[Vol 1] Chapter 8 – Friends

“I love the Nation. But I love my beauties more” – Excerpt from Remarks of the Emperor.

As Wufeng studies the three beauties, the two with Angel also noticed Wufeng.

“Ah, Sister Angel, who’s this guy? Come introduce us,” the redhair beauty spoke first.

“oh, he’s my student, his name is Li Wufeng.”

The nearby males all let out a collective breath, it turned out that he’s only her student.

Not wishing to seem rude in front of these beauties, Wufeng also stood up and invited the two to a cup of coffee, which the two happily accepted, joining Wufeng and Angel at their table. Wufeng immediately ordered the best brand of coffee, Lusong Black Star before Angel introduced the two. The mixed blood girl is called Guan Yingying, while the one with long hair is called Hua Yumei, both of whom are students at the Imperial University. While Angel is only older than them by a year, she’s two years above their grade. Despite that, during their studies, they were still very close friends.

Guan Yingying comes from Heshou Commandery’s capital prefecture, Hejian Prefecture. The Guan family is a martial arts family whose name is renewed throughout the entire Jianghu (martial arts world). In addition, they are also a major local producer and distributor of grain and cooking oil, making them very influential in the region.

Hua Yumei comes from Jiangnan Commandery’s Songjiang Prefecture, and the Hua family is a major producer in the silk trade. It is estimated that they control about a quarter of the entire industry, gaining them the name “King of Silk”.

These information are things that Wufeng only learned of later on.

As for Angle’s introduction, she only briefly went over their names, informing him that they are her junior before the three went into their own discussion. This scene shocked Wufeng, but he could only sigh in his heart. However, he did not give up as in the first place, it is impossible to gain results immediately. It is said that ‘one cannot eat hot tofu’, hastily seeking results will only become counterproductive, so under everyone’s jealous gazes, Wufeng calmly drank his coffee.

At this moment, Moran, Su Minshu and another unknown male came in. Seeing this, Wufeng apologized to the three beauties saying that his friends are here before leaving under the shocked gaze of these three. These three also felt somewhat annoyed, it should be known that any men would fight for just the chance of hanging out by their side, however, someone like Wufeng who didn’t cherish this chance could be said to be their first.

When Wufeng walked over to sit with these three, Moran and the others all saw the beauties that Wufeng had left behind. However, while Moran and Su Minshu was somewhat touched, Wufeng noticed that this unknown middle aged man remain unmoved.

As Wufeng studied him, with a calm demeanor as serene as the water in a well, the unknown men introduced himself, “My name is Gu Ji and I’m the owner of Canglang Study (a book collection), Moran and Minshu are my friends, and when they said that they’ve made a new companion, it peaked my interest.”

Wufeng had long heard Moran and Minshu talked about this man named Gu Ji. They said that not only is he a very learned individual, but he’s also very well informed with it comes to intelligence. In addition, despite being a very famous private collection, very few people know who the owner is. Wufeng would have never guessed that this ordinarily looking individual sitting across is actually the owner of such a famous shop.

As Moran and Minshu returned their gaze from the three beauties that Wufeng left, Wufeng and Gu Ji had already finished with their self introduction.

As Moran and Minshu finished their introduction, Wufeng and Gu JI were both studying each other. For Gu JI, this young individual gave him a deep sense of mystery, despite being so young, he was unable to see through him.

Decades later, as historians of the Empire called this a meeting of great importance as at the time, all four individuals are relative unknown. However, in about ten years time, the names of these four would have become renowned across the continent. The Great historian Tang Tu gave a very detailed description of this event in his History of the Founding of the Empire. He could do this because he was one of the students who was present in the café during the meeting, only he was had only felt jealousy and anger as Wufeng left the three beauties behind.

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