Chapter 4 – Normality


It’s been a while since we have last met. How are you doing? Don’t worry about me at all, I’ll come back alive. When this is done, I shall hand over to you a brand new world where you shall be free to pursue your dreams. We shall not follow these false leaders, weak and foolish, we will be led to ruin at this rate.

Those of heaven have moved against our race, our leaders are nowhere to be found. We shall use this chance to strike down our foolish kings and build up a new empire.

As I’m writing this, the preparations in the human world have begun. The seeds we have planted several decades ago are ready to harvest. This shall be the place where we shall start to obtain everything.

That was all what I wish I could tell you about. But the truth is, its not going so well. We have made some preparations that seems to be going smoothly, but the whites are not cooperating much. That Zarachiel, who does he think he is? Does he not realize we’re going against someone who could possible be some of the strongest beings in the worlds?

Out of the ten, we have 3 of them as our enemies. That false demon of the fallen, that bewitching ****, and that girl who has looked down on us since forever. I suppose its a good that the whites and the dragons of the ten will not oppose us. The human most likely won’t either, although I still think he’s either lying about being human or he just doesn’t exist. Then there’s the other three.

The red one and the one of shadows never intervened with any of our wars, so I suppose all is well. The problem is the black one. He’s been missing, no one knows where he is and that’s a problem. We’re too afraid to make a big move. You probably think of your older brother as pathetic right? Scared of a myth.

The problem is that he’s all too real. I still remember that dominating power he used to wipe away half of our army and half of the whites. We were truly powerless against him. He had done it just to deter us from affecting him in any way or form. It was only due to that, that we had stopped the war. Then these fools took over and we’re here. I want our race to be strong once again, not under these false prophets.

Even if we have to cooperate with the whites, I shall gladly do so for my dreams and my ideals. I will create a world where you need not worry no more.

Take care,



“You’re telling me that you didn’t know why you fainted in the first place. Then you got hungry at the hospital, so you rushed out to get some food, and then you went back home because of extreme fatigue?”

“Ehhh…” David didn’t know what to say at this point. He knew it wasn’t a good excuse, but he couldn’t think of a better one, and telling her the truth would only make him seem like he’s lying even more. This was the only possible way, he should be fine if he was to make up a slightly realistic lie, and then confess the “truth” afterwards. This way he doesn’t have to tell the actual truth, which other people will most likely find crazy.

“Just tell me what really happened, Dae. I’m really worried you know?” Helaine was looking at him with tearful eyes, it made David feel quite bad about himself, making such a beautiful girl cry. However, before worrying about that, he needed to get through this first, Helaine wasn’t someone he should mess with. Knowing him as well, or even better than himself did, she would continuously pester him until he eventually give in. If that ever happened, David wasn’t sure how she would react. Being treated as completely crazy was one thing, but if she was somehow dragged into this mess… David didn’t want to think about the circumstances.

“Che, you saw through me like a piece of glass huh?”

“Of course, I have known you for over 10 years.”

“Well, I honestly don’t remember much about what happened when I fainted. But I ran out of the hospital because it was the last day for sending off this research hypothesis to the research organization, since I needed to edit some parts of my proposal, I didn’t have time to talk to you at all. Then I fell asleep, so I didn’t know you came over.”

Helaine stared at him for a bit, her eyes seemed to silently question him before finally relaxing.

“Are you okay then? Wait… You must be hungry, let me make you something, it’s about time for lunch anyways.” Helaine got up from her seat and walked out her room to the kitchen. It seems like David’s plan worked. He felt kinda bad for lying to her, but it can’t be helped. With that thought, he followed her to see what he could help with.

Around an hour later, they managed to finish food preparation. Although it was both of them that worked to cook, David only managed to help by chopping up meat and tomato for the Bolognese sauce. Aside from that, everything else was done by Helaine.

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“Mhmm this is great, did you change the Bolognese sauce from usual? It taste somewhat different, a little bit more fresh.”

