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Chapter Seven – Crisis In The City [Part Three]

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Author: ArcanePunkster Original Source: Scribble Hub

RDrelion was pissed, to say the least having been stopped by Libertus. He walked through the underground rail tunnels back towards the prison pens that were situated under the arena that stood above it. As he continued walking he couldn’t help, but think of getting back at Libertus for interfering with his plans after all he didn’t come all this way to just to leave empty-handed.

He covered part of his face with his hand that green lines almost like digital coding running along his forearm, “You’ve done it now Libertus…” he materialized the green illuminated claw once again the green hue emanating from it he swings at a part of the wall in the wall taking a huge chunk out of it “…next time you won’t get in my way”

The squad that descended into the pit minutes beforehand had rappelled back up to the surface. The healer was busy attending to Nariko’s injuries as she pulled out first aid sprays and ointments from her side pouch. Not too far away to their left Lord Belial was conversing with the Demon soldiers that arrived prior to Gideon’s squad, the former noticed Gideon quickly finishing his current conversation headed over towards Gideon.

Gideon and squad stood to attention saluting Lord Belial, the latter returned the gesture. Lord Belial immediately got down to business, “Gideon, Leyla informed me that you had something to report?”

Gideon nodded, “Yes sir when we rappelled down into the pit we noticed and undiscovered underground rail network”

Putting a hand to his chin Lord Belial stood there in thought, “A rail network? Underground?…” he looked to Gideon directly “…You’re sure of this?”

“Yes sir we also found the Forsaken beast, however, it was already dead it seemed to have been killed by something that emitted a highly strong energy output almost as if it had been killed by a beam of light” Gideon also added.

Upon hearing those words Lord Belial demeanour suddenly changed as if something suddenly caught him off guard, he immediately stepped closer to Gideon placing a hand upon the young demon boy’s shoulder, “Repeat that to me again”. The look on Lord Belial’s face made Gideon almost shrink in fear if it were possible his horns would have retracted, he repeated what he said beforehand.

Lord Belial turned away once he heard Gideon repeat his statement, he knew perfectly well what Gideon was talking about this information was a carefully guarded secret carried down through descendants of nobility within all the Realms of this universe. Most of the time these beings wouldn’t personally get involved in such matters unless it threatened the natural order of things, Lord Belial himself had only ever met one of these beings in his roughly fifteen hundred year lifespan, and even that was a brief exchange of dialogue with her.

Lord Belial turned to the healer tending to Nariko’s wounds, “How is she?” he asks.

The girl having eventually pulled the spike out earlier had only just finished wrapping Nariko’s thigh in a sterile bandage, “She’s okay, but she will need to go to the hospital right away”

He nodded then turned to the Demon soldiers that were still in the area ordering the Sergeant to come over, the latter rushed over to no avail. “Lord Belial, what can I do for you?” he asks standing to attention, his black and greyish body armour and military uniform seemed to have been stained red with the blood of his comrades who he was attending beforehand.

Lord Belial points to Nariko as well as Varen and Mana who were standing close to Nariko while they waited for the healer patch their friend up, “Take these three to the Hellscape Imperial Hospital right away, on the double” he demanded. The Sergeant saluted then gave the same to the soldiers under his command, a group of Demon soldiers in similar military attire to their Sergeant came over helping the young trio over to one of their trucks that had been readying itself for departure to the hospital.

“At least she’s alright the last thing I need is Lucifer on my case with everything happening” Lord Belial muttered.

Gideon taken aback by what Lord Belial just said couldn’t help but ask, “Excuse me, sir, did you just say Lucifer?”

Lord Belial looked at Gideon for a moment before responding, “Yeah that’s right, the Nariko girl is a member of House Helel ben Shachar, why do you ask?”

Standing there unable to answer Gideon wasn’t shocked by Nariko’s affiliation as he expected after seeing her attire up close himself, he was more shocked by the fact that Carlisle could have killed a member of House Helel ben Shachar today without a second thought. Gideon glanced at Carlisle for a moment with a sinister look in his eye, the latter shivered upon seeing it. Lord Belial noticed this interaction between the two.

“So it was you that almost inadvertently killed a member of royalty?” Lord Belial playing along with his joke had a look of utter disappointment.

