[Vol 1] Chapter 7 – Beauty

The daily school life seems especially quiet for Wufeng. Wufeng, Shalang, and Malick were separated into three different sections. When an individual enrolls into the academy, they are divided into classes in four different groups dependent on their prior rank at either the company, battalion, brigade, or divisional level command.

The divisional grade only has one class of less than forty men while the brigade has three classes of fifty men each, and the company and battalion grades have eight fifty men classes. Wufeng’s brigade level class have an average age of around 35, with only Wufeng being completely out of the ordinary at less than 20 years. In fact, when he first reported for his lectures, his professors originally thought that he had reported to the wrong grade for his training.

For Wufeng, the studies themselves seem somewhat dull when compared to his prior half year experience at the Western Continent’s Heidelberg University. None of the courses offered appealed to Wufeng’s interests, but thankfully the library at the Institute of Arts and as well as the Imperial Library both have a great collection of books and is open to all students of the Empire’s various universities. Nevertheless, Wufeng much preferred life in the military where he felt that he could display his worth and talent to greater effects. At least, that was until a day in Military History when his school life started to change.

On April 26, 690, as the instructor for Wufeng’s military history class walked into the classroom, everyone’s eyes went wide.

“Hello everybody, my name is Angel and I’ll be your instructor for this course about the military history of the continent. I hope everyone will seriously pay attention.”

As she finished speaking, the classroom was filled with silence with only the sound of breathing from the students. It was only after the coughing of some of the more mature students and the others seemingly woke from a dream. As for Wufeng, his only thought is that she’s truly a beauty to be treasured by the world. Locks of blond hair as dazing as the rays of the golden sun frames a face with the fairest and most delicate skin, atop which sets a pair of eyes as blue as the ocean itself. Whether it be the striking bridge of the nose, the rose-coloured lips, that dazingly smile, a well-endowed set of breasts, or a pair of long and slender legs, despite Wufeng’s travels across the entire continent, no one could compared to this girl’s beauty. When met with someone who’s body is as perfect as this, he couldn’t help but be filled with a sense of admiration and desire.

The following days seems especially carefree. Other than class, all Wufeng did was browse through the two libraries across the street and catching occasional glimpses of the beauties from the Imperial Arts Institute. As for Wufeng’s own Military Academy, not only are the age gaps of the students too wide, but there are no female students in the first place, other than the beautiful instructor of course. Unfortunately, Professor Angel always seems to be in a rush. After every class, she would always immediately return home. Wufeng had tried to get closer, but every time he asked for a cup of tea or a go out for lunch, he would be refused, making him very embarrassed.

Through his connections, he found that the background of Angel isn’t simple either. Her father is Duke Mark of the Huey family, one of the five major families of the Empire. Although Duke Mark himself doesn’t hold any power, a great number of the Huey family are vested in various important positions across the empire, and their family is one that should not be underestimated.

As for Angel, along with the Thirteenth Princess, Stuart Frost, and the Palace Master of Ceremonies, Zhu Zimei, they are called by the high society as the three flowers of the Capital. Despite hearing this news, Wufeng did not give up. It is his belief that female will always wish for the care and attention of her intended, so as long as he doesn’t give up, pushing with the right methods, she will eventually return the feelings.

During these days, Wufeng also had the opportunities to make some friends during his time browsing the library, including two individuals named Moran and Su Minshun. Both individuals are less than thirty years old and come from wealthy but non-noble families.

Moran’s home is the Guanxi Commandery Hanzhong Prefecture while Su Mingshun comes from Donghai Commandery Dengzhou Prefecture. Both graduates of the Imperial University, these two individuals have much in common.

Moran was interested in the issue of law and governance since a very young age, and majored in this area during his time at the university. He is an expert in various forms of the legal structure used throughout history and across the continent. During his time in university, he had drafted a dissertation outlying the basic principle of governance of a nation by the law. However, the nepotism within the capital greatly dampened his expectations. In the end his talent was unable to be recognized and was barely able to get a position as a low official within the Department of Internal Affairs.

