell of a woman after strenuous exercise. Could she have rushed all the way from thousands of miles?2

At this moment, Lily realized that she had escaped the Dijon’s killing move and… she had survived. She was rescued by the tall and feminine Uesugi!3

For a while, the resolve Lily held in her heart for a long time almost collapsed. She forced herself not to cry and looked up at the woman who saved her. The woman she met on her first night after she arrived in this parallel world was physically standing so close to her now.

She could feel her temperature, her breath, and her big breasts that were as soft as the ocean.

She felt that Uesugi Rei’s small but slender fingers were wrapped around her waist. Lily was unable to resist that strength so she could only stand on her tiptoe and stick to her body.

She wanted to cry.
She wanted to lie in her arms and cry her heart out…
But, no.

If she indulged herself in gentle feelings and became a weak woman like a little bird relying on people, then how would she go about the long road of rescuing senior sister from the dark?

No matter how Uesugi Rei treated her, no matter how powerful she was, nobody other than herself could walk down this road!

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Her weak body could be forcefully hugged by her. Her waist could be held by her and be rendered unable to resist, but her heart shan’t be conquered!

Never, not even to Uesugi.
Except for her senior sister, she couldn’t be conquered by any other woman!
This was the bottom line!

Since Uesugi Rei saved her. She was naturally very grateful for her kindness.
Lily looked at Uesugi Rei with strong but sometimes confused eyes.

’But this beautiful ice-cold face, this heroic figure. This fragrance, and the soft touch of her body… It’s so hard for me to stay in her arms and remain focused!’

However, while Lily was on the verge of being swayed by rationality and emotion, Uesugi’s gaze swept across the warriors who surrounded them and sneered. This was in line with Lily’s expectation of Uesugi. However, her hand which was originally holding Lily’s small waist went down along the back of Lily and placed itself on her buttock.4

“Ah?” Lily’s face turned crimson like a peach blossom. Her eyebrows wrinkled slightly and her eyes flashed with stubbornness and disappointment. She was just about to fall in love but her good impression came to nothing in an instant.

‘This woman, what is she doing at this time? What is going on in her mind?’ Lily thought of it with shame and anger, ’Is it because she is too focused on the situation around her and ignored the position of her hand and accidentally slipped down? But if that’s the case, don’t grasp it so hard and touch it back and forth!’

Lily tried hard to calm her breathing and make it seem like she wasn’t having a hard time, but she still couldn’t help but let out breath cloud between her lips and teeth.

“No, stop mess around… what time do you think is it, what the hell are you thinking about?”

Uesugi just saved her and faced the threat of Dijon and other enemies because of her. At this time, it was impossible for Lily to turn against Uesugi, but that didn’t mean she could let Uesugi take advantage of her!

Lily looked at this woman in anger and felt like crying. At this time, there was nothing she could do.

Fortunately, according to the position where they stood, the enemies of all sides could not see the movement of Uesugi’s hand behind Lily so she was more or less relieved.

“Seriously, just she did she think she is touching? Forget it. I can only endure this time.” Lily blushed with shame. Her chest was rubbing against the lower half of Uesugi’s chest…

However, at this time, Hojo Dijon had no time to pay attention to the subtle details between these two women. In his opinion, Uesugi Rei was just holding Lily to protect her.

“Uesugi Rei,” he said angrily, “This Kagami Lily killed my younger brother Hojo Motoshige and Daidouji Akira. Then she stole the tamahagane and anima of Demon Hound from my Hojo family! She should be severely punished by my Hojo family! This matter has nothing to do with you, why are you interfering with this matter?”5


  1. Robinxen: Uh oh! Nanako has some sexy competition!
  2. Robinxen: She wasn’t that far away originally, she probably just got lost once or twice….
  3. Robinxen: Rei Onee-sma!!!!!!!!!! *Kuroko Levels Intensify*
  4. Silva: Tsk tsk tsk, Uesugi sure knows how to take advantage of every situation
    Robinxen: Truly a woman of great fortitude.
  5. Robinxen: For that dang fine bod obviously!

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