“Haha, you noticed! Yep, This time I mixed in oregano when making the sauce, do you like it?” Helaine had a huge smile on her face, a pure innocent smile that was completely natural on a teenage girl. She gave off an atmosphere that was completely different from the one David had experienced the previous day.

“Yeah, it’s great.” David felt relieved, it seemed that despite experiencing the surreal situation, he is reminded that it was more or less a one time thing, he was still a high school student, and would still experience a normal highschool life.


A week passed by without any incidents. David had developed a new schedule for himself to prepare for the unexpected. He would now wake up 5 o’clock in the morning, practice magic, get something to eat, then go to school. After school, he would go to the Muay Thai dojo along with Joseph and spar for a few hours before having going home to practice with the pair of blades that he is now able to conjure and dismiss at will. Apparently it was a type of spatial magic called <Equip>, and depending on the user, could allow them to equip different sorts of items stored within their <Dimension Storage> or a set location. For David, it seemed to be the latter, although neither him nor Lucifer could figure out where it was stored.

In addition to all this, David would also listen to Lucifer lecture him about the different races he might encounter whenever he had free time. Generally, they would be classed into groups: humans, demons, angels, demi-humans (i.e. beastmen), Dragons, Reapers, Fairy-kinds, undead and the so-called monsters.

Humans are a group of races that have the least variety among the different races. Aside from different base specs (i.e. speed, agility, strength, stamina, and magic affinity etc.), humans are more or less the same.

Demons are what most people would expect. Many of them have been recorded down in human history and mythology. They are a group of races that resides in their own realms. Within this group, races can differ a lot, some are extremely intelligent beings, others much less so, and would act like mindless beasts. Different from humans is that the majority of them are capable of manipulating magic of one kind or another.

Angels are a race created by gods, in this world, they were created by the Christian god to act out his will. They can be divided further into Grigori (fallen angels) and the ones that did not fall, and also depending on their hierarchy, they would possess different levels of strength. On top of the ones that did not fall would be the seraphim, followed by cherubim, thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels and normal angels. The Grigori, on the other hand, did not lack such distinctions, but could also be classified like those that did not fall as they lacked no distinction from them outside of having fell from heaven.

Demi-humans are a race similar to humans, both possesses traits that normal humans don’t possess. Lycans and lizardmen are good examples of such races. Since it was a wide classification, demi-humans did vary a lot. Furthermore, orcs, goblins, trolls and ogres also fitted into this category. Due to their various differences, they also possessed a lot of variety in terms of their abilities. Mermen would be also to swim well, but would be at a massive disadvantage outside of water, whereas races like harpies would be helpless underwater despite their advantages against enemies in the air.

Dragons are a dominating race. Commonly speaking, massive amounts of mana circulated within a dragon’s body at any given time. Even the a wyvern hatchling, which would be one of the weakest draconic races, had the mana capacity of ten demi-humans. However, it seems like most dragons liked to keep to themselves, away from the outside world, so it was relatively unlikely for David to encounter one in the near future.

Fairy-kinds incorporated many races, from dwarfs to elves to faeries and pixies. They are a group of races that, like dragons, hold tremendous mana within their bodies and were tied much closer to the existence of magic and mana than anything else. Furthermore, they were tied to nature as well, with dwarfs favouring the mountains and naiads are fond of the rivers.

Undeads are a classification for anything that was “living” yet should be dead. Liches and zombies are two examples of such. Although they could form naturally, undeads are generally summoned or created through the use of magic. Necromancy in particular is able to do this with relative ease. However, most undeads also have the weakness of light, making them relatively easy to defeat as long as one is prepared.

Lastly, it was the classification of races known as monsters. It was like demi-humans, an extremely broad classification that included anything that was not classified elsewhere. Essentially it included races from phoenixes to slimes.

It was David that pestered Lucifer to lecture him on these topics. He wished to be prepared for any situation that could be thrown at him. He was determined to continue to live his normal life, while being Lucifer’s host and surviving the “fate” that Lucifer claimed his host had.


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