Carlisle gulped as he sensed an angry aura coming from Lord Belial, he twiddled his thumbs awkwardly, “W-Well, i-it worked out…” he rubs the back of his nervously “…mostly”

Lord Belial expression changed to that of a devilish smirk, “You better hope that Lord Lucifer is of the same mindset as me instead of hanging you by your entrails for all to see”

Laughing it off as some sort of playful joke Carlisle responded to Lord Belial’s comment, “T-That’s a joke right…” Lord Belial walked straight past him not saying a word “…r-right?”. When he didn’t get an answer the life in Carlisle’s face looked to have been sucked dry he quickly turned to Gideon grabbing him by the shoulders.

“I’m going to die, Gideon!…” Carlisle almost looked like he was about to burst into tears Gideon desperately tried to pry his comrades’ fingers from himself to no avail “…you gotta help!” Carlisle begged.

“Like hell, I will!” Gideon was eventually able to push Carlisle away. The latter stood there for a moment thinking to himself how to save his own skin before it was too late just then it was as if a light bulb came on in his brain.

“I’ve got an idea! Let’s visit the girl when she wakes and I’ll pour my heart and soul in an apology?” Carlisle said to Gideon as if looking for approval, the latter couldn’t help but burst out laughing others surrounding the two of them looked in their general direction wondering what was exactly going on.

“Ha, that’s a good joke, I think the last thing that girl wants to see is the guy that almost offed her” Gideon responded as he walked away still laughing to himself. Carlisle clearly annoyed chased after his squad Captain trying to reason with him.

“This is my only chance!” Carlisle pressed the situation.

“Not listening!” Gideon put both fingers into his ears as he continued walking away as for Carlisle he wouldn’t let up continuing to persuade Gideon to agree to possibly the only plan that will not land him on Lord Lucifer’s list people to kill.

Lord Asmodeus had been seated in his office within his family’s mansion since Drelion’s little plan was put into play a few hours ago ever since he has been questioned by multiple members of the Prince’s and Princesses of Hell on what happened. He did the only he could do keep them from suspecting him and that was to play dumb until could think up an excuse until the emergency meeting that was being held tomorrow before the Grand Eldar Satan.

The surrounding walls were filled with ornaments and painting more for show than to actually represent his own house the black gloss walls gave the room that eerie reflection with only one main source of light in the office.

Suddenly without warning, Drelion barged into his office. Lord Asmodeus himself was too shocked to immediately respond with any words due to not expecting the former to suddenly to appear at his family’s mansion. As he looked at Drelion he could tell that he had been in some form of confrontation from before.

“What happened? And do you realize what chaos you’ve caused?” Lord Asmodeus shouted.

Drelion turned to Lord Asmodeus the wound from Libertus still visible upon his chest, he pointed at the demon viciously, “Shut your mouth…” he muttered quietly Lord Asmodeus dared not to object as he sat back down in his chair “…my plan was foiled”. Drelion looked around for a moment and with a spur of the moment reaction, he smashed the expensive table situated in the centre of Lord Asmodeus’ office the thing falling to the floor in multiple pieces.

Suddenly there was a knock on Lord Asmodeus’ office door followed by a Demon soldier under his command entering the role. The Demon soldier stopped for a moment as he froze in fear of Drelion standing off to his side, the latter just looked at him.

“What is it?” Lord Asmodeus demanded.

“My Lord, I think we have an idea on where those escaped slaves headed to” the Demon soldier responded. This jogged Drelion’s memory back to the root cause of all this.

“So!” Lord Asmodeus was getting impatient.

“We think they’ve escaped beyond the walls of Hellscape and are heading towards Brazien Veil as we speak” the Demon soldier answered. Lord Asmodeus was about to issue orders when Drelion suddenly interjected.

“Forget it, I’ll go after them” Drelion simply said.

Lord Asmodeus at this point was getting quite annoyed with Drelions games, “This is our problem so we’ll deal with it, you’ve already caused enough trouble for me as it is”. Drelion slowly turned to Lord Asmodeus, the latter didn’t need to be told to keep mouth shut just looking at Drelion made him realize that he was completely serious about going after those slaves.

“Besides if he’s still hanging around after intervening in my plans it’s going to be a lot tougher to simply grab that Nariko girl without any problems…” Drelion stood there for a moment in silence as Lord Asmodeus and the Demon soldier looked on at him with complete silence “…you deal with your problems here while I’ll let off some steam chasing after your runaways”

As Drelion headed towards the exit of the mansion in the back of his mind he couldn’t help but feel that he missed something the last time he met Lord Asmodeus before today. And in order to find that out, he had to find those slaves himself.

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