Su Minshun comes for a wealthy merchant family, and majored in business at university. His family had always wanted him to inherited the family business, but he was always more interested in politics. Unfortunately, despite his talent, his background, or lack of to be precise, had always proven to be a wall. In the end, he was only able to find job as an assistant of a businessman.

Both could simply go home, but both felt that this would be letting down the expectations of their families so instead they stayed living life by the day. However, they never stopped with their studious behavior, instead choosing to spend their free time to browse the library and continue to deepen their knowledge. Thankfully, the Imperial Library wasn’t very strict on visitor background, where they eventually met. As graduates of the same school, as well as being in the same type of situation, these two soon became fast friends.

Wufeng first met these two in the café outside the library. While Tanghe Empire’s have always had the tradition of drinking tea, the increase in communication with the west has bought in new trends one of which is that of drinking coffee within the younger generation. Wufeng would also often visit the café every time he check out a book. Since his age is relatively similar to those attending university, no one had any idea that he was in fact also an officer in the military.

It was during one of these times that he met Moran and Mingshun. The two had a very engaging discussion as they rested but when they were paying the bills, they realized that there wasn’t enough. Wufeng, who saw their difficulties, went up and offered to pay the bills. When the two learned that Wufeng was an officer in the army with substantial pay, they were quite surprised but allowed Wufeng to foot the bill. Afterwards, taking advantage of Wufeng’s habit of visiting the café, the two would also join in. Of course, they not only never paid the bill, but they also had the nerve to boast that they were leaching off a big shot.

During one of Wufeng’s visits to the library, he had the fortune to meet Professor Angel. Seeing this rare opportunity there they didn’t have the any student-teacher relation, he invited her to join him at the café. After a bit of hesitation, Angel agreed.

To be honest, faced with such a student, Angel is quite curious as well. Not to mention his young age, despite being one born with a noble background, he did not possess their arrogance, which made a good impression in Angel’s heart.

As the two of them waked into the café, there as a huge reaction from those present. Despite having already graduated, Angel is a renowned beauty within the school and due to her popularity, there were many who recognized her. More importantly however, is that she was very active within the school community, but seldom had any more personal relation especially in a public setting. As Angel walked into the café, she felt somewhat regretful as she never expected to make such a large impact. Despite leaving the school, there are still those who notices her.

As Angel fidgeted in her seat, Wufeng felt refreshed as he bathed in the envy of those around them (TL: -_- you narcissist)

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“Sister Angel”

(TL: I know that some people dislike adding Japanese language into Chinese translations as they are quite unnecessary sometimes. However, that being said, in earlier parts I’ve already translated “Professor/teacher/instructor Angel” as just “Angel” due to the more personal tone that the writer used. Since there aren’t really any direct translation of this in English, and “Sister Angel” or “Teacher Angel” sounds kind of awkward, I’m considering changing it to “Angel-sensei” and “Angel-senpai/oneesama” leave a comment or send me an email with what you guys think).

“Oh it’s Yingying and Yumei, are you also coming here for a rest?”

“Yep, we’ve just finished with our lectures and came here to relax.”

Wufeng was somewhat annoyed with the interruption wanted to see who is the one to do it. However, as he turned his head and saw the face behind that voice, he felt a sense of lightheaded and almost had a nosebleed. It truly is ‘birds of the same feather flock together’ (TL: not literal translation but the author used an idiom of the same meaning).

The one who is intimately holding Angel’s hands can be identified as a mixed-blood instantaneously. With a mane of hair red hot like that of fire, she had the same Caucasian characteristics as Angel. Only, she had a pair of dark emerald eyes and a full set of lips that steals away the spirits of any male who lay their gaze upon her. With an enticing athletic build framed by a set of light purple attire, thankfully she had a mantle covering her body, otherwise all the men around would have been driven mad by their desire.

Standing by her side is a beauty with the traditional eastern sense of ascetics. With deep black locks cascading down her back, and a smile that breaks the hearts of all those around, she wore a beige cheongsam with a clock of the same color. With a refreshing and light expression, she is truly a jewel of the nation.

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